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Card Sharks
« on: October 16, 2006, 07:52:26 pm »
Hey everyone. Just throwing a question out there: I know there are quite a few of you here that have Sonic Shuffle (me, Thorn, and now, SilvertheAlmighty), but, does anyone but me really enjoy this game? I should say, is anyone hoping for a sequel?! :P

I was thinking maybe we could post ideas as to how Shuffle 2 (if it ever.. I mean WHEN it comes :P) would be an improvement to Shuffle. List mini-game suggs. if you want. More involvement, the better. :)

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Re: Card Sharks
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2006, 09:15:07 pm »
If they made a sequel, it would be good if they made the location of the precioustones (or whatever would be collected in the sequel) more of randomized locations instead of a set order for at least the party mode (although keeping the last in a definite position is perfectly acceptable).  This seemed like one of the few setbacks of a great game (for replay value purposes).
I'd really like to see a sequel to Sonic Shuffle. I would buy it without a second thought :)
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Re: Card Sharks
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2006, 03:50:42 pm »
Finally someone who agrees with me! I wouldn't be influenced by reviews cause if I was, I wouldn't have gotten Riders and I never would have gotten as far as I am today. :P

I thought of a few random mini-games just to get the topic going I guess. :P

Here's one, I like to call...

-Each character must douse their plant (?) on fire by tapping the A Button repeatedly
-VS 4

Another one....

Sneaky Teacher
-Dr. Eggman will write a sequence of buttons on the blackboard and players must repeat the sequence when called upon. Over time, he'll get trickier and faster. :P
-VS 4

Cool, huh? :P


Freeze Tag
-Guess what it'll be about. ;)
-1 VS 3

I would keep the card system in the game, I'd just include even more mini-games, more recent/unlockable characters, more stages to play on.... What else?

Would you keep the same Maginaryworld-like story? I certainly wouldn't!! I would suggest something along the lines of Dr. Eggman doing something that still involves cards and interactive boards... like maybe a new invention that takes them into a game where the only way Sonic and his friends get out is by winning the game... or something like that... but that's not the idea I have in mind, per se.

EDIT: Made ideas for mini-games. Maybe fill in descriptors later if there's interest:

Coconut Drop
Mini Maze
Control Freak
Balloon Blitz
Turbo Dash
Sonic Jacks
Swat Team
King of the Castle
Disc Fling*
Sonic Rockets
Sonic Crane
Forst Sonic
Moon Battle
Stars in the Sky
Team Tag
Chicken House
Ring Race
Toy Shuffle
Bomb Yourself (pun=Calm Yourself :P)
Three Blind Hedgehogs
Trail Blazers
Dark Room
Sonic Gliders (lol)
Repeat the Beat
Sonic Says
Sonic or Tails
Hedge Maze
Sonic Pinball
Snowball Brawl
Hoverboard Race
Sonic Skaters
Emerald Race
Rainy Day Stroll
Mad Driver
Sonic Roppers
Conveyer Challenge
Hazy Maze
Hedgehog Ball
Bustin' Out (Like Stop and Go... sorta..)
Tornado Alley
Boulder Dash

Hey, thought came to mind... imagine the possibilities if it came to Wii!
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