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I. I'm a big Sonic fan, obviously. In the present day[1/02/12] my best Sonic game is SADX(360 version), and the games next in line are Sonic Heroes, Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic '06, respectively. Currently, I am the Champion of SADX(as of 9/18/11), competing in SA(DX), SA2(B, Sonic Heroes
II. Since my joining here at TSC, I have made the impossible on multiple occasions in SADX. This has gotten me a very strong Championship, and many records.
III. I am best described as an overall player for multiple games, although my specialty is Time Attack. My playing style is quite unique, as it is very reckless, but is actually good(usually). I LOVE to push games to their limits, and like my strats as perfect s possible. I find random time savers here and there, to make things even better.
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