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Hey Everyone! It's Drew but I am better known as LittleBigness. I've been a Sonic fan ever since I played Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as a kid with my cousin. My favorite Sonic game is still Sonic Adventure 2: Battle but it is Sonic Heroes from a competitive standpoint. I got into the likes of competitive Sonic, or speed running if you will when I started watching Twitch streamers such as DarkspinesSonic and Talon2461. I liked what they were doing so I decided I'd give it a go. I don't regret the decision and never will. I found TSC a while back, but I never really got into submitting here until I saw how real and fun it could be. Tripl3Ag3nt and FocusSight64 would be blowing up my Skype notifications for their Sonic 06 wars for the records. This is what got me up and really made me submit here. My ultimate goal is to be seen as a well rounded Sonic player. The road to getting toward the top of the Sitewide Rankings will be a long, but enjoyable process. It will take me a while to submit several stats since some members on this site have 8+ years on me, but I can guarantee you that LittleBigness will be climbing the charts.
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