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The following members have attained particular respect in the TSC community through their awesome competition skills (or by being around too much).

SadisticMystic Joined 10-24-03
Games: 13

F-Man Joined 10-25-03
Games: 4
I started time attacking when the Sonic Adventure site was up and had rankings. I only remember being something like 87th for Windy Valley (which is quite good if you consider the huge ammount of cheaters). Then someday my Dreamcast broke, and I started to move to Nintendo's consoles again. I competed for Sonic Advance times at the GameFAQs board, and then for SADX when it was finally released for the cube.


SuperSonic101 Joined 10-27-03
Games: 11

NintenDan Joined 12-12-03
Games: 15

CosmicFalcon Joined 01-31-04
Games: 16
CF is as CF does.

sonicam Joined 07-22-04
Games: 23

magnum12 Joined 08-05-04
Games: 12

GerbilSoft Joined 08-11-04
Games: 25
Hi, I'm GerbilSoft, aka TSC's current server administrator. I make sure that the TSC server doesn't go down, and if it does, I lol. >_>

But on a serious note. I help to fix various bugs, add new features, and optimize existing stuff on the TSC codebase.


douglas Joined 09-28-04
Games: 14
Hey, I'm Douglas and this is my updated bio. I'm 22, Scottish but living in London. I work for Google so don't get so much time to TA these days, but I'm off for the holidays and I have my sights on holding the S1, adv2 and Battle championships by the end of that time :)

maggot Joined 10-04-04
Games: 4

eredani Joined 11-08-05
Games: 17

Stefan Joined 07-05-06
Games: 10

MK Joined 10-24-06
Games: 9

Zeupar Joined 01-20-07
Games: 6

OmegaDJ Joined 08-19-07
Games: 8

Parax Joined 11-07-07
Games: 25
I've been on TSC since about the very end of 2007. I usually like to play the 3D games, but I like to jump around from game to game rather than sticking with any one game for a while; you'll usually see me playing whatever the most recent game is. I'm currently the champion of Sonic 06, and have previously held championships for Sonic Unleashed (both versions) and Black Knight. I'm also very well-ranked for every Sonic 4 time as Sonic.


Flying Fox Joined 06-13-08
Games: 34

son1cgu1tar Joined 01-04-09
Games: 2

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