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2014 Schedule

July 14, 2014 - 5:17 PM
Here is the first draft of the schedule. All times are in EDT and anything in brackets are donation incentives. If there is anything wrong with your slots please tell me ASAP, so I can finish off the final draft very soon.

Monday 18th August
2:00pm   Sonic Generations - Frokenok3 - Full game
3:00pm   Sonic 2 (Genesis) - TimpZ - Sonic and Tails, no emeralds
3:30pm   Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Otonyshi - Silver's story, no mission select glitch
4:45pm   Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed - Werey - World Tour
6:25pm   Sonic 4 Episode 2 - HyperSonic7701 - No emeralds (Emeralds)
7:40pm   Sonic 4 Episode Metal - HyperSonic7701 - Full game
7:55pm   Sonic Labyrinth - Don - Full game
8:15pm   Sonic the Fighters - Sonikkusama - Any Character
8:30pm   Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) - Sonikkusama - All emeralds

Tuesday 19th August
2:00pm   Sonic Heroes - CriticalCyd, Gamepro011 - Team Chaotix.
3:00pm   Sonic 1 GBA - Mastakirby - Anniversary Mode
3:30pm   Sonic and the Secret Rings - Frokenok3 - Full game
7:00pm   Tails Skypatrol - Sonikkusama - Full game
7:30pm   Sonic Colors - CriticalCyd, Fivavoa, TimpZ - Egg Shuttle
8:30pm   Sonic Colors - Don - Gameland Stages
9:00pm   Sonic R - Mastakirby - Any% completeion, no out of bounds (Karaoke)
9:20pm   Sonic 1 8-bit - AdamAK - No emeralds
9:40pm   Sonic Chaos - AdamAK - Sonic, No emeralds

Wednesday 20th August
2:00pm   Sonic Lost World - DarkspinesSonic - Wingless
3:30pm   Sonic and the Black Knight - flying fox - Full Game
4:15pm   Sonic Advance 3 - Quartz - No emeralds
5:45pm   Sonic 4 Episode 1 - HyperSonic7701 - No emeralds (All emeralds)
6:40pm   Sonic Riders - Blast-kun - All Stories
7:20pm   Sonic Spinball (Genesis) - HyperSonic7701 - No multi-ball rounds (8-bit version)
8:00pm   Sonic Unleashed - BrokenArthritis - All day,night stages and Eggmanland

Thursday 21st August
2:00pm   Sonic Adventure 2 - Talon - Hero's story (Hero vs. Dark)
2:45pm   Sonic CD (2011) - flying fox - Tails, no good futures
3:35pm   Sonic Lost World (3DS) - 1stkirbyever - Story mode
5:35pm   Sonic 2 8-bit - SonicBoom737 - No emeralds (Emeralds)
6:00pm   Knuckles Chaotix - Sonikkusama - No chaos rings (Donations for character/partner choice)
8:00pm   Sonic 2 (2013) - Various Players - Online play

Friday 22nd August
2:00pm   Ristar - Gamble - All treasure (Boss rush mode)
2:30pm   Sonic Adventure - Gamepro011 - Sonic's story (Amy vs. Big with Don)
3:35pm   Sonic Triple Trouble - flying fox - Tails, no emeralds
4:00pm   Sonic 1 - SonicBoom737 - No emeralds
4:30pm   Sonic 3 & Knuckles - SDM - Sonic, no emeralds (music tracks)
6:30pm   Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Strong_Bad - Grandprix
6:40pm   Sonic Pocket Adventure - SonicBoom737 - No emeralds
7:05pm   Sonic Shuffle - Sonikkusama & friends - Multiplayer (Donation vote for stage)

Saturday 23rd August
2:00pm   Sonic Advance 1 - Combo - Sonic, no emeralds
2:20pm   Sonic Advance 2 - Combo - Sonic, no emeralds
2:50pm   Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Blast-kun, SilverSonic - All stories race
3:40pm   Shadow the Hedgehog - SilverSonic - Neutral Story (Last story)
4:05pm   Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Inuyasha - Sonic, all emeralds
5:05pm   Sonic Unleashed Project - Frokenok3 - Full game
5:35pm   Sonic 2 (2013) - flying fox - Hidden Palace, Proto Palace, Boss attack
6:00pm   Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed - Various Players - Xbox360 online play (donate to join)
8:00pm   Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Various Players - Co-op

ASRT online play (PC version):
1) Werey
2) SilverSonic
3) Otonyshi
4) Frokenok3

SRB2 co-op:
1) flying fox
2) hyper
3) mastakirby
4) yuuki
5) Thorn
6) sonikku
7) silversonic
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TSC Marathon 2014

May 5, 2014 - 7:33 PM
So yeah time this was brought up again. This is to see who is interested in participating, if there’s enough interest then the marathon will go ahead. We’re aiming do this sometime in August, so we'll have about 3 months to organise it. Since the last marathon we’ve had several new Sonic games added, so it would be great to have those in. I have put the games list in here. If you don’t see the game you want to participate in, then just offer it and I will add it to the list. In your post, state what game(s) you want to speed run, what sort of run, what your estimation is and any donation incentives.

EDIT: Please offer games that are either Sonic or by Sonic Team.
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An Apology and Handling BS

April 12, 2014 - 4:46 PM
First of all, I want to extend an apology to anybody I publicly called out in the out-of-control topic. Yeah, you know the one. While I do think it was time for discussion to be brought to a close and for further pot-shots to be curbed with discipline if necessary, I shouldn't be venting so publicly and making people the targets of that venting, and I could have handled that much more maturely. Considering I chewed people out in public, I think it's only fair that I admit wrongdoing in public.

While that topic discussed many points, one that kept coming up (to the chagrin of a few people) was BS calls and how proof helps or does not help to solve them. Back in February, I brought up how flying fox would be assisting us and would further have a team of people who are knowledgeable about TSC's tracked games to assist with that. I believe now may be a good time to proceed with such a plan, as talk (and a video) about our BS catching methods has been popping up lately. While Parax and I could certainly come up with some names, I don't want to be passing over potential candidates simply because their names aren't coming to mind right away. Therefore, if you feel you have expertise in particular games and have an interest in assisting with BS calls, please reply to this post with what games you know well. Posting is not a guarantee that you'll suddenly become a trusted source, but it does help us choose properly.
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New rules regarding emulators

April 1, 2014 - 11:47 PM
Following a discussion in the forums a little while ago, we've implemented some new rules regarding emulators. From now on, stats achieved on emulators are required to have proof. Since there's no function to upload proof directly to the site as of right now, instead we're requesting that you upload your proof somewhere and link to it through your stat comment. In accordance, I've created a thread where you can attach your proof files to a forum post, but if you'd like to upload elsewhere instead, that's fine.

There are a couple reasons for this change. First, it's been shown time and time again that emulators make it significantly easier to cheat. When someone is called out for BSing, and the only proof they provide is a YouTube video that was done on an emulator, it adds an extra layer of confusion since we not only have to verify the video itself is legitimate, we also have to figure out whether it was done using emulator functions or not. Having more data (input files) should help to alleviate this somewhat and make cheating significantly more difficult. Second, emulators are not perfect and sometimes have accuracy issues that might be difficult to pick up on. With proof available, it gives all competitors an opportunity to verify for themselves that the stats they're competing against were accomplished fairly, without any unfair advantages caused by inaccurate emulation.

I also want to highlight one other somewhat recent rule. It's not new, but I think it's worth emphasizing. If you can't run the game at full speed, your stat is void. Don't submit it. If your emulator is lagging, at best, you will gain an unfair advantage due to having a wider window to react to things with. At worst, it can make the game behave differently than it would otherwise and give you an unfair advantage. Either way, it's not acceptable.

These rules are kind of a middle ground between leaving things the way they were before and banning emulators (or at least some emulators) entirely. Hopefully this will help make competition more fair to everyone.

If you notice any emulated stats that are in violation of the rules, let an admin know (me, Thorn, or Zeupar) and we'll handle it.

edit: I should add that stats already on the charts without proof will be grandfathered in, because I don't think anyone wants to dig through 10 years of stats and suspend all of the ones that don't have proof.

iOS and Android titles are exempt from this rule because the performance of the game can vary by a lot even when it's not being emulated.
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Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1.6 Released

March 19, 2014 - 4:51 PM
The last front-page post was looking pretty dated, so let's put something new here.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1.6 has been released, with enough changes from v2.0.7 to keep old players occupied and enough difficulty-based adjustments to get new players involved easily. For your inner TSCer, the Time Attack mode has been completely revamped into a generalized Record Attack mode that supports Score, Time, and Ring records.

No, it will not be worth points in the TSC rankings. It's being mentioned because it's a fairly well known fan game and our "News and Updates" posts should actually have news. :P
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