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Ocean Base 3

Speed run - Ocean Base 3

Submitted by gbagcn

At the start of the level spindash and stay in ball form until you reach the end of the incline. After the incline jump. You should go over the spikes and then get shot up into the waterfall. While on the waterfall press the A button twice while moving right. If you did this right the first jump should take you up the waterfall and the second jump should take you to the platform above the enemy (this is very hard to do). Make sure you don't get hit while doing this. As soon as you land charge up your tag action and release it when you get near the blue thing. Run past the moving blocks, hit the speed boost, jump on the spring, and run on the ceiling. When the ceiling starts to curve up jump off of it and fall past the two enemies (avoid them don't kill them) and go into the tube. Hit the speed boost jump at the end of the incline and jump again. Run left off the platform while making sure you don't hit the enemy below. Hit the speed boost, jump above the spikes, and get the running shoes. Grind on the the rail below and go right. Charge up your tag action while running up the slope, run past the spikes before they shoot up, jump and release the tag action. Fly to the pole and spring upward on it. Keep holding right and make sure you don't land on the ground below. After falling a little you will enter another tube. Get passed the waterfalls, land, and let the water current move you. Hit the spring in the water and keep moving right run out of the water and run across the rest. Come out of the water and run up the incline. After the incline jump while still holding right. You have now completed the level.
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