Emerald Coast

Guide - Emerald Coast

Submitted by Cybrax


At the beginning of this level spindash like crazy by pressing b rapidly. Untill you get to the bridge where it starts elevating up. While spindashing you gotta time this just right. Jump up to the upper level of the bridge
and go a little to the left and land on the grass part. Get another spindash going and jump towards the checkpoint around the loop and then spindash through the check (8).


Hit the blue ramp. Another check awaits there (13).


Spindash around and go up the vertical wall in a ball. Press B as soon as you leave the ground so you should be a little bit above ground level. Go to the right. Charge up and spindash and jump to the right at the end of the loop to the blue ramp. Land on the whale part spindash once off the first platform and land on the bridge and spindash like crazy, get to the check around (21-25).


Don't press anything at the whale part. and hit the next check (somewhere around 30).


Spindash and jump over the spikes and land on the edge of the wall. Notice that you are now just sitting a little slanted. Spindash a couple of times till your at the top and land on the bridge going to the light house. Make sure your camera is straight ahead and charge up a spindash and go straight across not worrying about the gaps. Jump around the lighthouse into the cave. Now at the part spindash like crazy up the side of the wall remember to get the speed shoes. Go into the cave and hit the spring and land at the check (around 50-56).


Spindash down the hill once or twice and when you get really close to the loop jump top the left and skip it and spindash to the blue ramp. Then spindash up the vertical wall and aim to go to the island to the right. Once you land spindash and jump to the zipper and go on the half loop. Then just jump on the panels not losing any momentum. Once you get to the top spindash and quickly jump over the spikes and spindash down the hill to the blue ramp. Then spindash like mad and jump on the capsule around (1:15-1:25).
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