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Sonic Heroes

Level Division Guide Writer
overall Shadow Jacky
Glitches Sxdark
Score Attack Guide mike89
Seaside Hill Sonic Time Shadow Jacky
Seaside Hill Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Ocean Palace Chaotix Turtle area Groudon199
Power Plant Chaotix speed James_Bertolli
Team One Total Strategies knuckles_sonic8
Robot Carnival Sonic Time mike89
Robot Carnival Rose Time mike89
Rail Canyon Sonic Speed Run Thorn
Rail Canyon Dark Rings Pokemonmaster888
Frog Forest Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Lost Jungle Chaotix Speed James_Bertolli
Hang Castle Sonic Shortcuts SpinDashMaster
Hang Castle Chaotix Team Sonic/Dark Glitch Areas OmegaDJ
Hang Castle Chaotix Glitch Area Back-track OmegaDJ
Mystic Mansion Sonic Rings Pokemonmaster888
Egg Fleet Sonic (Extra) 620 Rings OmegaDJ
Egg Fleet Dark Sub 7 Mins (and lower) OmegaDJ
Egg Fleet Dark score guide Shadow Jacky
Egg Fleet Dark Rings knuckles_sonic8
Final Fortress Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Egg Emperor Total Best Time Strategies Pokemonmaster888
Metal Madness Sonic Speed mike89
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