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Shadow the Hedgehog

Level Division Guide Writer
Glitches Mo
Mad Matrix Normal (SC) Jakanddaxtersonicnate
Glyphic Canyon Hero Sub 3 Groudon199
Lethal Highway Hero 8.44 Groudon199
Cryptic Castle TAing each mission Groudon199
Cryptic Castle Shadow 566 Rings OmegaDJ
Prison Island Shadow Max rings Groudon199
Mad Matrix Hero Sub 5 Mins (time) OmegaDJ
Air Fleet Dark time shadowblast63
Air Fleet Dark Sub 1 Min OmegaDJ
Iron Jungle Normal Completing 51780 (max score) OmegaDJ
Space Gadget Dark Sub 3 Mins (time) OmegaDJ
Space Gadget Normal Completing 30950 OmegaDJ
Space Gadget Shadow 586 (or more) Rings OmegaDJ
GUN Fortress Total Sub 2:30 (times) OmegaDJ
Cosmic Fall Shadow 425 Rings OmegaDJ
Final Haunt Total Sub 2:50 (times + dark score) OmegaDJ
The Last Way Normal Speed Hero Chaos Chao
The Last Way Shadow 360 Rings OmegaDJ
The Last Way Shadow 373 Rings (improved from 360) OmegaDJ
Overall Total Boss Guide PsyBorg
Overall Total Key Door tip OmegaDJ
Overall Total Score Attacking Groudon199
Overall Shadow Rings OmegaDJ
Overall Shadow Rings knuckles_sonic8
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