Scroll glitch and route -

Submitted by stanski

Get through the level the normal way until you get past the ledge with the 3 octopi (make sure you have the jumping glitch performed). Now, jump over the 2 sets of spikes below the seahorse, and run slowly in the oil, rolling underneath the 2 pillars. Jump quickly once through the 2 pillars to gain speed, then proceed until you reach the end of the oil. Now, charge a 3 button spindash quickly, wait for a count of one after letting the spindash go, and mash the jump buttons. If performed correctly, you will jump up through the oil and into the chamber next to the boss chamber, or maybe even the boss chamber itself if you are good/lucky.

Roll into the boss for the first hit, grab 6 more hits by jumping, then charge a spindash for an 8th and final hit. If you perform this flawlessly, you should be able to get a time of around 40 with either Sonic or Knuckles. It is key that you keep the glitch at the edge of the oil, as it is a whole lot easier to get the screen scrolling glitch to work properly. As an alternative, you can lose the jumping glitch at the pillars that you rolled under if you are able to get a 6 button spindash fast enough and time it well enough at the edge of the oil to perform this glitch in basically the same manner. Good luck with this level, I will put up a vid of the :44 with sonic soon.
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