Defeating Robotnik in Record Time

Speed Tip - Defeating Robotnik in Record Time

Submitted by Joseph Collins

Well. . . Let's see. . .

What I usually do is spin-dash(one rev only) out into Silver Sonic's room, from the start. Then, I get under him, but a little towards the left, as he's landing. There, I crouch down and go into a Super Spin Dash and hit him for for hits. I bolt out of there after the fourth, as that's when he curls into his own Super Spin Dash. I hop over him as he rolls into the left of the room, and patiently wait for him to uncurl. Timing is good, at this point, because if you jump too early, you land on his spines; too late, and you end up wasting a tiny bit of time. Once you hit him, continue to lightly press Left, so you can continuously hit him. That should do it for Silver Sonic.

Now, turn to the right, and rev up your Super Spin Dash to the top level, keeping it there. AS SOON AS Silver Sonic is gone and the camera decides to follow you, again, dash into the airlock. Once you hit the door, rev up again. You should still be revved to max level due to your previous revving. Shoot off, and charge after Robotnik! Robotnik should leap into his big mech suit.
Now, this part is tricky. Stand behind him as he rises. JUST behind his foot. Then jump and hit him in the bum a couple times. The tricky part? Every time he's in mid-step -- where his legs meet -- is the only time you can hit him in the bum again. He takes three steps forward, one half-step back. So, a hit per step(three hits). On the final step, stand right by his foot. Once he stands straight up, you can nail him for, at most, three hits before he takes off.
Now another tricky part. . . Once the target locks on, you need to stand to the right of it. Too far over, and you won't be able to hit him; too far inward, and you'll get stomped on. You can hit him just as he's landing, but you need to nudge over to the right, to avoid the flames as he ducks. Once he stands back up, wail on his arse with three more hits, and he's toast. Quickly, turn to the right, and MADLY rev up a Super Spin Dash. If all of this is done correctly, you should have a time of, or in the vicinity of 0:53, as you eject from Death Egg Zone.

Happy trails, speedsters!

NOTE: This also works for Knuckles.
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