New strategy found on Shadow the Hedgehog in Mad Matrix (normal)!!!!


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The reason I decided to start this post is because I have a new time attack strategy to share to all Shadow players regarding on speed running the normal mission of Mad Matrix on Shadow the Hedgehog, apparently while I was doing the normal mission on Mad Matrix, I found way to reach the goal ring faster.

It is not easy to do, it involves the classic spin dash jump technique, when reaching the last room in the red tower, go to the platform in the middle then float and land on the narrow edge platform, position yourself straight (I suggest to strafe to make this easier) and get close to the edge facing the goal ring platform, start your spin dash, hold it to the maximum, when you let go, press jump, then jump dash and aim at the top point of the steep section of the platform, success should kick you up and you will land on the goal ring platform, you can then touch the goal ring, there you have it. This stage on the normal mission can now officially go sub 2:20 to sub 2:00 now. Watch my Mad Matrix run video on the media to see how the strategy is done. sorry about the brightness when you watch it there. I hope your times can improve with the help of my video. I won't post anytime again soon after this. I just wanted the TSC to not feel left out from this discovery.
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