Sonic Adventure (DX) Glitches Guide by Marth

Glitches - Sonic Adventure (DX) Glitches Guide by Marth

Submitted by Marth


This guide has been completely replaced 2 times so far. I usually just add little bits to it,
but sometimes, I add or change so much that I have to clear the page and start over.
Here are the changes that were made:

This new version of the guide is more organized, and hopefully, easier to understand.
The main differences from before are that it has the titles and glitches together
(instead of all the titles and then all the solutions in a separate section), and that there's a
new section near the end of the guide with possible answers to the game's mysteries.
Also, some challenges were moved to their own section, so the glitch numbers are different.
(February 2006)
I added information about the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure. Now you can see
which glitches were fixed for GameCube and which ones were added to it by mistake.
(March 2006)

Note: How and if this guide is connected to RattleMan's:
Some multi-part glitches are based on the original glitches guide by RattleMan.
(For example, I used the glitch of jumping in front of the windows of city hall to
make the multi-part glitch of beating Speed Highway early and messing up the lighting.)
There are no full glitches copied from his guide. If you see a glitch that's in both guides,
it means that I discovered the glitch before reading his guide.
Although RattleMan didn't work on this guide, I intend for this to be almost like a sequel.
If I refer to an earlier glitch, and I don't give the number it has in my guide, it means that
you should look for that glitch in RattleMan's guide. It can be found at under
the name of SonicHackr2000 (who helped RattleMan make the guide).
I (Marth, also known as Mark, CSMarth, SAPlayer, or ???) discovered everything else
(except for certain other sections where I say who else discovered something) and wrote this guide.

Note: Will the tricks in this guide work?:
I've tried them all, and they all work. If a trick doesn't work, keep trying, and ask me about it if you still can't
make it work. I have only one version of the game (at least for now), so I can't be sure if the glitches are all
in the version you have. (I used Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube. It's from spring 2004, although that
probably doesn't matter.) I have added as much information about the Dreamcast version as possible
(glitches in Mystic Ruins, Twinkle Park, Speed Highway, and Final Egg can't be tested, at least for now),
and if I get the PC version, I'll add notes for that one, too. Unless I say that a glitch is Dreamcast-only,
it will work on GameCube, because GC is still the main system that is and was used for the guide.

Note: About the Egg Carrier:
When I say what version of the Egg Carrier is being used, I'm talking about whether it's normal or transformed
(with the wings out). "Front" and "back" refer to which part of the ship you're on. For example, if you ride the
monorail to the part that has Sonic's entrance to the Sky Deck, then you're on the front version. There's actually
a difference between the front and back. (In a way, the Egg Carrier has 3 forms, and they change automatically.)
Read mystery #5 near the end of the guide for more information.

Now that this guide includes the Dreamcast version, I'm adding some warnings.
1. I'm not responsible for anything that could go wrong. I'm trying to list every problem that could damage something
(such as your file or your memory card), but I might not know every problem that could happen.
2. Of course, cancelling a save by messing with the memory cards or shutting off the system can ruin your file.
3. RattleMan's guide has some warnings. I guess I can include them here. The first is that the file can erase if
the system is shut off while you are in an Action Stage. This hasn't happened to me, so it must only be on Dreamcast.
The second is that Adventure Field emblems can disappear (without being saved) when you collect them.
If you pick up an emblem in one of the Fields, go to an Action Stage and complete it before quitting.
Again, this doesn't seem to be a problem on GameCube, or at least on copies made after spring 2004,
but you might want to play the Action Stages just to be safe.
4. There is a big risk when you play stages in the wrong order. The game will almost always trap you, but
you can USUALLY escape by using another glitch or by (if that doesn't work) using Action Replay to instantly
teleport to one of the Chao Gardens, and then leaving the garden to end up in the Field you're supposed to be in.
I've included "escape routes" where they have been discovered to get back into the main field.
5. According to genus, if you play using an unofficial memory card, it will be unable to save Chao data.
Make sure you use a real Nintendo memory card for this game. I don't know if this happens on Dreamcast.



<1. Be at the start of Windy Valley while the sky is dark.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Walk up to the grate at the end to make the tornado appear. Use a light speed dash
below the nearby bridge to land on a small platform. Spin-dash and jump to go back a
bit more. Do one more jump toward the wind path's gate , and you should be able to reach the
start easily. If you go to the end, the tornado will be gone because it isn't displayed from that distance.

<2. Sonic at Knuckles's entrance to Sky Deck 3> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Hit the button at the end of the stage to tilt the ship back to its normal position, then jump off.
Before the Egg Carrier finishes tilting back up, spin-dash up the walls and jump toward the
platforms near the entrance. If you can get to the far wall, you should have no trouble
reaching your goal. If the ship tilts too far, you'll have to land on the invisible wall at the back
and wait for the ship to tilt back to its original position.

<3. skipping the elevator at the end of Final Egg 2>

Charge up a light speed dash near the elevator, then jump into the pit directly below it.
(You have to land in the middle of the pit, or Sonic will die.) After you reach part 3 (when the lighting changes),
release the dash and try to land on the floor. It can be done with just a homing attack, but the light dash helps.

<4. outside the walls of Red Mountain 2> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

The easiest way is to jump off either side of the platform with the capsule and fall toward the mountain.
You'll need to jump back out the hole in the ceiling (toward Red Mountain 1) to do a certain trick, though.

<5. skipping both ropes that can be slid down in Red Mountain> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Jump forward past the first one and land on the huge rock pillar.
Turn left and jump forward to land on the checkpoint far below. When you get to the
green spiral thing, jump off at the third set of rings to land at the entrance of part 2.

<6. above the entrance to Red Mountain>

Go to where you got the Ancient Light. Spin dash up the mountain repeatedly until
you get through the invisible ceiling. The weak spot is almost directly above the Ancient Light.

<7. behind the building at the start of Emerald Coast> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Spin-dash up the boardwalk and jump right over the invisible wall on the beach.
Move along the edge until you reach the building. It's completely fake on that side.

<8. above the waterfalls in Emerald Coast> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Spin-dash up the wall just past the start of part 2. There's a small ledge to land on.
Also, try jumping out across the pool right there to land on another ledge.

<9. on the platforms in the water left of the start of Emerald Coast> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Get through the wall (#7) and follow it to where you can jump to the platforms.
To get there from later in the level, jump off the back of the platform where E-102
found Froggy and follow the edge of the platform in the same way.

<10. behind the Speed Highway and Twinkle Park buildings> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

The slope behind the canal place is "sticky", so it's hard to get a good jump.
Dash along it, then turn toward the top of the slope and jump. Also, try jumping off the opposite slope
to land on the glass-covered tunnel, then jump out toward Twinkle Park. It's probably easier.

<11. Get over the flat mountain in Emerald Coast and land in the tunnel to Emerald Coast 2.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Dash and jump over the mountain by using the sloped side.
The safest and best place to jump from is just above the platform that the monkey stands on.

<12. on top of the super looop in Emerald Coast 2> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Jump through or around the "looop" (or stone tunnel, or whatever). Use its sloped side to jump on top.
One of the good sloped sides is at the back, behind the invisible wall. To get behind that, use the ramp.
Stand in the middle of that next round sandbar, turn around, and do a big jump toward the ramp.
You should go just barely over the invisible wall. Then, jump across to the ramp, and stay on the edge of the sandbar.
The third way is to go to the grassy place just before the ramp and use it to get around the wall.

<13. falling for a long time in Icecap 3> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

When you get to the part with the blue ice pieces that fall over (right after you exit the first cave), jump right
to land on the higher ledge. Go under the "arch" up there that's made by the fallen ice, then jump right again.
If you get a good, fast jump, you'll land on the slope and go off the top to land on an unfinished floor.
Once you go off the edge, you'll keep falling until the sky reappears and you fall below the level of the capsule.

<14. Skip the roller coaster in Twinkle Park.>

Turn left to avoid falling into the hole in part 1. Charge up a light speed dash, jump straight into the
middle of the hole, and release the dash just after you fall out of the hole in the ceiling of part 2 to fall
past the coaster. You can use a homing attack instead, but it's a bit harder to do.

<15. Get from the capsule at the end of Emerald Coast to the start of part 2.>

Go back to the beginning of the sandbar and use the sloped edge of the sandbar
to jump into the hole in the pillar. From here, carefully jump up the path to the spiked gates.
If you're not careful (and even if you are), Sonic will suddenly dash forward or backward.
Jump to keep him under control, and try not to walk, run, or dash at all.
Jump down to the beach and dash-jump up the slope to avoid the boosters.
Dash-jump twice to reach the speed ramp thing, and follow the path backward to reach the start.

<16. E-102's path in Windy Valley> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

After the wind path, jump left to land on the rounded platform. Dash-jump back to the tunnel with
the wall E-102 would have destroyed. The wall is only solid on GC. To follow E-102's path, you'll have to
use the sloped edges of the platforms to get high enough jumps to reach the next ledges.

<17. Get from the first spiked gate to the start of Emerald Coast.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

You'll need to do a long jump from the second checkpoint to reach E-102's goal area.
>From there, jump up and around the invisible wall, then follow the edge of the platform until you
get to the wood platforms mentioned in #9. To get around the final wall, move to the right.
(You can get through the wall and reach the start if you slide over to where the ring containers are.)

<18. Sonic breathing underwater?> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

In Lost World, raise the water level and jump down to the bottom.
You'll notice that there is no water in the tunnel that goes back to the start.
Walk around in the room with the snake until the picture loses its wavyness.
Although Sonic is in the water, the picture is clear, and he can't drown.

<19. Get from the end of Emerald Coast 1 to the beginning of the boardwalk.>

First, jump off from the lighthouse and land on the edge of the sandbar.
Jump toward the boardwalk. Try to land on the
tip of the ramp, or you'll have to start over. Do the same for the next jump,
and jump over the corners so the whale doesn't appear. It may be possible to reach the
start of the level from here, but I haven't been able to do it yet.

<20. falling forever in Red Mountain> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Jump into the mountains in the background, and Sonic will fall forever.
The best place to do this is probably the mountain connected to the beginning of the wooden bridge
that comes before the part with the unstable rocks that blow Sonic away.

<21. outside Station Square (main area)> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Go to the boat that goes to the Egg Carrier. Stand on the slanted wall on the side that appears
to be west on the map (where Big was), and jump off the top of the slope while moving left.
(There should be a lady standing just above the slope if the game is complete.)
If you did it right, Sonic will be behind the hotel. You can explore the
"protected" water now. From here, you can play Twinkle Park early if you jump into the
bottom of the entrance tunnel. (Watch out for the fake sand under the Twinkle Park tunnel!)
The burger shop statue glitch works, and you can even jump off the roof of a car to get
over the hotel's wall, but it's easiest to just jump off the slope a little bit above the sand.

<22. on top of the big wall in Windy Valley> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

(This is the wall that Sonic runs down at the end of Windy Valley.)
As you run down the slope that leads to the wall, jump to the small, flat platform
floating on your right. (I think there are two. Jump to the one that is closer to the
wall.) Jump forward, and you can land on top of the wall.
Tails can also get here, but the top of the wall is a little more protected.

<23. behind the counter> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Put the statue of the Burger Shop in the corner and jump over it to slip into the corner
near the counter and through the fake floor. Hmm. The people that work there aren't falling!
Note: On Dreamcast, the statue slides out of the way when Sonic should get stuck behind it.

<24. Hit the button near the end of Final Egg 2, then get to the start of the area.>

This is hard. Carefully jump into the pipes without hitting the springs. Inside the
pipes, you'll have to spin-dash to keep Sonic from running back. After each pipe, you'll
probably have to use a light-speed dash to jump back up into the main room.

<25. Pause glitches> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Don't grab the rings immediately after the roller coaster in Twinkle Park. Instead, jump out the back
exit. Go far away from the coaster so it disappears, then go back by using a
light-speed dash in the room below the coaster. When you get there, pause the game
to make the coaster reappear. This also works with some platforms in Final Egg part 2
and with the red cannons in Sky Chase. (Destroy them, then pause to make them reappear.)
The thing that Amy wears on her head (that holds the Warrior Feather in place) disappears when you pause.
The gears that are found all over Red Mountain keep moving while the game is paused.
This works with a few other animations, such as the shrinking hammer (when Amy puts it away).

<26. the balcony on Pleasure Castle>

Jump off the stairs right before the capsule, and you should be able to reach the top of one of the towers.
>From there, jump over or through the top of the main part of the castle to land on the SOLID balcony at the back.
If you jump through the fake part of the castle, you can land in the entrance to the Mirror Room. (but it doesn't go anywhere)

<27. behind the glass walls of Final Egg 2>

After you press the button, jump on the main part of the floor as it it gets pulled
away. Sonic will get pulled through the wall with it. Now, jump on any of the platforms
with ladders. (They can be seen from the room with the blue glass and the spiky ball
things.) Some platforms and ladders might cause Sonic to die, as the "death line"
is covering some parts of the area. (He yells "NO!" as if he's falling into a pit.)

<28. Get the Crystal Ring early!> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Step on the button to open the door, then jump across from the top of the stairs.
With a bit of practice, this way is easier than the real way!
Unfortunately, it doesn't give Sonic the Light Speed Dash. He still has to get the shoes.

<29. from the end of Lost World to the waterfall (now improved and extended)> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Before you get into part 3, turn around and jump back over the loop. Do spin dashes and jumps to
get through the doors. (The door in the room with the sand is the toughest.
Stand on the flat sand just a few feet away from it, and then do a dash and jump straight into it.)
Go back to the place where you ran away from the boulder and run back up while jumping over the gaps.
When you reach the top, jump up and left to hit an invisible floor that extends past the fake wall.
(You could also try getting through the door the way you got past the others.)

<30. E-104 Epsilon's room> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

First, get a shield. At the start of part 2, Jump up into the hole in the ceiling.
Now, jump up again and turn back toward where you came from. Fall to the side of the
main tunnel, and Sonic will fall into the magma. Keep using spin-dashes and jumps, and
you should be able to get into the dome where Epsilon was before Sonic dies.
If Epsilon is there, he's buried under the magma. Oh, well. At least you got Sonic in.
It's possible to get in from a different side by jumping around the mountain from the capsule,
but for some reason, I can't always find the room, even though it should be very close!
It seems like the room is disappearing, and it won't appear unless Sonic approaches it from the start
or at just the right angle when falling from the capsule area. Try jumping off the left side (if you're looking
out toward the mountains in the background and away from the mountain you're standing on).

<31. Lose twice in pinball.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Charge up a light-speed dash before going into the Nights pinball table.
Let go of the B button while playing, and Sonic won't do a Light Speed Dash until you lose once.
When that happens, he'll automatically shoot off the table, making you lose a second time.

<32. outside the Egg Carrier (back version)> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Transform the Egg Carrier to separate the front and back. Jump up on the roof of the pool area.
Charge up a light-speed dash and jump toward one of the back corners of the roof.
Sonic will float for a while. When he drops, quickly use a homing attack and release
the light-speed dash to get across to the safe area. (Sonic will die if he falls.)
Dash to the front, use another spin-dash, and jump off the end to land on the blocky,
unfinished copy of the Egg Carrier that looks like the Sky Deck entrance place from a distance.
Note: The walls are different in the Dreamcast version. They seem to be closer, and they don't let
Sonic get out far enough to slip through. It's possible to dash out through the corner of the floor below,
but Sonic just dies. Maybe he can reach a safe platform somehow (if there is one).

<33. under the coins in Casinopolis> (GC:yes, DC:no)

First, fill up the vault, but don't deposit 400 rings. (I did it with 399, but anything above 300
or 350 should work.) Go in front of the capsule, do a spin dash, and jump forward into the coins.
Sonic should start to fall in. If he does, press A as if to do a homing attack, and he'll fall in completely.
Note: On Dreamcast, there's no invisible ceiling to jam Sonic through the coins.

<34. Icecap 3 without a snowboard> (GC:yes, DC:?)

When you reach the end of the level and jump off the snowboard, turn around and go up to the invisible wall.
Do spin dashes and jumps while running into the left edge to slip through. If you aim at the right spot, you
can use spin dashes to climb the wall before the triple jump ramp place. I don't think the wall at the part
with the houses can be climbed, so you'll have to turn around or jump off the side to land at the end.
Note: Everything seems to be fine, but I can't get him through the wall on Dreamcast for some reason.
It probably doesn't work, but it's worth a try. There's another way that does work on Dreamcast, though...

<35. outside the Egg Carrier (normal version)> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Go to the middle of the little gap behind the room with the pool. Dash toward the left or right side of the ship,
and Sonic will fall through the border thing and the invisible wall. If you get a Light Speed Dash ready first,
you can release it as you get out of the walls to move forward and land safely. (It's still kind of hard.)
Note: On Dreamcast, everything past the walls is fake. Sonic will just fall through, so it's kind of pointless.

<36. outside the Egg Carrier (front version)> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Go to the boat landing near the Sky Deck entrance. (I used the one on the right side.)
Jump around the stairs so you land halfway up. Do a big jump over to the left so you land on the grey area.
Run as far toward the back of the ship as you can. When you hit an invisible wall, dash into it so you
go through the wall on your right. Keep dashing forward and jump for the green glass. Dash up the edge
of that (being careful not to go too far to the side and get pulled back into the regular area) and jump around
to the red slope, then to the big, grey slope completely outside the walls. It's possible to jump to the
yellow areas that extend toward the front for a good view, but I don't think Sonic can get anywhere else.
Note: Everything past the walls is fake in the Dreamcast version, just like with the normal form of the ship.

<37. Knuckles's area (and out of the walls) of Casinopolis> (GC:yes, DC:no)

The hard way is to use the slopes with coin decorations (in front of the vault's entrance) to jump up into
the hole in the ceiling, then land on the tiny invisible floor above the corner of the entrance room.
>From there, you can jump off and die (which is a big waste) or go up into the room where Knuckles goes.
The easier way is to go up to the second floor using the ledge above and in front of the vault's entrance.
Go to the ship and jump off the cannon to land on the very front. Charge up a Light Speed Dash, then
use the X button to do an extra spin dash. Jump forward and right and release the Light Dash to land
on the top of the room Knuckles goes into. You can also go up on the beams at the ceiling and land on
the spinning thing with all the screens that advertise stuff.
Note: On Dreamcast, Sonic can't land on the cannon because it's not solid. The walls to that room Knuckles
goes into are fake, so Sonic can get in there easily after reaching the second floor, but the floor is also fake.

<38. the keyboard> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

In Sky Deck 2, go to the part where the end of the wing breaks off (about halfway through the level).
You can do this before the wing falls, but you should go forward to where the planes are to break it off anyway.
Go back and jump off to land on the narrow, slanted ledge that didn't fall off. (There's a red spring at the top.)
Run up the slope and jump forward from it. (forward from the slope, but to the right side of the level with Auto Cam)
You should land on a platform with 2 slants. Turn toward the tip of the wing and use the slope to jump up.
If you jump high enough, you should be able to get over the invisible wall. Run down to the end of that platform
and look around. You'll see a huge, fake, black and white surface that resembles a keyboard.
It's normally hidden behind the red buildings on your right side as you go over the planes' runways.
Note: On Dreamcast, the part of the yellow and grey platform you would land on behind the invisible wall is fake.
Charge the Light Speed Dash, do a spin dash with the second Action Button, jump out like on GameCube,
and use the Light Speed Dash in the air to land on the red platforms nearby. The "keyboard" is still fake.

<39. Play the stages in the wrong order.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Start a new game and beat Chaos 0. Instead of going to Emerald Coast, go into the hotel. If you want to,
you can do #28 right now. Now, go under the stairs. Do spin dashes and jumps at the right angle, and
you'll go up through the walls or down through the floor. (Either way, you can fall through the place that
makes Sonic appear outside.) If you turn too far to the left, you'll go up through the stairs, and if you
turn too far to the right, you won't get anywhere, so just keep trying to get through. Once you're outside,
you can do a bunch of cool tricks, and in just about any order. To get into Casinopolis, use RattleMan's guide.
To get into Twinkle Park, use #21 in this guide. After you complete Twinkle Park, you'll be trapped.
To escape from the tunnel, go to the elevator Big used. Dash into the left or right side of it to go through the wall.
Go through the right side to fall into the Speed Highway place. To get the Light Speed Shoes, dash through the corner of
the barrier set up by the police (again, check RattleMan's guide). From there, go over to the black car covering
the entrance to the sewer. Dash up the back window of the car and jump onto the wall in front of you.
Run up the wall, jump over the one to the right, and do a homing attack under the floor toward the sewer.
If you hit the invisible floor, you can get into the sewer and grab the shoes easily. To get into Speed Highway,
charge the Light Speed Dash, jump up by the window, do a homing attack toward the right, and use the
Light Speed Dash. Sonic should land in the box of the Speed Highway entrance.
When you're playing Speed Highway, don't quit or run out of lives. If you do, Sonic will appear in an empty area
of Station Square and die. One time, he only died once, and everything became normal, but another time, he
kept falling and dying. This could ruin your file if it hasn't been completed yet.
Once you've done all that, all you can do is jump over the hotel and play Emerald Coast normally.
The cutscenes might play at the wrong times, and people will appear in weird places (like guys are on strike
as the trains are still working normally), but you can't glitch up the lighting like with Tails (at least as far as I know).
Note: It's completely different on Dreamcast. To get out of the hotel, jump up between the doors to the room with
the Crystal Ring. (See Sonic glitch #28 and Knuckles glitch #13.) To get into Casinopolis, jump over the hotel and
use a form of RattleMan's E-102 in Casinopolis trick. Jump on top of the train, jump straight up near the place where
the left and middle cars are connected, and go left really quickly to land on top of the train tunnel. From there, use the
tunnel as a ramp to jump over the Casino entrance. (This means that you don't have to get the Light Speed Shoes
or complete Windy Valley first, like you would on GameCube.) Twinkle Park's tunnel is solid, so you can't get in there.
The city hall area can't be reached because Sonic just bounces off the invisible walls, and that ruins the rest of this section.

<40. overlap glitches> (GC:yes, DC:no)

When the Dreamcast was new, people were talking about how it could make sure that objects were always drawn in
the right order. Strangely, Sonic Adventure DX is worse than any others I've seen for this. There are glitches everywhere.
(Maybe it's a glitch that's only on GC, but it's probably not.) Here are a couple: First, there's Chaos 6. The middle of him
is shown in front of most of the other parts. Second, the glass train tunnel that goes over the casino area doesn't
make everything behind it look blue. Certain objects, such as the Casino Ken sign, show up in full colour.
Third, water doesn't always appear the right way. Item boxes are in full colour, and the sand in Emerald Coast sometimes
turns dark blue (because the water isn't being drawn over it), making all the footprints disappear.
The Fourth and weirdest one is in Lost World 2 (the part with the mirrors). The water is only a few feet below the platforms,
but some of them show up over the water, which makes the water appear to be far away. Also, another room from later in
the stage (the cave with the waterfall) can be seen as a black square on the water when the room is bright enough.
Note: The Dreamcast version is fine. All the glitches are on GameCube. What's really bad is that an emulator actually
works better (at least in some ways) than the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure!

<41. outside the Perfect Chaos area>

At the start of the battle, turn around and hit the back wall. Slide along it to the right so Sonic slips through.
Now, just move left a bit and keep going backward, and you can get out to the edge of the sheet of water.

<42. above Final Egg 1>

After you get through the first turning pipe, turn left and use the slanted wall to get on top of the place you came from.
Run back up the top of the path and jump through the fake ceiling to land on a solid platform and get a good look around.

<43. above Final Egg 2>

At the start of area 2, turn around and run back up the slope. Charge up a Light Speed Dash once you get all the way
up there. Use the X button to do a spin dash up the wall, then jump up and out the end of the pipe, hold forward,
and do the Light Speed Dash to land as far down the path as you can. The square-shaped part is solid,
and so is the rounded top of the main room. You can use this as another way to reach the ladders behind the walls.

<44. Run on the walls in Station Square.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

(This glitch was submitted by PsyBorg.)
Stand at the very left of the burger shop. Do either a spin dash or a homing attack diagonally into the red awning
above the very left window, and Sonic will start to run on the wall. If you can keep his speed up, he can run all the way
over to the front of the city hall before falling. If you can go fast enough and run upward at the same time, you can
run high and far enough to jump over the city hall and land in the entrance to Speed Highway without having to get the
Light Speed Shoes, but it's very hard and I haven't been able to make it work myself.
Note: For some reason, I found it hard to run toward the city hall on Dreamcast, but easy to run away from it.
(Sonic kept falling off.) Anyway, it still works, even though it seems to be harder on DC.

<45. behind the waterfall in Lost World> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

On GameCube, when you get to the water slide, jump into the tunnel to avoid the spot that makes Sonic start sliding.
Walk down to the end, jump out to the left (right if the camera is looking backward), and go behind the waterfall
before you land. This also works on Dreamcast (and better), but there's another way for DC players...
Play normally until you leave the slide. Do a spin dash, and then jump into the corner at the right side of the waterfall.
(opposite from the spot you would fall through using the other trick) You should be able to get through the wall and
go around to the pit behind the waterfall. Strangely, the pit is around 12 feet deep on Dreamcast (maybe a little more),
but on GameCube, it's plugged up with boards, so it's very shallow. I don't know why they'd fix something that isn't
supposed to be seen clearly and shouldn't be stepped into at all. (They even fixed the invisible wall to make it
more difficult for GameCube players to get back there!)

<46. outside Icecap 1> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Stand on top of the arched doorway that is almost directly above the rocket. Turn toward the lower areas of the
mountain and use the sloped doorway to jump up and right. On GameCube, Sonic goes through the wall
and can land inside the little cave area across from the stage entrance. On Dreamcast, the wall is solid, but
there's another way that works on both versions and is cooler. Go down the main slope to the wall of ice.
Stand on the right side (if you're looking toward the top of the mountain) of the bump on the ground
(near the trail of rings) and jump up and right to get over the ice wall. Sonic will then fall and die.
On GameCube, he falls through the floor, but on Dreamcast, the floor is solid. (He still dies, though.)
It seems like most things were originally fake, but they were made solid (or nonexistant) for GameCube.
This is a rare exception. (It's also frustrating. I want to get a good look at the incomplete slope down there!)

<47. outside Icecap 2> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Go to the loop near the top of the room (right before the jump panels). Use the loop as a ramp to go straight up and
through the ceiling. Be ready to fall back toward the room when Sonic suddenly appears outside.
There's an invisible floor inside and outside, and it can be used to get behind the entrance to area 3.
(Jump out there, turn around, and dash down the tunnel to make Sonic appear in area 3 and run the wrong way.)

<48. Open doors in Casinopolis.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

If you dash and jump into a closed door (in the Dilapidated Way) at just the right angle, it will open.
This can be used to go backward from the end and take the other paths, and if you use the trick on
a certain door in the first room with a giant fan (the one without a trail of rings leading to it), you can get behind it...
and then find a blank wall! It must have just been added for detail.

<49. outside the walls of the captain's room> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

There's a grey bump at each side of the button that makes the Egg Carrier transform.
Jump off the grey bump to hit the yellow vent thing, then do a homing attack into it to appear above the ceiling.
It's easy to just fall off it and die, but it's also possible to land there and look around. If Sonic falls through the
wall and gets stuck, slide him over to the left to make him land, then run right and go through the door.

<50. above part of Lost World 1> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

When you get to the pipe with the flaming box things that pop up, turn around and go to the side of the narrow
place you came from. Use the curved walls to jump up, into the side walls, and in the direction of the start of
the level. You should be able to go up through the corner and land on a platform up there to look around.


<1. the empty room in At Dawn>

Fly into Going Down to reach At Dawn and fly to the capsule. Turn away from the capsule
and fly forward to a tunnel that zig-zags through the building. Fly above and beside the tunnel
and drop into the top of the building. There's a solid floor on the closer side, but the other side is fake.

<2. Sonic can't die.> (GC:yes, DC:no)

In Sky Deck, go to where the cannon blasts the path. Get it to knock out all 3 levels
of the same section. When Sonic comes through, he will fall off the cliff because
he has nowhere to go. After he falls, he will land on the path ahead of you!
Note: On Dreamcast, the cannon doesn't attack the highest path. It just sits there and watches Tails run past it.

<3. Sonic's bad start> (GC:yes, DC:?)

Hit the last checkpoint, then go back to the small platform with the checkpoint
about halfway through the stage. Hit the checkpoint and restart to make Sonic
immediately fall off the cliff. Of course, he'll reappear on the path. (See #2.)
Note: I can't make this one work anymore. Either I'm doing something wrong, or
it's something that randomly happens sometimes. It could even have something to
do with Tails's position as he hits the checkpoint.

<4. the other end of the canal> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Use any trick to get behind the walls of Station Square. (Use the burger shop statue to get through
the corner of the station.) Fly around the back of the Twinkle Park building and land at the end of the tunnel.
Note: The burger shop statue can't push anyone through the walls in the Dreamcast version,
so if Tails can get into the back of the canal, it's by a different way.

<5. Big's elevator to Twinkle Park> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Jump up through the ceiling near the window of the city hall and float down into the sewer. (Also see #15.)
Jump, as if to go back to the surface, and fly around to Big's part of the sewer.
Note: Again, the glitch that lets Tails go outside of the walls doesn't work on Dreamcast.
If you can find a different way to get into the sewer, then maybe this will work.
(But still, Sonic can't get into Big's part of the sewer. If Tails can, it's because he can fly higher and go right
out the top of the solid pipe. Sonic can only reach the lower part of the pipe, so he has to jump through.)

<6. outside the casino area> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Drop the burger shop statue on the stairs inside the station. I use the left side. (looking from the entrance)
If it's near the corner, Tails can jump over it, slip through the wall, and land on an invisible floor.
Fly to the box that contains the exit, land on it for a second, and fly to the tunnel other side.
Tails can stand inside the tunnel on the right side, but he falls through the part that goes above the casino.
Fly to the left side and land on the top. It's solid, even though the floor of the same tunnel isn't.
Note: On Dreamcast, you'll have to use the glitch in RattleMan's guide. Jump on top of the train, run forward
as if to fall off on the other side, jump near the part where the cars connect, and fly to the left if you're on the left
or right if you're on the right to get above or into the train tunnel.

<7. the "glass" floor in Speed Highway>

While flying through the green hoops at the end (turn sharply right when you hit the one that's tilted up)
look for a short building on the right side. Tails can stand on it, even though there's no visible floor.
There are terrible overlap glitches below him, where the buildings connect.

<8. the cutscene that never ends>

Start a new game, do #6, jump from the top of the tunnel, fly over the casino wall, and land in Casinopolis.
He gets trapped behind the door as he tries to walk out when you beat the level (right before Robotnik comes).
Just press the start button when that happens to skip it. This will get you stuck in the casino area, but
you can just fly into the station by hitting the middle of the door and zig-zagging.

<9. the entrance to the Dilapidated Way>

If you stand on the pipe above the start and jump in just the right spot (near the corner), you can go right through
the ceiling. When you do that, fly to the place you saw on your right when you started the stage.
There are items in the tunnel, and it seems like it was meant to be the place they got dumped into from the
pinball machines, but the start was moved ahead to the slightly weird spot that it's in now.
I played the stage in Adventure mode on Dreamcast, and I heard the sound of losing in pinball before the stage started.
When I had only played GameCube, I noticed that it took too long to get the stage started, and I guessed that it was
moving Tails to the new starting point in that extra time. I guess I was right. It seems like he starts earlier in Casinopolis,
falls out of the pinball table, and appears above the real start point before the black screen goes away.

<10. in Icecap early>

Instead of going to the workshop and fighting Robotnik, go to the cliff beside the station, fly into the edge of
Angel Island, and head toward the blocked-off tunnel. To get inside the ice cave place, jump on the little
lock thing and try to fall into the wall. Start flying just as Tails falls through to reach the entrance area for Icecap.

<11. the trolley car tunnel>

Fly around the wall (as if to land in the tunnel for #10), but try to land in the little pit at the end of the tunnel instead.
The wind coming from the floor will push Tails up and out of the cave, and he'll be able to reach the other tunnel.

<12. outside the Egg Carrier (back version)> (GC:yes, DC:no)

It's like Sonic's #32, except easier. Jam Tails into the invisible floor behind the place with the pool area.
Note: On Dreamcast, the invisible wall is closer, so he can't go far enough back to fall through.

<13. FMA scene with the wrong lighting>

When you start the game, go to the city hall and jump up in front of the window to get inside the wall.
Fly into the little room to play the Speed Highway stage. Play the game normally after this, and complete
all of the Egg Carrier stuff. Tails and Amy will float down into the square at night instead of in the evening.

<14. four 1up boxes>

Use the Trial Mode glitch to get into Final Egg. In the room before Sonic's goal (where he uses the trail of rings),
look for a big hole in the ceiling. There are ladders leading to a small room with 1up boxes at the top.
This appears in Sonic's level and not E-102's, so it seems that Sonic was going to use the platform to get up
there, but something wasn't finished. (Maybe the platform would've moved up and down.)
Note: See mystery #6. Sonic can get up there with no trouble, but it's still a bit strange how the platform works.

<15. a super-close look at Cream>

Fly into the corner after being rescued by Sonic and play Casinopolis early.
To escape, go to the station and fly through the door. Try flying at the middle of the door and zig-zagging.
Later, when you're supposed to go to the casino, an FMA event will start right when Tails gets out of the train.
Cream only appears if you go in front of the Casino. You can quit and reload the game for more tries if you miss.
To get the best view, slowly walk toward the casino until she flies out of the alley.
Run to the steps of the station, jump, and fly above the Casino Ken sign.
If you put the camera in exactly the right spot, Cream will fly right through it. This is pretty hard to do.

<16. outside the Egg Carrier (normal version)> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

You can do Sonic's #35, but you have to jump on the corner of the orange border instead of dashing through.
It's easier because Tails can fly. To get outside the front of the same form of the Egg Carrier, you can use a
new glitch. Go to a boat landing area. (I used the one on the right.) Jump around to the middle of the stairway
and fly toward the ship's front. Fall and turn toward the middle of the deck so you land in the corner under the stairs.
Keep flying forward, and Tails should slip past the invisible wall.
Note: Tails just can't fall through the place behind the pool in the Dreamcast version.
He can get through the spot under the stairs, but everything out there is fake.

<17. outside the Egg Carrier (front version)> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Go to one of the boat landing areas. (I use the one on the ship's right side.) Jump beside the stairs and turn to
land halfway up. Jump off the stairs and turn in the direction of the Sky Deck's entrance, then fly along the side
of the Egg Carrier and land on the grey ledge. From there, just fly out and back toward the ship to land on the
other side of the invisible wall, then use the slopes to jump all the way up to the sloped front of the back area,
the yellow part that extends toward the front, and even the top of the room with the pool.
This might take a few tries. Don't worry too much about getting pulled back into the walls.
You can land on the edge of the green glass safely, then go to the red slope above that.
Note: Like #16, this one is limited. If you fly out to the front, you'll fall through everything.
If you fly toward the back and the low-quality model, the platforms that would help you get there are also fake.

<18. Icecap without a board> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Play through the Sub Game version of Icecap. When you reach the end, turn around and go to the left side of
the invisible wall. Fly as high as you can while pushing toward the slope. If you hit the real wall in the right spot,
Tails will get pushed through by the invisible wall's edge. From there, just swerve around to the slope and land.
To get higher up on the mountain, fly to the triple jump area first, then fly back to the cave section.
So far, it doesn't seem like Tails can get past the part with the houses. If it's possible with anyone, it's probably Sonic.


<1. See Knuckles underground.> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

There are many places to do this. One way is to dig into the edge of a platform. Try this at the place with
the Master Emerald. Another way is to put the camera outside of the walls of an area with a soft floor.
I've done it in the sandy place (near the exit from Sonic's area) in Lost World.

<2. the three tunnels>

This is like Tails's #11, but a bit harder. Aim for the very bottom of the pit, and Knuckles should go in through the seam.
>From there, you can reach the tunnels that go to the jungle, the Chao Garden, and Station Square.

<3. below the workshop>

Jump off the cliff and float back in through a fake part of the wall to reach the workshop.
There's a floor under the workshop and the stone floor of the pool in front of it.

<4. backward through Emerald Coast> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Start by jumping off at the lighthouse and gliding to where the whale is. To get back from the start of the boardwalk,
jump to the left of the double loop and grab the wall with all the "windows". The rest is mostly like Sonic's #19.

<5. Get into Speed Highway without damaging the barrier.>

Jump up on top of the wall beside the barrier. Go to the right edge and try to glide toward the city hall. (not toward the corner)
Because the doors can't open, you'll have to either glide all the way to the spot behind the doors,
or you can land safely in front of the hall and jump up in front of the window to get through the wall and behind the doors.

<6. outside the Egg Carrier prison>

Stand in front of Amy's cell, turn around, and climb the wall directly across from it.
With a combination of jumping, gliding, and climbing, you should be able to get up through the walls.
Note: I'm not even sure if Knuckles can get into the prison area on Dreamcast.

<7. Tails's Adventure Field emblem>

You can dig up the emblem in front of the city hall easily. It's so easy that it might not be a glitch.
Another way to get it is by using glitch #5 to get outside the walls, then gliding just below the ground.

<8. Sonic's path in Lost World> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Go to the room with a sandy floor near where Sonic escaped from the boulder.
Jump above the door that goes back to the main room and climb to the top-right corner.
Keep gliding into the corner until Knuckles goes through. Once you get inside the wall, glide around the wall
to the room with the boulder. From there, you can go all the way back to the beginning of Sonic's area or
climb over the walls of the room to reach the room with the capsule.
Note: This doesn't work on Dreamcast, but there's another trick in RattleMan's guide that works.

<9. outside Casinopolis> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Go up to the top of the box-shaped room with the red button and climb onto the beam that goes across
the top of the stage. Run toward the spot where they connect, and look for the 4 poles that go to the ceiling.
Choose the pole that is at the back and right, and climb up the side that is the front from your view.
(If it doesn't work, try all the other sides of the other poles.) Keep zig-zagging up the pole,
and you should be able to reach and even go right through the ceiling.

<10. Big's part of the sewer>

Use #5 to get into the sewer. Jump up, climb through the hole in the ceiling, and glide around the crate.

<11. inside Red Mountain> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Go up to the top of the highest mountain (the one with the entrance to RM2). Go to the green ledge with the
Kiki (the monkey robot) and grab the wall below it. Climb up as high as you can and move to the left of the
green ledge. Jump, turn a bit right, and glide, and you should go right through into the mountain.
Inside it, there's not much to do. You can get into the entrance pipe to part 2, but because Knuckles's stage
is only a copy of Sonic's (not just the same stage, with different objects), it won't get you anywhere.

<12. outside the Egg Carrier> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Some of the glitches for Sonic and Tails also work for Knuckles. Tails #16 is possible, but Sonic #35 isn't,
so you can only explore the front of the ship (because Knuckles is bigger, and he keeps trying to climb the
walls every time I try to make him fall into the corner behind the pool area). In Adventure mode, you can
use Sonic glitch #32 (which is Tails #12) to get through the walls behind the pool when the Egg Carrier
is transformed. Unfortunately, there are invisible walls that only affect Knuckles out there.
Note: Most tricks should work on Dreamcast, but some don't, and even the ones that do are mostly useless.
See the Sonic and Tails sections for more information.

<13. Knuckles in Emerald Coast> (GC:no, DC:yes)

Open the doors to the Crystal Ring, then glide through before they close. Hit the button inside there to open the doors,
then stand between them, jump straight up, and glide out to the side to land on a floor outside the walls of the hotel.
(I glide toward the casino area, then use L and R while slowly walking away from the room to pull the camera out.)
>From there, you can glide to Emerald Coast easily. This glitch also works with Sonic, Tails, and E-102 (and it's
easier than it is with Knuckles, because they can land on the doors as they close, and then jump away after that).
Note: Sonic can jump under the stairs, Tails can fly up through the corner of the building near the pool, and
Knuckles and Amy can use the burger shop statue to get outside the walls on GameCube, but there's a ceiling
above where you would jump to do the Dreamcast glitch. Because of this, getting outside the walls with any
character is easy on Dreamcast, but at least a bit hard on GameCube.


<1. outside the walls of Station Square's hotel> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Throw the burger shop statue into the room where Sonic got the Crystal Ring.
Go under the ledge with the red buttons and swing the hammer through it to hit the button and open the door.
Quickly run and use a hammer jump to get up to the door before it closes.
Use the statue to get through the corner and land on the entrance to the casino area.
Note: Amy can get into Emerald Coast on both versions, but I don't think she can get anywhere else outside
of the hotel area (like to the walls that are painted to look like Station Square).

<2. part of Big's area of Hot Shelter> (GC:no, DC:yes)

Do a hammer jump off the platform with the "emergency drainage switch" and aim for the top of the higher door.
(It's off to the right side of the room.) The top half of the door is fake, so you can go through it into one of the towers
that Big can reach after he pulls the plug. There's no water, so you'll have to just turn around and jump back over
the door. If there was water (and I think Amy would have to jump higher also), she'd be able to explore the 2nd floor
of the Hot Shelter: the extra fish tanks and the places above the earliest part of the stage.
Note: On GameCube, the door seems to be completely solid. Amy just bounces off.


<1. the mystery of the hotel> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Start a new game and play until you get the Life Belt. Do not complete Ice Cap. Go back to Station Square instead.
Take the statue from the burger shop and use it to get into the "protected" water past the beach.
I did it near where the boat to the Egg Carrier appears later in the game. Look at the place between the 2 sets of stairs.
See how part of the grey brick platform extends to the east (toward Twinkle Park)? Drop the statue on the southeast
corner of that. (Stand just barely on the sand and face the corner of the "extension".) Jump over the statue and land in
the corner behind it. If you move him around a bit, Big should go through the invisible wall. Dodge the walls around
the boat landing area, and you'll be free to swim anywhere you want (but you can do that anytime). For now,
go to the hotel. Put Big directly under the east side of the box that makes the hotel entrance and hold A until Big hits
the fake floor. Let go of A, and he'll pop up inside the hotel. Inside the hotel, there's some weird stuff that seems
to be something from the prototype. Compare this to how the place looks normally, and you'll see how weird it is.
Note: The burger shop statue glitch doesn't work on Dreamcast, so you'll have to find a different way to get outside
the walls and into the ocean (if there is one).

<2. outside the walls of Icecap> (GC:yes, DC:no)

There are many ways to get outside the walls. You can use one boulder to go through the corner (like with the statue),
or you can use 2 boulders to push yourself through just about any flat wall in the level! Here's a good spot to try it:
Follow Sonic's path up to the ledge with the small pool, dive into it, and walk through the tunnel.
When you come up inside the other big room, hop over to the nearby pool that's covered with ice.
Take the boulder from there, look down for another boulder, and jump down to it. Hop up the path a bit until
you find a flat wall next to a pool. Drop the first boulder right beside the wall (and make sure it doesn't move).
Now, take the second boulder and walk in between the wall and boulder (as far in as you can get).
Turn away from the wall and drop the boulder. They should bounce off each other and slam Big through the wall.
Tap A a couple times while moving forward into the wall to pull the camera through (at least with Free Camera).
You should be able to find 2 layers of water, with a cube of water between them. There's even a spot where you
can go up to a 3rd layer. If you move back and forth, you can make the halves of Icecap appear and disappear.
If you try fishing, your lure will keep sinking until the counter reaches 99 and stops going.
Note: On Dreamcast, the boulders don't bounce off each other, so there's no force that gets Big through the walls.
I haven't tried shoving Big through corners yet, so that could still be possible, though not in the best part of Icecap.

E-102 Gamma

<1. Sonic's path in Windy Valley> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

>From the start, walk forward a bit and jump out toward a little platform with a spring.
After stepping on the spring, float forward in the level until you reach Sonic's wind path.
Another way is to hit the spring at the end of the stage and float backward.

<2. past E-103 Delta> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Do #1, but don't drop to go through the gate. Keep flying until you reach the high ledge just past E-103.
You can jump out to the platform with the tornado, but E-102 will just barely miss landing on it.
Note: On Dreamcast, the place where the tornado starts is fake. Also, most of the other platforms that
aren't part of at least one character's path are fake, even though they are easy to reach.

<3. Freeze time and go through the Hot Shelter repeatedly.> (GC:yes, DC:no)

At the end of the stage, instead of falling into E-105 Zeta's area, jump forward and land at Amy's goal.
Go to the end of the platform and stop in the doorway. Jump out there and turn right. If you hover straight
out there, you should be able to get through the walls of a red, cylinder-shaped room and land on
the button that changes the path of the bridge. Because time stopped before you went into Zeta's room,
you can explore the level as much as you want. You can't go back to the room with the gears this way,
but you can reach it if instead of going into the red cylinder, you go around the left side, land in Amy's area
(or what little of it there is), and jump through the walls to the gear room.
If you go back into the cargo train without dying or restarting, you'll automatically skip to the end of it.
Note: There's an invisible wall stopping him from jumping to Amy's goal area on Dreamcast.

<4. die on land> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

In Emerald Coast, jump past Froggy and land on the edge of the floor.
Move out just a bit, drop for a fraction of a second, and hover back. You can also make E-102 die this way
by getting outside of the Egg Carrier's boundaries and walking into certain areas protected by "death lines".
He just says "Mission failed!", and the screen goes black as he walks around safely.
Note: You can't explore the places outside the invisible walls of the Egg Carrier on Dreamcast.
The Emerald Coast way works just fine on either version.

<5. back to the start of Emerald Coast> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Jump off the platform with Froggy and land behind the invisible walls. Go back to the spring that launches
Gamma out to the last stretch of sand. Jump into it and hover back to the loop or the boardwalk.
The rest should be easy.

<6. I wasn't done talking!> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Go to the lady in Station Square who stands beside the road and talks about the crashed Egg Carrier.
Stand on the very edge of the curb and do a big jump straight up. Press B and go right just as you land.
If you time it right, you can fall off the curb just as she starts talking. The text will stay on the screen until
you go to another level (other parts of Station Square are okay, though) or press a button twice.
If you walk into another area (such as the city hall place), you'll be able to pause, even though it'll still be there.
Note: I'm pretty sure it can't work on Dreamcast. It's not even really easy on GameCube, though.
I plan to test this more. If you know what it should look like, you can try it on Dreamcast anyway.

<7. outside Station Square> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

First, stand on the curb by the beach in rolling mode. (The quickest, easiest way is to step into the green water
in the canal, and then jump off to the spot beside the Twinkle Park elevator.) Next, roll along the tiled slope
that goes between the road and the sand. (Make sure you stay close enough to the elevator.
If you are too far away, you'll get caught by the invisible walls. If you roll along the slope the right way, you can
go right through the invisible wall and land on the edge of the beach. From there, you can hover around the walls
at the boat landing. You won't actually land on the beach, but if you press forward, hold A, and slide left and
right a bit, you should be able to get back up. Now, you can get to the hotel with a very good jump (right from the
edge of the sand), and if you land on the left side of the box, you can jump off again to get behind the station.
I tried going the other way after getting through the wall, and I landed at the end of the flat platform
which is the edge of the canal, but I couldn't get around to the back because the invisible wall that goes over the
blue walls extends a bit past the corner. It still might be possible to reach the back of the canal.

<8. outside the Hot Shelter> (GC:yes, DC:yes)

Glitch #3 will get you outside the walls, but only when you're closer to the bottom of the stage.
This one is much better. First, you might want to stop time using #3. It takes longer, but it'll let you take as much
time as you need to do this trick. Now, go through the cargo train area. When the train stops, go over to the back-left
(if you're looking forward) corner of the track while in rolling mode and try to push toward the end of the room while
sliding into the wall. (You should be just a few inches past the black slope on the wall.) When he falls through,
you can go anywhere you want because the end of the train area is so high up. The easiest way is to look for
the top of E-105 Zeta's room and go from there to the red cylinder place. You can get all the way back to the
washrooms or into the pipe Amy used to go from area 1 to area 2, but if you go too close to the start, E-102
will suddenly freeze (probably waiting for the elevator at the start), and you'll have to press B+X+Start to reset.

<9. E-102 in the casino area> (GC:yes, DC:no)

Go into the station and get into rolling mode. (Run beside the train to build up speed most easily.)
Go to the left of the closed door to the casino and push into the corner. If you keep pressing, he'll
fall through the floor once you hit the right angle. Once that happens, hover left and go through the walls of
the casino street toward the end with the hotel. Casinopolis can't be opened this way.
Note: On Dreamcast, E-102 bounces off the corner and can't fall through, but there's a better glitch that
also gets him into Casinopolis in RattleMan's guide.


This guide was originally a list of challenges. Most were explained (which turned this into a glitches guide),
but others were cut from the guide for being a bit pointless. Here, you can find a few of the old challenges.
There were a couple more (like "beat this level in this time"), but they were almost always outdated.
If you want to compare your times to mine, just check out the charts at The Sonic Center or Cyberscore.


- Stand on the top of the tower in the Mystic Ruins jungle.
- Stand on the pipe that leads to Twinkle Park.
- Get out of the "trap" in Final Egg 1. (It's the big pit with lots of ring boxes and conveyor belts.)
This could be super-easy or super-hard, depending on how you play (It's almost random).
- Open the door in the room with the snake in Lost World, then run back to the start of the stage.
- Stand on the top of the wall near the end of Windy Valley. (to the left of the grate before the tornado)
- Beat the Egg Viper with only 2 platforms left and survive.
- At the first ramp in Emerald Coast, get over to the second check point without stepping on the booster thing
on the ramp that speeds Sonic up. (Hmm. I should see how many ramps this trick can be done with.)


- Stand on the building to the right of the first green hoops at the start of Speed Highway.
- Go to the capsule in Sky Deck, then go back and shoot out of the cannon at the start a second time.

E-102 Gamma

- Go from the spring near E-103 to Sonic's starting point in Windy Valley.


These ones are staying, because there's no other place that has them.
They're pretty old, so I might play a bit and come back to update them soon.

- Get through Emerald Coast as Sonic using only your feet. (My record is under 6 minutes.)
- Get through Final Egg as Sonic while holding the controller upside-down. (under 4'10")
- Get through Emerald Coast as Sonic while holding the controller upside-down. (under 4 minutes)
- Try to beat the times I got using one hand: (Choose the left or right hand, but don't use both. I used my right.)


Emerald Coast- 1'44"93
Windy Valley- 1'43"70
Casinopolis- 3'00"90
Icecap- 2'21"08
Twinkle Park- 1'48"63
Speed Highway- 1'40"23
Red Mountain- 2'14"60
Sky Deck- 2'42"56
Lost World- 2'40"48
Final Egg- 2'06"61


Windy Valley- 0'25"96
Casinopolis- 0'18"96
Icecap- 1'47"80
Sky Deck- 0'28"18
Speed Highway- 0'54"35


Speed Highway- 0'19"90
Red Mountain-
Lost World-
Sky Deck-


Twinkle Park- 1'28"55
Hot Shelter- 3'48"03
Final Egg- 1'31"10

E-102 Gamma

Final Egg- 4'50"45
Emerald Coast- 2'52"18
Windy Valley- 6'32"78
Red Mountain- 3'23"00
Hot Shelter- 2'51"23


These are just little details and glitches I noticed that don't really fit anywhere else.

- In the Chao Garden, the camera can push stuff around (like fruit and Chao eggs).

- Because unlocking a Game Gear game stops the screen from going black, weird things can happen.
In Lost World, if you charge up a Light Speed Dash and then do a homing attack into the edge of the capsule,
Sonic will fall off (like in any level) and land in the water. Although he can already drown, the Game Gear
unlockable can make it easier (usually, you need a high enough score). In Sky Chase 1, the camera can
go out through the sky dome and into "outer space". In the Chao Race, it can cut through objects and show
the character hiding somewhere under the floor.

- In Icecap, Snowy Mountain (area 1) is like a copy of the snowboarding slope. The sky usually covers it up,
but a big part of the mountain can be seen with Action Replay. In the prototype of SA, there was a bridge
in Snowy Mountain. Now, there's a rocket, but if you look around while escaping from the avalanche,
you can see that the bridge is in its place. Snowy Mountain was changed, but area 3 wasn't for some reason.

- The avalanche starts looking like a river of snow, but the front detaches and becomes a snowball that rolls
down the mountain. The sky normally covers the gap between the parts of the avalanche.

- In Station Square, the Twinkle Park building is blue and yellow on GameCube, and it's two shades of yellow
on Dreamcast. If you can get outside the walls of the hotel area and stand on the flat picture of the square,
you'll see the yellow building, no matter which version you're playing. SEGA forgot to change the picture for GC.

- There are some funny glitches with the character models. Because some characters' eyes are connected in
the middle, a white sheet is used to make the eyes. The top and bottom halves of Big aren't connected, and
when he bends over, a crack appears between them. Most characters' legs and tails aren't connected, and
they move around too much (Sonic's legs sometimes go through his stomach). When Sonic jumps or performs
a spin dash, he looks almost like he did on Dreamcast (except his joints are missing, and he's too shiny).

- As Tails, fly around in the Chaos 4 battle. If you head toward where the ocean should be, you'll see just
the purple emptiness that's outside of and below the sky. This purple might have been easier to see on Dreamcast.

- If Amy restarts from the Mirror Room (inside the castle) in Twinkle Park , the timer keeps going.

- If Amy restarts after leaving the Mirror Room (without touching the real checkpoint near the door), she gets
sent back to the very beginning of the stage.

- The reflections on the front of the city hall in SADX don't match the buildings. The textures on the buildings
have been changed for GameCube, but the reflections show Dreamcast textures on everything.


These are weird things I noticed in the game. They seem to tell a lot about what the prototype was like.
(Remember that most of these are just guesses based on clues in the game.)

<1. the checkpoints>

Did you notice how there's almost always an extra checkpoint at the start of each area?
It looks like SEGA set the game to give a checkpoint automatically to make testing easier, and they placed
real checkpoints to be used by players after it was finished, but a problem came up (maybe there were
glitches caused by the game switching back and forth between level segments, and they didn't have time
to fix everything), and they had to leave in the automatic checkpoints.

<2. new ways to lose>

There are 2 weird jingles in the sound test, and I might know what they're for.
First, there's "HURRY UP" for Amy. There's only one place where this is used, and that's in Tails's story,
when Robotnik goes to detonate the missile. Because Tikal talks about Zero catching Amy, it's possible
that there was going to be a way for him to catch Amy or Birdie, and she had to rescue him or escape while
that music played. The other one is "MISS" for Big. Sometimes, a fish (or Froggy) scrapes a wall or floor,
a weird sound plays, clouds of dirt come up from the floor, and then it gets away. The "MISS" jingle doesn't
play, and even if it did, it wouldn't be for a glitch like that. There was probably going to be a way for fish to escape,
or maybe "MISS" would've played after Big snapped the line. (If you want to make a fish escape, here's how:
The easiest way is to pull it directly under Big. Also, the edge of the ice can cause problems.
The third way is for a fish to scrape the ground or wall, and that's mostly random. It usually happens in Twinkle Park.)

<3. the original Lost World>

The music track for area 1 is called "Tricky Maze", even though there's nothing tricky or mazelike about the stage.
Besides that, the exit to the room with the snake was lower, so maybe it wasn't as important to the level.
(The exit runs through a blank wall. Behind the wall, there's a working door that Sonic was supposed to open to get
into area 2. There's a hole in the wall on the first floor of the snake room, and if the entrance to area 2 had gone
through there, the way it was originally intended to, the door would've been visible.)
Note: The door at the end of area 1 was visible in the Dreamcast version, although it's possible (but not likely) that
it's just an emulation problem that's making the door show through the wall.
I guess Sonic's path would have gone from the end of the maze through the snake room, which would have been
simpler and quicker to get through. He might've just run around the hole in the middle of the room to reach the door.
Area 2 probably would have played "Leading Lights" for the mirror area, and then switched to "Chased by Rock"
when the camera flipped around to look at the boulder rolling after Sonic.
Another thing: I noticed that there are holes (where flaming arrows would shoot from) in the walls of the place where
Sonic runs from the boulder. This could mean that arrows originally shot at Sonic, but they were taken out because
it would be too hard. (There's not much he can do to dodge. Maybe the arrows would've just gone over or behind him.)

<4. random music stuff>

"Chao Race: Entrance" is in SA2B, but it's unused in SADX. I think it's in the Dreamcast version of SA, though.
"Title" is actually the music for the main menu. Again, it's probably just left over from Dreamcast.
Note: The music on the title screen is the same on both versions, so there's probably just a mistake in the name.
I don't know what "Extend" is. Maybe it was for continuing after Game Over or unlocking characters.
"Egg Carrier: The Ocean" is played for only a few seconds in E-102 Gamma's adventure, so it must have been
meant for something else. It was probably the music for the Egg Carrier Crash Site, but SEGA just took
the music from the flying Egg Carrier instead because they didn't have enough time.
"ENEMY: Others" is only used for one boss, so there must have been more battles against Robotnik before.
The rest of the jingles are just unfinished versions of the game's music, except for "Jingle E".
I have no idea what that one is.

<5. the Egg Carrier>

If you've played the game, you have a basic idea of how the Egg Carrier transforms, but do you really know
exactly what the ship is and how it works? (I just found some of this a bit before writing the guide.)
First of all, you should know that there are many different models. They are (in order from worst to best):
the one that flies through other areas and is shown in the Master Emerald, the one that is shown in the
background of the Adventure Fields, the one that's used in Sky Chase, the one that's used as the
Adventure Fields, the one that's used in the FMVs, and finally, the super-huge, detailed versions that are
used in the Sky Deck and Hot Shelter stages. When the Egg Carrier transforms, it's
shown as a slightly lower-detail (but complete) Sky Chase version. The wings spread out and turn over,
and the bases of the wings lift up the Captain's Room. At the same time, a big piece of the field
slides over a track toward the very back of the ship, and this is what stops Sonic from reaching Robotnik
as quickly in Adventure Mode. The Sky Deck entrance is then opened as the rest moves back and out
of the way. The Sky Deck becomes playable because the wings are out. (Sky Deck is under and above
the left wing of the Egg Carrier.) At the start, Sonic and Tails are under the base of the wing. If you fly out
to the right and then go through the wall, you can see a sheet of glass, which is the tunnel where the
monorail goes. At the end of area 1, when you're about to destroy the cannon, look left. You'll see 2
grey hook-shaped things hanging off the end of the wing. After you destroy the cannon, you'll appear on
the "hook", and the ruined cannon will be in front of you. As you go forward, notice that you have to climb
up to a ledge (with a ladder across it) and then jump on another ledge after the runway area.
After that, the yellow Robotnik button on the floor will open, and a second cannon will pop out.
Past it, you can see the Captain's Room and the spinning disc behind it. Just quit the stage now.
Watch the opening FMV (in slow motion) and look at the Egg Carrier. On its wing, you'll see 2 yellow buttons,
which are the cannons of Sky Deck. (The big, flat one is the second cannon.) You'll also see a black and
white strip along the edge of the wing, and that seems to be the "keyboard" of Sonic glitch #38.
You can even see 2 lines going across the wing, and they are the ledges you climbed over in Sky Deck.
Now, in case you were wondering what I meant in the main section about "versions" of the Carrier...
The normal one is when it's not transformed. The front one is the version of the transformed Egg Carrier
that displays the most detail in the front (and lets you get into the Sky Deck as Sonic or Tails).
The back one displays the most detail in the back (and lets you get into the Captain's Room and pool).
If you get outside the walls, you can go from the front to the back (or the back to the front), and they
will be simplified and unfinished-looking. Use Sonic #32 or Tails #12 to get outside the walls, and you
can get a really good look at the wings. You can see the cannons, the ledges, and the "hook" things at the end.
About the Sky Deck's location, you now know where areas 1 and 2 fit in, but what about area 3?
It's still unknown, and it doesn't seem to fit anywhere. One idea was that it was the slope and flat, grey floor
in front of the Captain's Room, but when the purpose of that floor was discovered (a track for stuff to slide on),
that became impossible. (There were also a few other reasons.) Because the sky can be seen clearly
in Sky Deck 3, it can't be under the Carrier, which was one of the biggest possibilities.
Because the path at the middle of the back (Knuckles's entrance) goes directly to the pool, it must be in the
middle of the ship, but that seems impossible. From how Sonic gets into the stage, it seems to be under
the wing again (and the path to the pool must take a few turns), but that doesn't mean anything,
because Sonic just teleports from under the wing in area 1 to above the grey hook thing in area 2, anyway.

<6. Final Egg>

There are a bunch of weird things in Final Egg, and I'll go over each of them.
-First, there's that capsule right near the start in the Dreamcast version. I've seen a screenshot, but I haven't
played the DC version and checked it out myself. My guess is that it's in the default position (like how
characters start off the path when they aren't supposed to be in a stage), or that the level was completely
different before. Also, it might be left over from when entire stages were supposed to be rendered at once.
-I'm not sure why SEGA would remove walls and make it easy for GameCube players to take shortcuts.
Either the walls disappeared automatically because of a glitch, or they just figured that no one would
try going through in those areas. (That's pretty stupid, though. Both walls can easily be reached.)
-In the first room with the purple/pink exploding robots, there are holes in the ceiling.
If you use Knuckles or Tails, you can get up there (from above, or by jumping through the ceiling at the sloped
walls just above and past the ladder), and there's an empty room up there. It's perfectly solid (or at least as
solid as anything in this game can get), but it doesn't seem to have any purpose, except for detail.
Sonic can look up there, and it's realistic when there are rooms that the main character doesn't have to walk into.
I used that trick in a game I made. (but why would it be solid, then?)
-(see Tails glitch #14) That room must've been some kind of little bonus area for Sonic, but it would be too easy
to see that place and go up there if the platform moved. Maybe it was a place for Sonic to get extra lives and
prepare for the battle against the Egg Viper.
Note: F-Man later told me that it is possible to get up there as Sonic without using a glitch. The platform moves,
but it's so slow that I didn't notice it at first. I don't know if it's supposed to be a secret, or if it was going to be
sped up (to make getting up there easier) when the game was finished (which it never was, obviously!).
-The place past the capsule (to the right) is probably just part of the Egg Viper room. The Egg Viper battle area
would've been displayed with the rest of the level, but part of it got cut out when the full boss area
became a separate stage. If it's not that, it must be just for detail (except most of it can't be seen).
This is unlikely, but maybe Sonic could go into that room (and it was mostly complete) and look around
before stepping into the goal area and completing the level to go to the boss stage with the Egg Viper.
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