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Free Rider 2
« on: October 20, 2008, 05:28:22 pm »
Free Rider 2

Keys of importance:
  • Enter - Restarts the level.
  • Z - Turns almost every vehicle around and makes the '???' smaller.
  • A,S,D,W, - Moves the map.
  • "-","+" - Zooms in and out.
  • Arrow Keys - MOVE MOVE MOVE!

In this game, you can create levels similar to Line Rider, except this time you play on an awesome bike instead of an invincible sled. You can also choose to use a helicopter, a hot air balloon, a truck, a unicycle, a mountain bike, and a blob called '???'.

To create a level, just simply click on the open space and drag the mouse around. Tada! Now you've got a line! Create a whole bunch of lines and voila! You've got yourself a level! Now you need to give your players a reason to play this game, otherwise it's as pointless and stupid as Line Rider, so how do you do that? Simple! You add stars to the level! Simply click on the star button on the left menu and click anywhere on the stage that the player can reach. Now your audience (us!) has a reason to play your level! Also, if you want to make your level more exciting, you can add boosts, bombs, slow motion, and gravity. Experimenting is fun!

To save your level, click on the floppy disk button on the right menu, copy-paste the code, and post it in this thread. And to load levels from this thread, copy-paste the code into the "open folder" button box.

Awesome! Now you're ready to play Free Rider 2! To get you started, I'll share with you a few levels (look below) from my ULTRA, SUPER DUPER, ULTIMATE, CURRENTLY-131-FREE-RIDER-2-LEVELS-THAT-I-MADE-MYSELF level pack. In my level pack, I have organized my levels into three categories: Free Rider 2 (a 20-level set of levels that increase in difficulty as you go along), Regular (me just messing around; currently 105 of them), and Kinetic (levels that play themselves). Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think of them!

If you have ANY questions--no matter how silly you may think they are--please ask them! I am always willing to help! Whether it be how to create something specific for a level, or how to beat one of my levels, I am willing to serve, so feel free to ask!


-18 1i 18 1i b9 1i d0 1b fv k j0 a mb i ol 1b ss 3l vp 60 12e 7v 16o aq 19n bq 1d3 ck 1fs cq 1i4 cu 1l4 cu 1oo cj 1qd c7 1sb bm 1u2 b1 1vp a5 2aq 1o 2jt a9 2n9 cs 2qv f0 2um g2 32h gv 365 h8 397 hc 3h8 hc 3qo hc 3qo fh,3qo q 3qo -15 39d -15 39d s##T 3hr -8,G 3gh gj b8

For Dennis

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1j 3b 28 aa 69 e2 7i h1 80 km 80,pi ab t7 ab t7 20 t2 -24 sj -72 rj -du t2 -ja to -nu tt -t0 tt -138 qp -138##T sk -11s,G ju 73 2q,S lt 7g


-18 1i 18 1i 37 1o 5p 2d 7n 33 8t 3p ai 51 c9 6t dj 91 ec b4 et d6 f2 f4 f2 gm f0 i3 eo je e0 l0 c9 n8 aa p6,aa mf 2q t6 s ul -10 vk -3l 10u -5p 11f -87 11q -bb 11q,-l8 11q -l8 sb -b5 sb -8c s1 -65 rd -34 pq -k o4 1b ma 2l k9 3e hm 3j ev 3j cs,18 cs 18 77 -10 77 -1a 77 -1a 1h,-16 1i -1b 1h,-1a 1j -1d 1f##G 4q h8 8e,G -87 tc ap,G 4d k4 95,G 2j n1 9h,G -3r rn a9,G -80 13h b8,G -4r 12l al,G j 10s ad,G di or 9q,G f9 ls 9h,G gj jl 94,G gj g5 8e,G g2 bh 7q,G du 6u 76,G ab 3b 6m,G 61 10 60,T -n 2d
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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2008, 04:10:27 pm »
New level!

Grease Monkey Balloon

-18 1i 18 1i,-9u -66 -9u 8u,-9u -62 -8k -9s -5o -ci -1e -ec,-h -l8 6p -180 9v -1dg,77 -kg dd -16a h5 -1cg,ms -1ep t4 -1ep,t4 -1ih 13c -1ih,13c -1ll 18c -1ll 1fa -1st 1ss -217 276 -22b 2t2 -22b 2t2 -2hv ja -2hv 88 -1l7##G e4 -1gj 2q,G 217 -265 5k,O 1lr -25a,O 18t -22c,O 1f1 -1t4,O 1bp -292,O 1ah -292,O 14t -26i,O u1 -22q,O sp -22q,O rh -21i,O od -20u,O n5 -20a,O kl -1tq,O k1 -1t6,O k1 -1t6,O sp -27q,O rh -26i,O pl -24m,O n5 -226,O lt -20u,O jd -1ue,O i5 -1t6,O gt -1ru,O fl -1qm,O ed -1pe,O ml -29g,O nt -29g,O rl -29g,O st -29g,O u5 -29g,O 14d -29g,O 169 -29g,O 17h -29g,O 18p -29g,O 1a1 -29g,O 1b9 -29g,O 1hh -29g,O 1ip -29g,O 1lt -29g,O 1q9 -29g,O 1sp -29g,O 1u1 -29g,O 1v9 -29g,O 20h -29g,O 21p -29g,O 231 -29g,O 249 -29g,O 29t -29g,O 2b5 -29g,O 2cd -29g,O 2dl -29g,O 2hd -29g,O 2kh -29g,O 2lp -29g,O 2q5 -29g,O 2rd -29g,O 2rd -29g,T 2ln -24c,G 217 -27a s4,G 217 -24q s4,O n5 -kk,O l9 -kk,O ip -kk,O g9 -kk,O ed -kk,O ch -kk,O a1 -kk,O 8p -kk,G fk -1gl pa,G cg -1gl pa,G 35 -fr 11o,G 15 -g1 11o,G 3 h uu,O 2rj -24c,O 218 -224,O 274 -236,O 2ah -22n,O 2ls -268,O 2jj -271,O 2gi -27s,O 2e5 -28c,O t9 -1g6,O 13f -1jm,O r7 -1g6,O 11j -1jm,O 17v -1mu,O 1a3 -1oq,O 1c7 -1qm

Use the Hot Air Balloon.

Don't everyone post at once now. :)
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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2008, 06:01:41 pm »
Wow.  Nice find.  I mean, I've played all of those mountain bike/dirt bike/monster truck/whatever games, and the fact that this has a level editer alone is major wootness.  The gravity switches, the stars, and the mines make this a major plus.  I like.
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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2008, 07:54:00 pm »
Awesome! I knew someone would like it! :D

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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2008, 08:04:02 pm »
Not too shabby...  if I wasn't so engrossed in my learning, I would probably while away a few hours to this...
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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2008, 06:34:52 pm »
Understand The Freedom

m6 pc m6 gg ls eo l6 cv h9 5k lv 5k nt 5h pm 57 r8 4j sl 3h tp 1u uh -5 us -29 us -6v,he -n he -bl ij -bp jr -c5,10s -cn 10s -ie,tq -3r tq -6v,il mh gp mh ek m7 bn lc 7m k5 53 ij 2m gd j dr -l c7 -1b ar -26 8g -2a 79 -2a -18 1e -18 1e 5u,m6 pb ie pb,1e 5t 1h 6j 1r 7h 3h a2 5o ca 7l df ap ek f3 fm if fs,10t -ie 10n -k3 vv -m6 uv -nq tp -p0 s5 -pt qc -q6 bm -q6,bl -q6 ac -pv 9d -pe 8l -oi 86 -nb 86 -m4 8f -l6,bb -na fe -na g9 -n5 h2 -mq hn -m6 hv -ld hv -ki,fk -bl ek -bs dg -c7 cg -cs,js -c5 ku -cq,hd -bl fk -bl#c6 2r c6 -19 b4 -8,c6 -19 d7 -8#G -6 7k e2,G ue -7b mg,T eg -dc,T fo -9b,O ie gk,S ui -8k,T 10d -ca,G gt -if gs,S go -hv

Use the BMX.

Anyone interested???

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Re: Free Rider 2
« Reply #6 on: October 27, 2008, 08:18:47 pm »
Rabbit Poop Necklace

-18 1i 18 1i 47 1n 76 23 a2 23 b5 29 bi 2i bp 31 bp 3g bl 3v b8 4a af 4m 9f 4p 6k 4o 1g 4c -16 49,-15 49 -21 45 -2n 3q -2t 3b -2t 2o -2o 28 -2e 1u -1v 1n -16 1i,d9 1t dq s ej 22,f2 51 ri 51,ri 29 s9 s t4 29,ri 53 ri 6j r3 7o pr 8r nv 9k ku 9p i9 9f gf 8p ff 7j f2 6e f2 51,vs 53 116 3p,116 30 116 1e,13h 1e 13h 30,13h 3p 11v 5b,qp ei r8 i5 se l4 uc na 108 ok 13m pg 17j q1 1n7 q1,e2 8r au 8r 94 9i 68 c7 4e fn 3o jd 3o s0 3t u8 4m 10r 68 149 kk 1pr kk 25n,17c 25n 17c 1hd 1k1 1hd,1lj 1hf 1kv 1h3 1kl 1gh 1k8 1fe 1k8 1e4 1ki 1db 1l4 1ci 1lv 1c3 1na 1c3 1o5 1cf 1os 1d1 1p3 1dq 1p3 1ev 1of 1gh 1nf 1hf 1lj 1hf,1m2 1c0 1le 1bh 1le 1ah 1m4 19v 1nc 19t 1o0 1am 1o0 1bf 1na 1c3,1lb 1aj 1kl 18s 1kv 18b 1lj 188 1lv 194 1m2 19t,1nc 19q 1nh 18s 1o3 186 1op 18b 1ou 18q 1oi 19j 1o3 1ah,1lj 1ac 1lb 19g 1li 19e 1lo 1a5 1lj 1a8,1lj 1aa 1lj 19u,1lj 19t 1li 19m 1lf 19h,1ld 19j 1li 19p 1ll 19p 1ll 1a5 1lk 19t 1lg 19o,1li 19p 1le 19o,1lf 19o 1lf 19s,1lf 19u 1lh 19m 1lf 19g 1lc 19g 1lf 19g 1lg 19j 1lk 1a5 1lf 1a6 1lb 19r 1li 19p,1nj 1a6 1nu 196 1o4 19d 1nq 1ac 1nq 1a4,1no 1a2 1np 19u 1ns 19s 1nv 19s 1nu 19n 1ns 19h 1o0 19d 1nu 19j 1nq 19m 1nl 1a7,1nn 1a5 1np 1a2 1nr 19l 1nr 19g 1nq 19p 1nq 1a5 1np 1aa,1np 1a8 1ns 1a3 1o2 19i 1nv 19i 1nr 19m,1nq 19o 1nv 19j 1o2 199 1nt 199 1nr 19e 1o1 19f 1o2 199,1o0 199 1nt 199,1nu 19c 1o1 19c,1li 1a4 1li 19p,1ld 19n 1lh 19g 1lh 19l 1lk 1a4 1lg 1a5 1lf 19r,1lf 19p 1ld 19l 1lc 19g,1m5 1am 1md 1a8 1mk 1ao,1ml 1bc 1n0 1bc,1n2 1ao 1na 1a9 1ne 1ak,1li 1hd 1lc 1hv 1l1 1i4 1ko 1i4 1kn 1i1 1kn 1hq,1ko 1hp 1l4 1hf,1l6 1hd 1lk 1h3,1n3 1hf 1nk 1i5 1nt 1i5 1o7 1i2 1o5 1hq 1nt 1hp 1nm 1hj 1nh 1hd,1ok 1g3 1p3 1go 1po 1gh 1pp 1g4 1pk 1fq 1p4 1fm 1os 1fm,1q3 1c7 1pv 1c4,17c 25m 176 268 16t 26r 16g 27e 15p 285 14m 28s,km 25n 14m 25n#s e v 1 13 -a 1j -k 1j -p 1i -11 14 -1i q -1l 1 -27 0 -2m q -3h 1q -41 21 -4a,4b q 4f 6 4k 4 4u -8 4u -l 4p -13 47 -18 3u -1i 3p -22 3s -29 4l -2u 5n -3n 5q -4l 59 -5e 4k -5t,7c 16 77 s 6q i 6q 9 6t 0 6v -b 77 -n 7f -11 80 -1d 8a -29 7t -35 7a -3h 6m -45,2j n 2b 6 2b -1 2j -g 2r -n 2r -14 2b -1o 26 -1v 24 -2c 2q -32 3f -3n,62 v 5t l 5i i 5b 9 5b 0 5l -a 61 -u 67 -13 6q -1e 74 -1l 74 -1v 6r -2l 6h -2r 64 -38 5t -3i,-d 1h 1 1s 6 26 6 2i 2 2p -a 39 -f 3g,15 4b 1e 3g 1t 3g 28 3g 35 3q 35 47 35 4b 33 4g,6m 21 6h 2b 6f 2j 62 3c 62 3o 62 40 62 4a 62 4k,60 3c 75 3j 75 42 7k 45 86 47 8q 4m 8v 4r#O 13m 26l,O 13o 27n,O 13o 28t,B a7 1l mg,G 1a5 1en gs,G 1bi 1fv gs,T 1ie 1fl,G 1n0 pc jm,G kb 1mg e2,G 18s 1d2 gs,T l9 255

Use the BMX.


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