Earning 583 Rings+ on Seaside Hill [Team Sonic]

Rings - Earning 583 Rings+ on Seaside Hill [Team Sonic]

Submitted by knuckles_sonic8

This is a guide meant to serves as... well... a guide as to how a person is doing when striving to achieve a good ring total on Seaside Hill with Team Sonic. This guide is not a step-by-step guide and this guide is meant to help anyone going for a ring total of 583 or higher - 583 is my current best ring total as of November 6th, 2006. Anyway, pay close attention to the following info:

The format will be something along the lines of...
By the 1st Checkpoint, you should have 48 rings except in a simpler form.

So, let's get started then. (Keep in mind, if you get higher in any area, that is, obviously, a good thing! :P)

1st Checkpoint: 48 [With Bonus Rings at start mastered with Power Formation]
2nd Checkpoint: 161

Master the three loops right after and you should have 182.

By the 1st Bobsled: 201
End of 1st Bobsled: 258
3rd Checkpoint: 260 [Probably will be higher; this is with two of your teammates into the Bonus Rings right after]
4th Checkpoint: 385
After Bonus Rings: 404
5th Checkpoint/Right before Bobsled: 438
End of Bobsled: 499

Master the three long loops and you should have 528.

Before the Giant Loop: 532

Just keep proceeeding as normal, still collecting rings that appear along your path and by the time you reach the goal, you should have a ring total of 583 as I have. :)

But I'm sure you can do better; go for it!
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