grounds for FULL playthroughs


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grounds for FULL playthroughs
« on: May 18, 2007, 01:05:55 AM »
Been in the chat and have been talking and stuff with Mike. U, and brung up some things about full gameplay runs and if this is really going to be apart of TMMC or not.  Just want to get an established answer as to either this is to take part in competition or not.

Out of all the games on the lists, which ones would be better suited for this task if not all of them.  The ones that have it (the 2 fighters) is a given, but for others can be a pain just like why every megaman game isn't on the last as is.

For the X and Zero games its a given since they can give you your total time upon completion (zero series you need a fresh file which in turn means a new game for completion)

But what the remaining games?  Battle Network, Powered Up, Legends, Xtreme 1-2?

I remember the case of some of them being too long of a playthrough and probably wouldn't hold too many people to that, but Powered Up could benefit from it.

Also another thing mike brought up (TSC mike) was that why not have 2 categories for full playthroughs of the Zero series.  1 for new game and new game+ 

Now for these to be submitted, this would be on 1 single saves during the times its being done.
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Re: grounds for FULL playthroughs
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2007, 10:18:25 AM »
Battle Network and Legends Game Completions should probably be scrapped.

I don't know about Xtreme, the save system is so unreliable, but Game Completion might be the only thing that might be accurate.

New Game+ Game Completion is worthless, only a fresh New Game. I don't remember if you get your total time from it telling you at the end, or if you have to save the game. Either, really doesn't matter I guess... but I'm for just a normal New Game Completion.
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