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I'm specialized at many Mega Drive/Genesis games. Lover of the Brazilian and international rap and of the sonic music, the games what I play better are S1 and S3. When you see the mark (R) in my comments, it indicates that the record is mine (or at least it was).

More info about me:

-Complete name: Romulo Matheus da Costa

-Place of birth: São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

-Date of birth: 08-12-1990 (d-m-y)

-Height: 185cm (6'1")

-Weight: 62 Kg (136 lbs.)

-Style of fighting: Capoeira (yes, I'm fighter too)

-Hobby: Speedrunning

-Friends on TSC: Cort_pso, Brian_pso, whitewolf_braz, DarkspinesSonic, ShadowJacky, PPA, Flying Fox, IsisDazs, mike89, Strong Bad, alan snyder, Zeupar

-Best rank: Sonic 1 (Top 3)

-Best speedrun: Sonic 1-Star Light Zone 2 (0:10- The fastest level in S1! And the glitch was found by me!)

-Best ring attack: Sonic CD-Metallic Madness 2 (277-2 new wall glitches for 6 new monitors :O )

-Best score attack: Sonic 2-Chemical Plant 1 (91300-Sometimes speed counts more than combos...)
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