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[BOUNTY] Sonic 1 GBA 0 Point
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:35:30 pm »
(disclaimer: this is strictly just for fun, and is not ment to attack any player(s))

Prologue: Sonic 1 GBA has 14 players and is 0 point, I dont like that.

MISSION: I have 30 bucks, each "TIME" record you beat is worth 5 bucks

RULES: Im awarding $5 to the first 6 time records broken to claim this you must...

1) beat the record (tieing doesnt count, but hell submit it anyways)
2) you must hold the record for 48 hours, if someone else beats your time (tieing doesnt count) the timer resets for that stat
3) IF a record is beaten, then, and ONLY THEN flying fox is eligible to recapture that record and claim money under the 48 hour rule (FF only tieing you doesnt count).
4) you have to sumbit atleast shitty video proof... maybe we'll except (dont hold me to it though) picture proof? idk yet I need to discuss it with my team.

Conclusion: If you win something you need to PM a paypal email to claim your prize, I'll pay out asap upon confirmation of the validity of your stat which if you ask other ppl that have won prizes, its usually in less than 24 hours.

good luck, have fun :)
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