near 3 min guide

Time - near 3 min guide

Submitted by Shadow Jacky

Seaside Hill-Sonic

Time: under 3 mins-3:10 (depends if your teammates aren't useless)

tip: If you find yourself slowing down as Sonic, tap B to slide and gain some isn't always good to do this on some parts, so practice makes near perfection


At the beginning, you cant do anything until you get to the speed pads. From there, just keep tapping B. Most likely you wont do a ring dash and instead do a small rocket accel (1 partner helps boost you instead of 2).

Hit the springs as Sonic and go through the trick rings. Keep going and tap B. If someone is by you, you might get a small or big rocket accel....if not, then thats ok. Make sure you switch back to Sonic after you pass through the Power Gate.

[At this checkpoint, you should be in the 15-17 sec. range.]

With Sonic, keep tapping B and go through the loop (the left most loop because its the shortest), and continue to tap B up the hill to keep speed. Run around the corner and swtich to Tails and fly up the small cliff. Stop then jump up and fly to the next highest cliff. Swtich to Sonic and do a full rocket accel if you can and go down the speed route. When you come to the power gate, smash the block, hit the springs, and go through the air ring. Switch to Sonic and go to the blocks. Do a full jump and press B to do the Blue Tornado. Instead of doing a full one, you get a small boost in the air to go over the blocks. Head over the blocks and hit the speed pads. Go down the hill and light dash the rings that go around the corner. At the loops, either go through the left or right one (both are shorter than the center) and hit the jump pad.

When you reach the cannon, go in as Sonic. When you land, rocket accel or slide off the platform. Continue on and until you reach the rising platforms. Go up them as Sonic until you reach the "Flight" sign. Switch to Tails and go up, then swtich back to Sonic. Go up the hill by tapping B and get on the bobsled.

[should be at 59 sec. to a little over a minute]

Hold up during this little run. When you get off, hit the jump pad. Now hit the springs and reach the "Flight" sign. Fly up to the springs that the rings guide you to as Tails. When you land, swtich back to Sonic. Head around the corner and swtich to Tails again. Go through the air rings and make you sure you hit all 3. Now switch to Sonic and go down the track. Hit the speed pads along the way to keep your speed up. When you get near the end, switch to Tails and enter the cannon.

[should be at 1:32-1:35 by now]

When you land, switch to Sonic and continue on up the hill and tapping B to keep speed. Go down the slope and when you near the jump pad, go to the left or right side of it making sure as when you hit it, you dont touch the trick rings.

Continue on and go up the wall as Tails. Swtich back to Sonic and go to the springs. Continue on and rocket accel through this part. Swtich back to Sonic when you pass through the Power gate and through the loop. When you reach the blocks, smash those as Knuckles and switch back to Sonic and rocket accel as you continue. Smash the last blocks as Knuckles and swtich back to Sonic and keep going. When you reach the last cannon, swtich to Tails.

When you land, switch to Sonic really fast before you get on the bobsled. Remember to hold up. When thats done, keep going and through the loop (I like the center one). Keep going as Sonic and up the curved wall (you might get lucky as not fly in the air and just keep going). Rocket Accel through the robots and go through the super large loop. Keep running staying on the path and avoid the robots on the path as well. Head up the slope and hit the springs. Now just rocket accel if you can and head to the goal ring.

My best is 2:59:54 so far, but its really up to your partners if you can get a really good time.
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