Supergliding for Speed!

Full Strat - Supergliding for Speed!

Submitted by Aitamen

TAS time: 0:35 (Aitamen) Current Human Time: 0:39 (Aitamen)

The current fastest AR2K strat is as follows:

6-Tap spindash and hold right off the first ledge. as you come to the second ledge, jump and high-glide (highest possible glide at peak of jump). You should Glide into a spring-board. Hold right as you hit it to be carried into a second one, then short-hop over the third. Either run and jump and high-glide as the farther point of the falling platform ahead, or stop and quickly spindash and uphill-jump and glide. The platform you'll land on should have 2 robo-flies and an invc monitor. Superglide (80%) the Invc monitor and let it take you all the way to the boss fight. Land, SDJ to the left and land on the pillar, then SD into botnik 8 times. Wait for the screen and break the capsule for the win.

The 80% is a rough estimation of the "power" of the superglide. the closer to the box (and the faster you're moving downwards when you hit glide), the higher you go. This height is the hardest part of the run.

Good Luck

The Aitamen
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