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The Last Way in 90 seconds

Speed - The Last Way in 90 seconds

Submitted by Hero Chaos Chao

well not so long ago i joked to Shadow Jacky about that if i got 1:39 it would suck my **** anyway i wasn't prepared at all how low i could get this time not only did i beat the tsc record i gave it a good thrashing my current record stands at 1:30:99 it can defainetly go down to 1:29 a perfect time is about 1:28,1:27 anyway enough chit chat lets get down to business

Begin by having a few lives(recommended) you will also need to have all 5 keys begin by getting to the key door when you have all 5 keys when the door is open just kill yourself and you will start from the beginning(this way the door is already opened anyway begin by grinding like mad and the the first zip pads at 15. Then you should just run like mad trying not to run into anything you should hit the turbo ramp just before its hits 21(perfect)

At this point just run to the shadow crate and destroy it(get the shadow rifle? i think) the one with 20 rounds and it does in insane amount of damage any way pick it up and head through the teleporter beyond the keydoor when you hit the fourth check light dash through the rings(this is where i screwed up for a possible 1:29) you want to light dash so shadow dosent fly in the air for a second you WILL want him to stay on the ground after light dashing(50/50 chance) that what you can hit the zip pad after the double loop at 38 instead of 39 just run until you get flown off the platform by the set of zip pads then just ignore the black arm aliens and jump up the 2 platforms and hit the zip pads to launch yourself to the fifth checkpoint(47)

Just run as you go up the little slope before running off the edge jump and you should go very far and home attack the last black hawk and light dash now at this point only kill the first 2 aliens to appear with the shadow rifle(you don't want to waste time) then just ignore the rest and RUN RUN AND RUN go through the turbo rings now quickly kill the aliens that appear until the your only one hit away from filling up the hero gauge now listen carefully(the INSTANT you kill the last enemy activate CHAOS CONTROL and you should be able to make it up to the blue door getting to the final checkpoint if you do this you can avoid another dead end and filling up your gauge again now if you hit the final checkpoint at 1:15 you will most likely get 1:30 like i did but if you hit it earlier 1:14 you will get 1:29 thats how long it takes to get from there to black doom.

Anyway hit the final check and jump down into the lower middle area and RUN RUN RUN to the end while not hitting any enemies for a possible sub 1:30 run
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