Get to where you weren't supposed to get. TO THE TURTLE AREA!

Turtle area - Get to where you weren't supposed to get. TO THE TURTLE AREA!

Submitted by Groudon199

Turns out Team Chaotix can get to the sea turtle area of Ocean Palace without Action Replay. The method is really simple. In flight formation, move at full speed up the stairs that lead to the warp flower. At the top of the stairs, jump. Fly straight up and move against the invisible wall. Mash A and B while doing so. This is a strange bug that occurs with Charmy only. Eventually, Charmy will shoot up like he landed and can go higher. Do this about 2 times and you can get over the wall. Past here is the loop. Go through it and you are at the turtle area. Turns out stuff are on the turtles, like the developers intended to let you get here normally, but blocked it off at the last second. The layout is entirely different than it is for the other 3 teams. There are even searchlight robots here. I doubt you'd ever expect those robots this early in the game. The good news is you can go ahead to the warp flower and warp back to explore everything.

The reason the developers sealed off the path to here is probably because of how hard the extra mission would be in this area, especially with the searchlight robots. As if it wasn't hard enough already, add the turtle area and you've got something damn near impossible to complete.

Well, this answers the question some of you have been asking. So enjoy! :)
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