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swf89's Multiplier Shenanigans (Forces Score Attack)


Author Topic: swf89's Multiplier Shenanigans (Forces Score Attack)  (Read 5133 times)

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swf89's Multiplier Shenanigans (Forces Score Attack)
« on: August 09, 2021, 11:19:34 pm »
So, I've been looking at the SF score charts recently, (actually since April) and noticed something odd, scores that are impossible to achieve without multipliers, which are banned from competition, belonging to user swf89. How can I tell?

Well first off, they don't have videos, even the ones sitting in first, so that should be an immediate red flag, since all first place records set after New Years 2017 are required to have them, but what really sets these records apart is that unlike literally every other score on the charts in this category, they don't all end in a clean hundred value, which is impossible without the use of the 1.2 and 1.7x multipliers, since the minimum unit of score in this game is 100, and nothing in the game naturally gives any point values that would raise the tens digit. This, and all the scores that possess this oddity all cleanly divide by 1.2 or 1.7, the two lower end score multipliers.

Stage 20 Guardian Rock for instance, a score of 3,628,480 supposedly. But, when divided by 1.7, the multiplier, which is banned from competition, it comes out as 2,134,400, the actual score of the run, and the stat that should have been submitted.

Lost Valley, an incredibly optimized stage in terms of SA as far as I'm concerned, beaten by nearly 400k, with a score of 1,571,310, one that is impossible to achieve without multipliers, since completing an optimized SA while somehow going at WR speedrun pace wouldn't even get you an extra 100k in time bonus, when comparing optimized SA times to the time bonus of WR runs. Also, there's no possible way to squeeze an extra 400k out of the remaining rings & enemies while still maintaining a fast enough pace, since many of them are being collected/killed already, and the Red Rings & Number Rings are already being collected in the most optimized SA runs. But, divide this score by 1.7, and it comes out as 924,300, the actual score, which is a lot more realistic. Below, I've compiled some more of these Posted vs Actual scores when removing the 1.7x multiplier.

Prison Hall: 3,237,990 - 1,904,700
Arsenal Pyramid: 4,169,590 - 2,452,700
Luminous Forest: 2,113,780 - 1,243,400
Park Avenue: 3,182,910 - 1,872,300
Capital City: 3,218,780 - 1,893,400
Final Judgement: 1,885,130 - 1,108,900

Casino Forest is the first instance of the 1.2x multiplier, giving us 1,456,600 from the posted 1,747,920 on the leaderboard. Below are some more I've compiled.

Bomb Block 1: 1,325,640 - 1,104,700
Plasma Cannon 1: 1,309,440 - 1,091,200
Laser Cannon 1: 1,172,520 - 977,100
Reverse Block 1: 1,648,920 - 1,374,100

These are some scores I would love to see proof of, since they have the slight potential to be legitimate, but they are way above the current optimized records with no proof, some of which (mainly Vanish Panel 1) would require massive leaps in strategy that would likely set new speedrun WRs, not just score attack WRs, to achieve, when no corresponding mind boggling times exist.

Vanish Panel 1: 1,731,000
Flying Pod: 1,285,200
Imperial Tower: 2,236,200

I realize this isn't the Leaderboard Disputes thread, but this forum is pretty dead, and this does concern competition. I'm not waiting for permission to post there, and my aim is just to draw some attention to this, since these stats were all posted on the same day in April this year, and I'm tired of looking at them knowing of their illegitimate nature and saying nothing about them when nothing has been done, and no one seems to have noticed, or called it out, since they are all still standing on the charts at the time of writing.
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