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Azure Lake Guide

No Name - Azure Lake Guide

Submitted by FoxLuc

I. Pure run Route

In Azure Lake pure run, you just hold 'right' on the directional button and make two necessary jumps - the first follows 2nd loop, the second gets you from below the tree to the start line. The first lap (cca 5"35) is approximately 0"90 slower than common laps (cca 4"43) because you have to do the start up. The total time of 23 seconds is absolutely unacceptable.

II. Route F1-C1

From the name of the route, it's evident there are 2 time enhancements used - one in the first and one in every common lap.
Enhancement F1 is used to get some speed when entering the first lap. It's good to do the start up during the countdown, however spindash is far more effective in this case. It's also useful to come closer to the starting machine (colourful column with rotating top :) ) to save some hundredths of second. It's important not only to make spindash but also to make it good :) - the faster you are the better. Average time you get with this technique is 3"40 - almost 2 seconds faster then in pure run (-2"00).
Enhancement C1 is the most common way in Sonic games how to make yourself a bit faster - we all know the move called "downloop jump" :) . You simply have to jump when you are at the top part of the loop. This changes average lap time to 3"70 (-0"75).
In the end, you get the time around 18"20 (-5"00).

III. Route F1-C2

Enhancement C2 called "double jump" adds "uploop jump" into C1. The added jump has to be done just before the moment you enter the loop. The effect is you land at the top of the loop instead of running it uphill - uphill run is very exhausting - try if you don't believe ;-) This saves another tenth of second, in a good case maybe even 0"15 and alters your time to an average of 3"58 (-0"12) .

IV. Route F2-C2

Enhancement F2 adds "downloop jump" to a zeroth spindash lap. Effect is magnificent but it's nearly impossible not to get stuck in a barrier after the second loop. However, if you manage to do this and to start not too late after the 'GO!' signal, be prepared to make it under the 3 seconds limit. Well, this not happens all the time and the common time circulates from 3"00 to 3"20 (-0"40).

V. Route F2-C3

Enhancement C3 called "triple jump" connects "uploop jump", "downloop jump" and "offloop bounce" jumps in one lethal combo. This is the most gorgeous move from all the moves in any jump'n'run game, the move that makes Sonic 3 a legend for me. It's pretty damn dificult and every time you make it your legs force you to stand up off the chair, wondering 'Wow, what the hell have I done?!' :) So how to do it? You have to jump immediately after you land down from "downloop jump". It may sounds easy, but it's very important in what time to make that second jump - look at the pictures (inclined triplejump versions of C1 and C2 cathed on the screenshots are better to use even in F1-C2 and F2-C2 routes; however it's impossible to make a correct "triple jump" with non-inclined C1 and C2). To be honest, we can't tell you when :) though we can make it - there's no time to think about it during the play. But we can tell you how it looks like - Sonic flies collinearly with the ground for quite a long time. And also - the speed, the godly speed that makes your hands shaky :) Thinking about it again, we don't have to describe you how will it look like, you'll feel it. Casting Insta Shield because of pressing the action button too soon is the most frequent mistake (study the concomitant sound of the Insta Shield). In this case, the effect should be the same as in C2. The fastest time accomplished with this technique is 3"33, but your average lap time should be 3"40 (-0"18).

Optimizing Route F2-C3

There's one more way how to make this a little bit faster - you can make "downloop jump" on the second loop. Well, this works only if you are slow, otherwise (after correct C3) there are no chances to jump over the barrier that follows. And if you can make it, then it's up to you to show us the way ... ;-)
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