Earning 366 Rings or More on Frog Forest/Sonic

Rings - Earning 366 Rings or More on Frog Forest/Sonic

Submitted by knuckles_sonic8

First tips:
1. Use Tails to get around in some areas so you don't make silly mistakes with Sonic [inadvertently].
2. Avoid Rocket Accel! Using it can send you plummeting to your death and your inevitable frustration.
3. Avoid Light Dash especially on Rings in circles. It's really messed up to the point that this, also, will be the cause of your death if you do so so don't be stubborn!

Bonus Rings: Probably one of the most trickiest of all the Bonus Rings for the Sonic stages. Expect to waste a lot of lives trying to attain the perfect, coveted ring score of 19. Practice on the Bonus Rings for Power on Seaside Hill at the start. The same Fireball Jump technique is required but there's a LOT more effort involved. To see how hard it is, you should refer to my video of the stage [a partial demonstration which I will upload shortly if all goes well...].

Bonus 19
1st Checkpoint: 83 [There are 3 inside that giant beehive, if you will; don't overlook them.]
Target/Red Force-Thing: 93 [I always get a 1Up or a TB; never have I got Rings...XD]
2nd Checkpoint: 151
Flower: 183

On your way to the next flower up ahead after the next beehive, first, after making it rain from the frog after defeating the robots nearby, head up the plant and get the 5 rings that are in a circle. You can wait for the platform or simply use Thunder Shoot in one shot [most of the time]. :/ After, head higher up the plant and head for the higher platforms where you'll spot two targets. I get a TB and 5 rings. I can't remember if I ever got rings from the first one before but anyway...

Keep going an head down to the frog and make it rain and platform will appear, leading you to a flower high above the one below. Ignore it for now [trust me] then head down below. Grab all rings [there is a capsule down here too], then, after defeating the enemies [at the risk of them hitting you if you don't], head up to [if you're not already on] the platform where you can take the "Normal" flower. Don't head there! Head back and try using Flight to get yourself onto the platform that was amde when you caused it to rain up above. Simply use Flight once again to head over to the flower and grab the balloon for extra flight if needed. Simply take the flower and grab all balloons as best as you can and hopefully you can get all of them.

3rd Checkpoint: After you reach this checkpoint, head straight and switch over to Knuckles and head through the bonus rings on the rails together with Sonic and Tails. This is way easier than the one at the beginning so hopefully you won't have a big problem here. By now you should have 307 rings.

After perfecting the Bonus Rings, head backwards and head downwards onto the other platform where you'll see an untouched checkpoint below as you couldn't head there because of where you landed from the flower up above. Be sure to grab all the rings, then, head back to the checkpoint you just touched and by the time you reach the Red Force-Thing, you should have 313 rings in your total.

Keep heading straight after getting shot from the force thing then be sure to get all the items from the 6 Loops. I strongly suggest that you use Tails to go through each individual loop as this also is a precaution in case something should happen. After all the rings are collected, you should have 328.

After getting all the lined-up rings after these loops, you should have 349.

Collect all the rings thereafter and aat the end of the grindable ivy, you sohuld have 366. [Obviously, if you have more than that's a good thing! XD]

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