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Hello! I'm Michael, known as Proxima. Sonic 2 was one of my favourite games as a kid (though we didn't have a Mega Drive ourselves; it was always something I looked forward to when visiting our cousins). I've only recently gotten back into playing Sonic, and trying out Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the first time.

I'm trying to improve my stats in all divisions, but ring attacks are my main interest. Indeed, it was searching the Internet to find out how to get those last few rings in Aquatic Ruin 2 that led me to discover and then here.

Other than Sonic, my gaming passions are Repton and Lemmings. I currently hold the speedrunning records for Repton 2 and 3, and am the only player to complete Repton 2's Caverns and Volcano scenarios in under one hour.

I am also a writer of original and fan fiction, and can be found at as Michael S. Repton.
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