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Gaming and Grazing / Scribblenauts
« on: September 12, 2009, 11:33:05 am »
It's awesome.

I ran over a nitro in a schoolbus, it blew up, and I was launched far enough to beat someone in a distance contest and win the starite.


Wikkity! / What hot people are also intelligent?
« on: May 27, 2009, 11:03:29 am »
I was browsing wikipedia and got to the page on valedictorians. This page had a list of famous valedictorians (it was surprisingly small!). To my utmost surprise, this list had Cindy Crawford on it. A few days prior I read somewhere that Shakira has an IQ of like 145. I decided the collective intelligence of TSC probably knows more famous people who are attractive and also intelligent! Let's hear 'em.

Beef / ATTN: werster
« on: March 29, 2009, 11:25:20 am »
Your signature claims that you are the official "tsc typoist"

I have several pieces of evidence to dispute this claim.

Exhibit a.)

Stefan is now known as Typo

exhibit b.)

I invite you to do a !qsearch for "stefan" or "typo". You will get many that are the result of my bad typos.

exhibit c.)

"qhoset". If you don't know what I'm talking about, you clearly haven't been at TSC long enough to even -consider- giving yourself an "official title", especially one so clearly belonging to other members. If you do recognize it, you'll realize it was a string of typos in which I typoed the same phrase four times consecutively. Either way, you're clearly jumping to ridiculous conclusions to call yourself the official typoist of tsc.

I have presented my case. I am suing you for $500,000 aus or the decision to remove the title of official typoist from your signature. I will accept whichever settlement comes first.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Mckenzie.

Wikkity! / March Madness
« on: March 16, 2009, 05:55:04 pm »
College Basketball is about the only sport I care about. With the stress on academics, the multitude of fairly equal, excellent teams, and the awesomeness that basketball is to begin with, it is a lot of fun to watch. As such, March is probably my favorite month of the year. When the tournament field of 65 excellent college teams playing excellent basketball rolls around, with the guaranteed chaos and awesome fun to watch, I can't help but be pulled in.

If there are other people who feel the same way, I think we should have a TSC NCAA tournament pool. You guys in!? I mean, I might be the only one who cares, but it could be super awesome.

Competition Central / Record Ranking Project
« on: December 20, 2008, 03:23:41 pm »
So, I'm a kid who likes arbitrary statistics and rankings. I'm sure I've wasted hours of my life looking at musical "top 100 lists". I've wasted years of my life devising algorithms to determine the best baseball players of all time. Lists and statistics are innately compelling to me. I've noticed, however, that in my time at TSC, there have been relatively few lists. Sure, there are the biannual top ten lists, but those rarely deal with competition and are limited to the thoughts of RPG and mike (and lately genus and douglas). There's the sitewide rankings formula, but that has worn its novelty off for me.

What I want to do, is construct a "best-of" list that deals with one of the most important aspects of competition. I want to rank the best records on this website. Records are the -heart- of a competition website. I want to start a personal project to recognize those records that are the most "untouchable".

What makes a record great? Is it the distance between the record and second place? Is it the popularity of a chart? Is it odds-defying luck or strategy? Is it a TAS strategy someone managed in real life? Is it a slim, .01 victory that took years to work up? Is it how long a record has been standing?

My idea is to determine the top records on this website. That is easy to decide.

Much more difficult to decide, however, is the process by which I'll do that.

I could rank the records algorithmically, but what factors would go into that algorithm? I could base it off of public opinion, but how do I know a certain record won't be forgotten? I could take suggestions from the bulk of TSC, and subjectively pick the best, but why is that more productive than the top tens? I could rank 100, but that could just get trivial. I could rank 20, but that makes the project fairly useless.

Basically, I need input. There are a few of ways you can help me with this:

a.) You can name records that you hold in high respect. These give me both a starting point for records that I should rank highly, and also examples of the criteria that make a record great. They also give me a list of well-respected records, should I base my list off public opinion.
b.) You can tell me the most important criteria in determining a record. What makes a record great in your opinion? What separates a great record from a mediocre one?
c.) You can give me ideas on the factors that would go into an algorithm. Should I mathematically choose some records that are large distances from second place? Should I hold polls? Should I form a committee to subjectively decide?

This project (should I keep up with it) will be entirely dependent on user input. So, go ahead and give me ideas. Tell me what you think the best records are! Tell me what makes a record great!

Gaming and Grazing / List of Rules for the game "Nomic"
« on: October 18, 2008, 05:01:52 pm »
A game of nomic is currently going on in #tscnomic. The rules are as follow:

0. Only the administrator is to, at any point, have an Administrator, Operator, Half-operator, or Voice status in #tscnomic. The channel should be set to +N at all times.

1. All players must abide by the rules. Failure to abide by the rules will result in disciplinary action as follows:
a.) first offense towards a specific rule: notification that a rule has been violated
b.) second offense towards the same rule: kicking from the channel #tscnomic
c.) third offense towards the same rule: ban from the channel #tscnomic

Disciplinary action is to be executed by the channel's administrator, who at this point in time is Stefan. The only terms in which the administrator can kick or ban from #tscnomic is in the event of a rule violation, and only at the designated offense frequency.

Anything not directly prohibited by the rules cannot be punished for.

2. Except for Sonic, any player in the game may propose a rule change. Examples of rule changes are new rule proposals, rule deletions, or rule amendments. If there are less than 3 people who are not idle, no proposals can be made.

3. If a proposed rule change reaches a majority vote (51%), it will become enacted on the next player's turn.

4. In order to win the game, a player must obtain one hundred points.

5. Once during each player's turn, that player may roll a single six sided die using CodeGirl's dice roll function (typing '!1d6' in #tscnomic). The player's Position is then increased by the value of the roll, and if it's greater than the highest-numbered space on the Game Board, is immediately decreased by the value of the highest-numbered space on the Game Board.

6. A player may propose one rule change during his/her turn. During no other turn can a player propose a rule change. One is not required to propose during his turn. In addition to a rule change, a player can propose one of the following each turn: a revision to the players list, a motion to adjourn, and a revision to a pre-existing rule.

A motion to adjourn requires at least 66% approval on non-Idle players; if the game is adjourned, a motion to unadjourn is successful with the agreement of 3 other players.

A player's motion to remove emself from the player list is automatically successful.

 A player may repropose a proposal during his turn if it is necessary to get a majority vote.

7. Turns must follow a mandated order. The first turn will be taken by the person at the top of the "userlist" in #tscnomic. Turns will then follow in a descending order. Once the bottom of the userlist has been reached, the turn returns to the first user.

8. Any alternate account of a pre-existing player does not get a turn. This includes "CodeGirl". Alternate accounts also do not receive the ability to vote on proposals. A nick change is classified as an alternate account.

The current list of players is Stefan,  Bertin, flyby, genus, miles, and Tails.

9. A new player may join the game at any time and have his/her name added to the preceding list.

10. There exists a Game Board, comprised of 40 spaces numbered sequentially using the 40 smallest distinct positive integers. There exists an attribute of each player called Position; legal values for Position are precisely the set of space numbers on the Game Board. Upon the passage of this proposal, each player's Position becomes 1. Whenever anything is added to the game as a player, its Position becomes 1.

Square #11 on the Game Board is also known as 'Jail'. Square #31 on the Game Board is also known as 'Go to Jail'. A player whose Position is 31 has their Position immediately set to 11, and can't roll dice until a proposal offered by that player is ratified.

If you pass the highest-numbered space on the board, you gain 10 points.

 Every fifth space should be designated an exchange station. At an exchange station, one can trade his rings or flowers for points. The trade ratio at an exchange station is 1 flower to every point and 3 rings to every point.

11. If any player goes 10 minutes without speaking in the #tscnomic channel, they will be considered "Idle". Whenever a Proposal is proposed, an Idle player's vote will default to Abstain. When an Idle player's turn would come up, the next non-Idle player following them rolls a 4-sided die in their place and applies that die's effect. If a player reaches Idle status during his or her own turn, he may not make any proposals and turns progress to the next non-Idle player's turn. If an Idle player speaks within #tscnomic, that player is no longer Idle.

12. Any player leaving the game can choose to bestow the points they currently have onto a different player as a replacement.

13. Any non-Idle players may trade points and other game objects freely between them under whatever terms are agreeable to all players involved.

14. Each player receives 2 nonrenewable vetos.

15. Flowers are a tscnomic currency. At the end of each player's turn, if a proposal was ratified that turn, that player receives 1 flower.

16. Once this proposal is accepted, every non-Idle player will roll a six-sided die. The highest roll will get the title of "Sonic". In the event of a tie, all tied players will roll again until a single winner can be determined. The title of "Sonic" will remain on this player until another player rolls a six. Once a player rolls a six, he/she gets the title of "Sonic".  A player with the title of "Sonic" gains 2 rings every time he lands on an even space on the board, but is unable to make proposals.

17. In the event of a dispute, a majority vote among the players will rule in favor of one of the involved parties

Wikkity! / Cakesters
« on: September 28, 2008, 04:23:32 pm »
5 dollars, 3000 calories, 276 grams of sugar, 24 cakesters.

It is like a chocolate hostess cake. Only better.

They also have 'Nilla Cakesters', which are like Twinkie meets sugar cookie in a condensed circle.

Yeah, that's about it.

Wikkity! / The Curse of The Dark Knight
« on: August 08, 2008, 04:13:38 pm »
Conway Wickliffe (technician) - Died in a car crash on his way to setting up a stunt in the movie.
Heath Ledger (The Joker) - Died of drug overdose after shooting the film.
Christian Bale (Batman) - Serves minor time in jail after verbally assaulting his mother.
Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) - Serious injuries from a car wreck.

Who's next?

General Sonic / Special stages
« on: July 23, 2008, 12:12:57 am »
special stages are arbitrary replay value with shoddy controls, lame gameplay concepts, and EXTREMELY DIFFICULT LAYOUTS.

chaos emeralds suck.

Beef / On TSC's authority in sonic competition.
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:56:21 pm »
When I joined TSC, I was mesmerized by the insanely fast times, high scores, and crazy videos of the members. I didn't ever conceive the level of SA2 playing I witnessed as possible. F-Man's city escape 1 video was a welcoming, intriguing, awe-inspiring piece of media that effectively convinced me to join TSC. I wanted to be a part of the community of sonic lovers. The maturity and skill of the members really convinced me this was the place to be. Never before had I seen such a tight-knit and skilled community  for video-games. This website was, without a doubt, the authority on sonic the hedgehog. If you thought your times were fast, a quick check of the rankings page would set your mind straight. TSC was -valid-, that was certain. I never thought a single record could be false. The rules were so well developed, the charts so well maintained. I couldn't possibly fathom that TSC was invalid everywhere. Every chart, every statistic. They were all there for a reason, legitimate. I -knew- this for a fact. TSC was the authority of sonic competition.

This little fact is what kept me at TSC. I wanted to learn from the likes of SadisticMystic. I wanted to become knowledgable and elite at sonic too. Had I shadow of a doubt that an illegal stat existed, a poor chart existed, and I probably would not have stayed. TSC's duty to maintain its own validity recruited at least one member. I doubt I'm the only one who was convinced by TSC's respectability. One can dispute whether my stay at TSC has been positive, but I don't think anyone can honestly dispute that TSC's validity was probably its highest quality and contributed the most to its growth as a community.

I no longer think this validity exists.

Well, that's an overstatement. The same stats and charts that existed when I first joined are woven into the site. It is still the top sonic competition website, no questions asked. The effects of years of care by administrators and players are still clearly evident in the site. The validity itself is not gone. The attitude behind it is. We no longer care to be the undeniable authority on sonic competition. Most illegal records are not checked for. Those that are found aren't deleted. Illegitimate statistics are -ok-! This is an attitude of apathy. If we cannot even maintain the validity in statistics of this website, how can we be trusted to do anything. How many other fake stats are out there? Are we attempting to grow as a community, to maintain our status as the top sonic players? Can we possibly do it when there is falsehood on our own turf?

I am not kidding.

Nobody has done a -thing- about them.

Is this the attitude that drew me into TSC? I was mesmerized by the care and respect of this place.. by the fact that it clearly wanted to be an unshakable tower in the eyes of falsehood.

There are other things too. TSC was always respectable and intelligent enough to know what charts should and should not be tracked. Infinite score techniques were always immediately banned. Levels with potential for infinite or rings were either never added or removed as soon as they were exploited. TSC was never redundant. Everything that was here to compete in was here for a reason. It was a capable chart. It had passed the judgment of an extremely respectable group of sonic players.

This is no longer the case.
Many months ago, Ring Rush proved that grinding rails in SSR increased score. This brought up a problem; every level in which rails could be grinded multiple times had potential for infinite score. Those charts were invalid. They had NO competition value. They were not worthy of being on TSC, because TSC's authority on sonic competition judged competition potential as well as actual achievements. Roughly a month ago, SkyLights and I sat down for a couple hours and found every single level in which this tactic was a problem. We cared enough to maintain the validity of TSC's charts; we weren't going to let the problematic charts poison TSC's reputation. We found all 31 levels affected by the exploit. The dirty work was done, all that was left was deletion. I figured that maintaining TSC's validity was a top priority; I was wrong. After Gerbil promised (and failed to deliver) one weekend of deletion, I figured I would make the deletion an absolute necessity. I sat down and exploited some of these charts. I spent long periods of time regrinding rails just to get high scores (which are infinite with patience). These charts no longer were just potential hazards; they were actively exploited. We didn't just have competition unworthy charts on our hands. We had a game which was exploited against all the principles of validity I had known TSC to be for. TSC effectively lost all authority in SSR competition. If our scores cannot be taken seriously, who says the game at all can be?

Unbelievably enough, the fact that charts have been proven infinite and exploited is not reason to delete them. A month later, many '*GerbilSoft bored*'s later, the charts are still up.

TSC has no validity, no influence. Our stats have no validity. Our charts cannot be taken seriously.

What is left of TSC if neither our statistics nor places to submit them are able to be trusted? the community?

The welcoming community I once eagerly joined exists no more. People get irritated when I ask gerbil to fix SSR scores. People get irritated when I discuss TSC in a serious light. The community I joined, the one that maintained a calm, mature, respectful demeanor regardless of circumstance is gone. Replacing it is a tribe of insults who enjoy opportunities to make TSC look like a jackass. Rather than be respectful even in the worst of BS calls, our community would rather insult, argue, and rickroll the questioners. Are we trying to be a valid community to make up for our inability to accurately rank sonic competition?

this topic says no:

please guys, can we return to the amazing TSC that mesmerized me and convinced me to join? I have not spent years of my life striving for that 'one last run' because of the current attitude. Can we save TSC's validity before it falls too deep to recover?

I would appreciate it if I am not flamed. If you are openly apathetic about TSC, you clearly do not care about what this topic has to say. Keep it to yourself. If you care not about fixing TSC, you probably have nothing to contribute. Be apathetic to yourself; don't force it on those of us (I hope it's 'us' instead of 'me') who care about TSC's authority on sonic competition.

Thank you.

[19:09:45] <yse> when there's no captain falcon in SSBB i hope you'll come back and say you were wrong

Yse just claimed that captain falcon won't be in brawl. And he's sticking to it.

Since I'm so 100% positive he's absolutely wrong, I've decided to quote him and bring this topic back up in a couple months.

And when there's a captain falcon in SSBB i hope you'll come back and say you were wrong.

p.s. if you could verify that you did in fact make that statement it would make it all the more evidential in the future.

*** New Record: Chao_Fan got 60610 on Sonic Adventure (DX) / Scores / Emerald Coast / Sonic

and yesterday you got the record for lethal highway dark on a misread flipflop.

Now I know I tend to screw up times too.. but they are usually .01 off by confusing a 9 with an 8. You're submitting stats that knock half minutes off records and beat old scores by 50 thousand.. please.. that confirm button is there for a reason.

Hiya Folks / Hi, I'm stefan. ;)
« on: July 05, 2006, 06:34:43 pm »
I joined soniccenter just today. I found myself trying to beat my own score toals and times on levfel and eventualyl stumbled across your site, which I've thought is great so far.

I am just curious, though, whatdo you generally look for when you time attack a level? Is there some general time attack strategy taht works with every level?

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