A Luck-Free Boss Fight

Sub-25-ing. - A Luck-Free Boss Fight

Submitted by SpinDashMaster

This boss fight seems quite simple at first, but it takes a long time to perfect. Pay attention to the only three things affecting this playfield: The ball, the boss, and the turtle.

The ball and the boss are connected by steel bars, and will always be on opposite sides of the circular arena. The ball hangs about a half-foot off the ground, spinning clockwise with the boss. The boss hangs high over the arena and only becomes vulnerable under one of two conditions.

The ball often wields an electric barrier. If you touch it, you take damage. When this shield disappears, you can attack it. On contact, the ball will raise up, forcing the boss to lower to the ground, within range of a jump for a hit.

The turtle drops from the boss' head every time you hit the ball. It will take whatever direction was closest to you when it spawned, and accelerate that way. If you jump over it, it will brake and reverse. If you touch it on the sides, you will take damage. If you jump and land on it, you will spring high into the air. With this height, you can reach the boss as it spins clockwise, by moving left.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about the boss' mechanics. The only thing not covered is the shockwave slam, because it shouldn't be encountered during your attepmt. If the boss stops for a shockwave slam, restart your run.

Step 1: From the starting point, move one-half-circle. Face left and spindash. Meet the ball and land your jump halfway between "starting point" and "spindash point." If you hurt the ball, airdash. If you take damage, restart. This will eliminate all other less useful movesets from the boss.

Step 2: Jump low when underneath the boss for hit 1. Airdash, and repeat airdashes everytime you make contact via jumping from here on out. Jump high for hit 2. This will make the ball pass over the turtle before you reach it.

Step 3: Bounce on the turtle and move left for hit 3. Airdash.

Step 4: Jump at the ball. Jump high to hit the boss for hit 4. Make sure the ball is about to turn OFF when you hit the boss.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4, ignoring the ball's status.

Step 6: Use the turtle for hit 6.

Step 7: Repeat step 4 twice. If attempting the final hit and the ball is still lit, use the nearby turtle.

I've got this simply laid out for you. But I must stress one last time: It's easier said than done.
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