Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 in 19 seconds

Speed - Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 in 19 seconds

Submitted by Hero Chaos Chao

NOTE: have knowledge of how to beat the level in 20 seconds before reading this guide watch gunners clip

Your probably thinking wtf how do i clear it in 19 seconds well your about to find out.

Begin by doing a 3 button spindash to make the spindash go faster press the the 3 buttons as fast as humanly possible to get maximum spindash speed while starting very quickly when you are rolling you have to jump and try and land on the little area between the moving platform and the shield at the start once you've stopped charge up another fast as humanly possible spindash. Now go to the speed shoes as normal and here is where it gets tricky after you've gotten the shoes you will start to run up a slope you have to press the down button at the right time and then hold forward before you leave the platform and continue going forward. If done correctly you will first bounce on the invincibility box then bounce on a ring box then bounce on 2 enemies then land on a platform in the air. Then quickly do a small jump to the 3rd platform in the air. Then another small jump to land on top of the loop instead of going through it which will save time and help you achieve 19 seconds. Then do a small jump as your falling hold the jump button you will bounce on a fish and then go sky high and complete the level in 19 seconds.

This is a very difficult time to achieve but if you achieve this time be very proud of yourself.
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