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How through Cyber Track 2 in under 50 seconds!

Speed - How through Cyber Track 2 in under 50 seconds!

Submitted by RPGnutter

Spindash at the start, jump as soon as the platform slopes down, jump over the spikes and over the area after it, hold down when you hit the wall on the other side so that you roll into the spring. Continue holding down so you roll up the slope, so that you dont go as high up into the air. Hit the spring, Right+R, it the spring, Right+R through the enemy, run right. Jump on the curve at the top of the slope up to the upper area, run right and jump when the platform goes vertical and land on a rail, grind it to the end and hit the spring. Jump up the funky-wheel-gravity platforms, start holding R as soon as you jump off the 2nd. Release it while against the Spring Pad thing to hit a ceiling just to the right of it and fall back to a slope, hold R again immediatly after releasing so that it charges back up straight away, run up the slope to the right and release it facing right to go up to the '1st' check.

Anything below 21/22 is good here, but go for sub 19 if your after a sub 50 overall.

Run right and up the slope, holding left a little near the top to cut your air time. Jump over the gap to the right and then jump again and over the spikes. The longer you spend in the air here (moving right) the better, as it keeps your speed better than landing and running. Follow the level from here until you run upside down, start holding R about halfway across the upside down part, then once 'back to normal' again, stop and release it facing right (near the springs). Aim to land in the Directional Booster thingy.

Go right. Once you exit the 'on-rails' part, just follow the level, and its various springs (making sure you roll down (up)?) the long slope on the ceiling just after there. You'll then roll up (down?) a slope and land near another Directional Booster doodad. Go in it and go up. Follow it and it throws you out onto an upside down rail (IIRC, if it doesnt, you end up on one shortly after). Then on a 'normal' rail, charge a Tag Action as you get near the end, wait for the block to move to move a little and release it so that you hug the left wall on the way up, then simply land on the moving spring up there and Right+R to the Goal Star/Ring/Whatever.

Voila, sub 50 when done right :o
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