Egg Fleet-Dark: Comprehensive Score Guide

score guide - Egg Fleet-Dark: Comprehensive Score Guide

Submitted by Shadow Jacky

Egg Fleet: Dark: Score Attacking Anyone and Everything

Making the Most of this stage with little worry...

Intro: (Thanks to CGSoldier for telling me how he performed his run and what lead to the new scores in the first 3 places)

A small guide at how this stage should be dealt with. A lot of the stages in this game for score runs require the most amount of points within a suitable time limit (basically finishing the stage before the time bonus wheres off). In this case however, you are free to take as much time as you want, but this comes with a new mindset of how to conquer this stage and mission. This is the only score run of its kind in this game. Due to no time bonus to worry about, now its a matter of getting every best combo possible, successfully going through every ring chain wherever possible, destroying every possible miscellaneous object that could give you any amount of points, getting a bullseye on all targets found in the stage, every capsule you come across. every balloon you see, and every individual power-up for each character. This is something that should be relaxing, but this can be just as manacing as the rest. Instead of a time limit looming over your head, this is a test of patience. Hopefully this will decrease the tension and difficulty of finding everything possible on your own and provide better planning for the upcoming situations. Now even though there isn't a definite time limit to worry about (the time bonus points at the end), that doesn't mean you can relax fully. Some sections require to be rady to perform certain tasks in quick succession or the run will be tainted. I doubt your run will be perfect (this is Sonic Heroes after all), but it's a lot better than running around blind only to come up painfully short after spending nearly 30 mins performing what you thought was the best. I want this to take the edge off of this stage and open it up to those who fear it or just aren't arsed enough to immerse themselves in this stage.

*******This guide will be a walkthrough of the level itself and will point out key point locations whether obvious or not. I will point them out in parenthesis and follow them up between checkpoints for more depth.*******

*******Before I begin I'd like to link this e guide that gives a great overview of the scoring system in this game: *******


Start to 1st checkpoint;

You start off the stage running down the airstrip (Omega will always get hit lol) and before launching off, (Ring Dash 1) there is a row of 4 rings to nab. Coming tot he first rail, look to your left. There is a platform with (Ring Dash 2) 5 rings leading to a spring. On the same platform (Combo 1) there are 3 Egg Pawns that appear. Take the spring and follow the rail to another platform below you. On that platform (Combo 2) for 3 more Egg Pawns. Back onto the rail you jumped from, you come to a larger airship. (Ring Dash 3) In front of you are 6 rings. Keep going and in the air (Combo 3) are 2 Egg Falcons that fly overhead carrying 2 Egg Pawns. (Combo 4) After dealing with those, wait a bit until your combo points register (when the amount comes on the screen) and continue to the 3 other Egg Pawns that appear with the 2 that the Egg Falcons dropped. Watch out for cannon fire. Head through the newly opened door and down the slope. Up next (Combo 5) is an Egg Falcon carrying an Egg Pawn. Go up a bit to your first (Target 1) target to activate the pole nearby. (Combo 6) Ride the pole up to land on the platform up ahead where 2 Egg Falcons are carrying Egg Pawns. Near the spring up ahead, another Egg Pawn appears for you.

Hitting the spring and going left into the corridor, (Combo 7) 2 Egg Pawns lay in wait behind steel containers and 1 Egg Pawn above you on the small platforms. (Ring Dash 4) Now you have 2 sets of ring lines to get across the gap here. 1 leads to the top of the high wall across the gap which leads to rails further on, while the other leads straight across. The bottom of the high wall has (Combo 8) 2 Egg Pawns appear upon arrival and just around the corner another Egg Pawn appears next to the cannons. Now continue on and hit the spring to go up. Once on the platform ahead, turn around to spot an Egg Pawn sitting on the corner of the high wall. Going back to where you were (Ring Dash 5) is a line of rings in the air to get acorss the gap. After those, head back across, but go through the steel containers and use the fan to reach a floating platform. Go across to another platform where there's (Combo 9) 1 Egg Pawn...that is until you keep going and 3 more appear for you. Take the rail onwards till its end then get off and use the fan to reach the top of that wall. Using another fan to get across the gap, there's an Egg Falcon flying in the distance...don't know if yo can nab it or not :/ Going on ahead is a floating platform with a (Ring Dash 6) chain of rings to get across instead of using the fans below you. (Combo 10) Down below with the fans, there's an Egg Pawn between some cannons. Use the fans to get across to the glass wall leading to the corridor (Combo 11) and an Egg Pawn appears. On ahead are 2 Egg Pawns above your position. (Ring Dash 7) Don't forget the line of rings leading to a rail. On this rail you can spot some platforms along the way. The first to come up has (Combo 12) 2 Egg Pawns to appear when you land on it. On the rail again you come to another platform with (Combo 13) 2 more Egg Pawns to appear when you land on it. Right there, look up to spot a (Ring Dash 8) line of rings to use. Get back on the rail you got off of and go backwards till you can get enough speed and jump off and ring dash across to the rail in the air. Use that rail and keep going hitting the boosters to yet (Ring Dash 9) another line of rings to use. Landing presents the first check in front of you, don't forget to cross it for a power-up.

Start to 1st checkpoint (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 1: mash the B button (or whatever your action button is on your version) to get this chain. it sucks due to your speed, but I found mashing B helps to get it most of the time.

Ring Dash 2: start on the side without the spring as you wouldn't want to fall off and die.

Ring Dash 3: an easy chain to get

Ring Dash 4: each one of these are easy enough to get.

Ring Dash 5: another simple one

Ring Dash 6: same as 5

Ring Dash 7: same as 6

Ring Dash 8: head back to the beginning of the rail you need to use if you aren't sure how fast you need to go. jump off the end of the rail for better distance.

Ring Dash 9: you have to go full speed on the highest rail in that area while going through the air hoops for boosts. no jumping required.

Combo 1: knock them out with Omega

Combo 2: same as 1

Combo 3: this can be hard. I suggest you skip over Ring Dash 3 and head straight to the incline and jump in the air as Rouge and thundershoot the falcons that pass by. 1 on each side of you (first the right then left). Look at your score to see if you hit both.

Combo 4: easy enough, but I suggest you use the aerial attack with Omega to kill each one of them. trying the ground based combo might result in Omega taking a detour. Shadow at lvl 1 can do it as well if you aren't sure of Omega, but at least take out the shield pawn with Omega first.

Combo 5: as soon as you come to the steel containers, switch to Rouge and thundershoot the Egg Falcon here. you have 2 chances to nail it. sometimes I've had the Egg Pawn it drops teleport 1000ft. in front of you (not exact measurement) and this happens when you kill a Falcon with its passenger in its talons still attached and hit with a low lvl thundershoot (lvl 1 or below).

Combo 6: this one can be easy if you're fast. as soon as yo come off the pole and land, have Rouge ready and fly in the air and kill the 2 Egg Falcons. now just go after the 2 Egg Pawns it dropped and head to the spring and have the 3rd Egg Pawn appear for the 2000 bonus. If you aren't fast enough, try a Team Blast before riding the pole or after landing from using the pole and freeze time. just be warned that the Egg Pawns might not die to when you attack the Falcons and they might either teleport to their intended designation or appear behind the spring.

Combo 7-8: These can be linked along with the Egg Pawn on the platform attached to the large wall if you are fast. Kill the 2 on the bottom of the corridor, then kill the one above that's on a platform in the corridor. Next take the bottom ring chain and kill the 2 Egg Pawns as soon as they appear. That's 5 and wait for the 2000 to appear. Now head to the Egg Pawn around the corner, then use the spring and head to the Egg Pawn on the small platform attached to the large wall for a 2 hit combo.

Combo 9: easy enough, but they all have shields.

Combo 10-11: just like 7-8...move your ass. kill the one between the cannons first, then head to the glass wall and kill the pawn that appears, then inside the corridor and fly up and kill the 2 sitting on their respective platforms.

Combo 12: easy

Combo 13: same as 12

1st checkpoint to 2nd checkpoint;

(Ring Dash 10) Start off with 4 rings in a line and (Combo 14) 3 Egg Pawns ready to charge at you. After engaging with those, there's (Combo 15) 2 E-2000 rebots who probably are charging up their lasers or shooting them already. Heading back towards the checkpoint location, you'll see (Ring Chain 11) a line of rings on the left and right side at the height you are at. Now head towards the big door that's open now and go to the far right or left edge and look down. The camera will probably angle itself to see where you are, but you should be able to see (Ring Chain 12) a line of rings on that narrow pathway below you. Do the same on the opposite side. Now head through the door and take the propeller. After coming off the propeller, you can already see some Egg Falcons flying by. Switch to Rouge and (Combo 16) fly up and hit the first 2 Egg Falcons that fly by. Next, hit the 2 coming in of the right of you, then there is one more more to the right of your position that you can nail. In front is a checkpoint...well that was short :/

1st checkpoint to 2nd checkpoint (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 10: just a small line of rings. also I probably don't need to mention this, but be really careful around a set of 4 rings when you go to ring dash through them. most of the time you can mess a line by misjudging when to hit the action button and mess it all up for you. in this case, take you time with them.

Ring Dash 11: very easy and start of either side of the lines, don't have to worry of cannon fire either.

Ring Dash 12: of all the times I've done these, I've never fallen off to my doom. you should be safe as long as you don't try to go left or right after you dash them through. starting from either side of the lines won't matter.

Combo 14-15: yes you can link these two. just because you face 2 E-2000's doesn't refrain yourself from getting a better combo. take out the E-2000's first at the same time or 1 by 1 in a relatively fast manor (which shouldn't be too difficult). After the last one is killed, immediately bolt to the 3 Egg Pawns you passed up to kill the E-2000's. None of them should have fallen off the stage (and yes that can happen sometimes), but they probably have wondered off somewhere around the area and hoepfully not too far from their starting location. take them out fast with whoever and the 2000 bonus should be yours.

Combo 16: this is tough. I've been able to get 4 of the 5 in a combo myself, but being able to get all 5 in a combo isn't that far off. I didn't have a guide like this to prepare myself and I haven't tried that many times (and frankly when I do it again, I'll have this handy ;)). Now, start off with the 2 that fly towards you as they are easy. Then head to the right of your position and nail the next 2. Then there's one more that will fly in a little later (you can see it fly in as well), but its further to the right of your current position. thundershooting these fools can be a hassle, but hopefully it turns out just fine.

2nd checkpoint to 3rd checkpoint;

Head down this hectic run way (because of all of the cannon fire coming if you decide to stop) and just keep going. There aren't any chains to nab on the runway (still grab the rings if you can...take out the cannons first!) so stopping shouldn't happen right now. Take out the large cannon which will reveal a spring that was inside of it. Hit the spring and in the air is (Ring Dash 13) a line of rings to follow (sort of a shortcut). Take those and (Ring Dash 14) the next line following the ones you just took. Head back downward to the bottom (watch out for cannons!...seriously by now you should be on the lookout constantly for cannon fire) and you can spot an Egg Pawn standing around doing nothing. Going back some more except this time into the pit you ring dashed across, there are (Combo 17) 2 Egg Pawns on the left and right side of the giant fan in the center. While you're down there (Ring Dash 15) nab the line of rings in the back of the pit you're in. Now use the fan to get back out and head forward. Here's a slight split path here to go either left or right into either doorway. Going right (Combo 18) you'll be met by 2 Egg Pawns that appear in front of you. Let's keep going instead of heading back and you come to a wall. Fly up the wall and take out the cannons then use the pole to go up. You fly off to another pole and by this time you should have spotted an Egg Pawn just standing there. When you get off you'll be met by an E-2000 (and some cannons). Now back to the fork, going left this time, an Egg Pawn appears this time for you. Continue in that direction is a large cannon. Inside is a spring to use. Using that will carry you over the wall and to an Egg Pawn...but not just 1 as when you land (Combo 19) 2 more have appeared for you. Carry on to the pole and then to another and be met by an E-2000 (the same one as if you went right instead of left). Kill him to make the door lower itself.

Going up the slope, stop at the top and turn around. Now go either left or right from where you are (at the top of the area, not back down the slope) and keep going backwards and(Combo 20) 2 Egg Pawns should appear for you. Do the same on the opposite side for 2 more. Continue down the walkway (cannons for god's sake!) and near the conveyer belts that are lightly gated is an Egg Pawn that appears. Rocket Accel through the conveyer belts and you'll blast off out and off the airship and onto a set of rails. Grind those downward and at the end in the distance in the air (Rainbow Rings) is the first (and only) set of trick rings to head into. Those will take you to a floating platform. (Ring Dash 16) Right there is a trail of rings leading out of this fan area so take those and try to land on the platform below the railing. An Egg Pawn sits there so take him out and head backwards to the first fan you can take. Use those to get back all the way to where the 3 rails you took to get there are located. Once there, take out the Egg Pawn. Now, you should see a "fly" sign to your right. If look up and you should see an air hoop to use. Have Rouge go through that and once you land (Combo 21) there should be 2 Egg Pawns for you and up ahead another Egg Pawn sitting above the rail you need to take. Take that vary rail and follow it to a spring. A fan will catch you and keep going across to this area with (Combo 22) 2 Egg Pawns and (Ring Dash 17) 3 lines of rings...becareful :/. While there avoid using thundershoot if you have her at lvl 3. Now when you're done, do not take the rail ahead, instead go on the platforms above that rail to spot another Egg Pawn. No go back to the platform with the 3 lines of rings and use the fans down below and locate (Ring Dash 18) a trail of rings to get back to the exit from this area. Use the rail and follow it to this new location.

Here you are met with (Combo 23) 2 Egg Pawns and 1 E-2000 along with (Ring Dash 19) a line of rings that's very dangerous at this point in the run. Activate the switch and use the fans to rise up and out of there until you reach the new airship with more cannons. (yay :() On either side there's a bunch of goodies to get (combos and ring dashing) so let's go left this time. While avoiding getting blown to bits, head up 1 floor and (Ring Dash 20) nab that line of rings in front of you. Up a little ways is an Egg Pawn that appears on the corner for you to kill. Up another floor is (Ring Dash 21) another line of rings to get. Now go all the way back to where this place started (at the first giant fan) and head right this time. On this side, head up 1 floor (just like the left) and get the (Ring Dash 22) line of rings in front. Just as you finish there should be an Egg Pawn there too. On the 3rd floor (Ring Dash 23) another line of rings and another Egg Pawn). On the last floor is (Ring Dash 24) one more line of rings to get and (Combo 24) an Egg Pawn at the end. After you kill it, head to the center and 4 Egg Pawns will have appeared for you. Hit the checkpoint after you are done.

2nd checkpoint to 3rd checkpoint (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 13: the timing might be tricky for some, but its rather easy to get. just make sure you get them all.

Ring Dash 14: same as 13

Ring Dash 15: simple

Ring Dash 16: another easy one

Ring Dash 17: start each line of rings in the back (the side facing nothing) so you zip to the front where the rail is.

Ring Dash 18: start it on the fan instead of where the rail and exit is so you can get every ring.

Ring Dash 19: I like to go from the right side to the left and DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING AFTER YOU ARE DONE. Be stationary when you start it and you either will stop or fall below onto a platform. Don't freak out at this point!

Ring Dash 20: easy

Ring Dash 21: same as 20

Ring Dash 22: same as 21

Ring Dash 23: same as 22, except with a cannon in your way (it won't disrupt your chain or cancel your combo points)

Ring Dash 24: blow apart the key cage in front of you before doing this one.

Combo 17: You want to start this one from the lone Egg Pawn that's near the high wall you need to climb to move on and then head into the pit to nail the 2 on each side of the giant fan.

Combo 18-19: this one is a bit tough (lol). incorporating bother combo sets into something a little different than normal. start off by going to the E-2000 that's in front of the big door in order to reach the conveyor belts up ahead. get him down to low life (1 hit remaining is best) and stand on the right side of that area and take him out with a thundershoot. now once dead, drop below to the floor where the 2nd pole on that side of the entire area is and take out the Egg Pawn there. Now hurry to the doorway where you entered this opened area and take out 1 Egg Pawn of the 2 that have appeared. STOP! Let the combo points carry over which should be 800 (3-hit combo) and now take out the remaining Egg Pawn in that spot and hurry and go back and run to the other doorway where the single Egg Pawn appears before you and now head to Combo 19's spot (which you should be able to make with Shadow) and take out the 3 Egg Pawns right there. If you pull this off congrats to you :D

Combo 20: take out the 2 Egg Pawns that appear from whatever side you are on, then do the same on the opposite side really fast, then head to the conveyor belts and take out the lone Egg Pawn there for a 5-hit combo.

Combo 21: before going through the air hoop, take out the lone Egg Pawn then hurry through the air hoop and take out the 2 Egg Pawns and the lone Egg Pawn above the rail there.

Combo 22: take out the 2 Egg Pawns right there and then head to the lone Egg Pawn that's way ahead where that giant fan is located after going to the platforms instead of taking the rail. after taking him out, head down to the platform below where the rail to exit the area is and take out the lone Egg Pawn there as well for 4 consecutive kills.

Combo 23: there's a Team Blast capsule in the area hidden in a cannon if you need one to make it easier to take out all 3 enemies.

Combo ex.: before attempting Combo 24, on the right side of this starting on the 3rd floor, take out the shield Egg Pawn and then hurry to the 2nd floor and take out the Egg Pawn there.

Combo 24: on the 4th floor, 5 Egg Pawns to take care of easily.

Rainbow Rings: I suggest going in as Omega using the triangle dive and head in the center of the rings themselves.

3rd checkpoint to 4th checkpoint;

Hit the jump pad and land right before the dash pad (Ring Dash 25) to avoid going into the rings. Now nab the line of rings and watch out for the cannons. Take out the surrounding cannons from behind and to the sides of the airship you're on, (Ring Dash 26) there are two line of rings to get. Continue on and before going down the slope, (Ring Dash 27) there are 4 rings to dash through. Up ahead is (Ring Dash 28) another line of rings to get for you. Keep going until you reach the next airship and down below (if you're in the air) is (Ring Dash 29) another line of rings to get. Avoid the cannons (I said this a lot already, but I can't stress this enough!) and keep going through the doorway and on the rail and into the spring. A lone Egg Pawn awaits to your left and the 4th checkpoint to your right.

3rd checkpoint to 4th checkpoint (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 25: easy, just don't hit the dash pad

Ring Dash 26: start from the front of the line of rings here (going down the ship) as you won't die.

Ring Dash 27: really easy to forget they are right there and if anything, take them backwards.

Ring Dash 28: easy and its needed

Ring Dash 29: another easy one...just...cannons...>_<

4th checkpoint to 5th checkpoint;

Get on the propeller! Ride this until you come to an airship with another propeller like the one you are riding and get off. Once there you won't be able to get those Egg Falcons that passed by you :/ Go ahead and get the (Ring Dash 30) lines of rings on the sides just like Ring Dash 11. Now I'm sure by now you noticed some Egg Pawns appear. Well here's the case (Combo 25) there is one each where the lines of rings were, one carrying a shield in the center, and two on the farthest sides (that extend) on that ship. Take out all 5 for a combo. Now instead of using the new propeller, go past that one and down the slope to see a 1-up, but also (Combo 26) 2 Egg Pawns looking over the edge there. Now go back and take the new propeller. At the drop off, soem more Egg Falcons come your way here. (Combo 27) Use Rouge to hit the 2 oncoming Egg Falcons, then another will come swooping in, then a little bit later another will do the same. Turn around (if you didn't notice when coming in) and there's an Egg Pawn on a platform. Head into the checkpoint.

4th checkpoint to 5th checkpoint (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 30: still easy

Combo 25: easy to pull off, just don't make any mistakes that will slow you down.

Combo 26: really easy

Combo 27: this could de difficult as you are dealing with these Falcons. just don't fly too high in the air.

5th checkpoint to finish;

(Ring Dash 31) Unlike the first whale battleship, all lines of rings here are worth it so be really really careful. Now keep going till you reach the giant cannon where inside holds a spring which takes you just over the wall. (Combo 28) You should now be facing a pit. To get across you could switch to Rouge and fly into the air hoop, but instead go into the pit and 3 Egg Pawns would have appeared for you. Also down there is a circle of rings...TRY TO RING DASH THEM BUT ITS NOT CERTAIN YOU WILL GET ANY ADDITIONAL POINTS FROM THEM!. Get out of the pit via the spring inside the cage from you killing the 3 pawns and into the air hoop to be free. Continuing there should be a lone Egg Pawn at the bottom of the climb. Climb/Fly your way up the wall and there should be another Egg Pawn halfway up. Now another split like the last ship. Take the left and an Egg Pawn will have appeared. Head back and go into the other doorway now and (Ring Dash 32) there are two lines of rings to get. Going on through here at the bottom of the area on the right side you are on, (Combo 29) two Egg Pawns will appear. Take them out and use the now availible spring which takes you over the lasers. As you land (Combo 30) two more Egg Pawns appear. Use the pole to go up and over to another pole and when you land, get the Egg Pawn that I hope you saw when usin gthe 2nd pole. Its kinda different from the last ship as you will see. (Ring Dash 33) head to the row of rings in the back of the arena like area you are now which is three rings, a space, and three more rings. You can ring dash through them all. Now take out the E-2000 to open the door and move on up the slope. Stop at the top and turn around. Like the last battleship, but this time (Ring Dash 34) there are lines of rings to get instead of Egg Pawns. Now head on and down the walkway to meet an (Combo 31) E-2000 and 2 Egg Pawns. Hope you have a Team Blast ready. Finish them off and head into the goal.

5th checkpoint to finish (in-depth scoring spots)

Ring Dash 31: easy...except for the obvious

Ring Dash 32: its a tight fit for all 3 characters, just make sure no one else messes up your dashing

Ring Dash 33: start on either side for these

Ring Dash 34: last two sets. start from the blue part (the back of them like normal) and you'll be dashing towards your death...don't press anything and you shouldn't fall off.

Combo 28: to get full use of this...start at the high wall climb to the Egg Pawn that's in the middle. take him out and head to the bottom to take out that Egg Pawn. Now hurry into the pit as Shadow (at lvl 3....EVERYONE SHOULD BE AT LVL 3 ANYWAY!!!) and take out the first Egg Pawn you come to and fast. take out the other 2 for a 5 kills consecutively.

Combo 29-30: Start at Combo 29, then into Combo 30, then use Rouge to fly up and take out the lone Egg Pawn next to the 2nd pole on that side of the area.

Combo 31: a team blast is really really really useful at this point in the why mess up your run here. work up a team blast if you have to!

Alright you're done...hopefully this will help in the not-so obvious portions of this stage in scoring while still taking out anything and everything in this stage for maximum points. A score max I don't see happening for this, but if someone would like to calculate just what you should have, that'll be great and somethin gto aim for for those looking for a challenge.


Ring Dashing potential

This is what each and every ring dash you've done should come out to in terms of bonus points....

Ring Dash 1: 4 rings=200
Ring Dash 2: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 3: 6 rings=400
Ring Dash 4: bottom 9 rings=400/top 13 rings=800
Ring Dash 5: 8 rings=400
Ring Dash 6: 8 rings=400
Ring Dash 7: 10 rings=800
Ring Dash 8: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 9: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 10: 4 rings=200
Ring Dash 11: 5 rings (each side)=200
Ring Dash 12: 6 rings (each side)=400
Ring Dash 13: 6 rings=400
Ring Dash 14: 8 rings=400
Ring Dash 15: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 16: 21 rings=800 (for some strange reason I got this, but I've never paid any attention to this before and who know if this has happened in any other stage unless you were paying attention to how many you gotten in that chain. by in the chain, I mean all rings were dashed through without one missing ring for them all to count in one single chain of rings. this should give you 1000 for being over 20 rings)
Ring Dash 17: 10 rings=800
Ring Dash 18: 4 rings (each line)=200
Ring Dash 19: 6 rings=400
Ring Dash 20: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 21: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 22: 4 rings=200
Ring Dash 23: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 24: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 25: 5 rings=200
Ring Dash 26: 4 rings (each side)=200
Ring Dash 27: 4 rings=200
Ring Dash 28: 20 rings=1000
Ring Dash 29: 8 rings=400
Ring Dash 30: 5 rings (each side)=200
Ring Dash 31: 4 rings (each line)=200
Ring Dash 32: 4 rings (each line)=200
Ring Dash 33: 18 rings (visibly there are only 6...where do the other 12 come from?)=400 (even more strange, this is the amount you get from 6-9 rings, yet I've collected 12 more from somewhere...)
Ring Dash 34: 4 rings (each side)=200


I hope this helps anyone who reads this...

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