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Sonic and the Secret Rings

Level Division Guide Writer
Total Total Glitch Blaiken
Lost Prologue Speed Run Tip knuckles_sonic8
Sand Oasis Mission 5 Speed Run Tip knuckles_sonic8
Evil Foundry Mission 5 Shortcut Blaiken
Levitated Ruin Mission 1 52 Ring Chains BigAL49
Pirate Storm Mission 1 Speed Run Tip Blaiken
Skeleton Dome Mission 1 Shortcut knuckles_sonic8
Skeleton Dome Mission 3 Speed Run Tip knuckles_sonic8
Overall Scores knuckles_sonic8
Overall Total glitches sonicandamy
Game ID: 30
Hits: 11,511 | Hits This Month: 24 | DB Calls: 15 | Mem Usage: 692.80 KB | Time: 0.08s | Printable

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