PR, GL... what else? Look here if you're interested.


Author Topic: PR, GL... what else? Look here if you're interested.  (Read 2150 times)

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PR, GL... what else? Look here if you're interested.
« on: January 02, 2008, 06:26:35 pm »
Dunno if I'm allowed to do this but I'll post it anyway and see what happens.
If I need to lock it, I'm willing to upon request.

I'm trying to get a Wii Points Card so I can buy Starfox 64 since it was stolen from me. :( - This site has been stellar in helping me do that.

Better than GamingLagoon, and PrizeRebel no doubt.
GamingLagoon requires a phone verification which screams of coming back to haunt you later and as for PrizeRebel, well, they're ridiculous, really.

As everyone knows, I'm CDN and as such, they only have a limited number of CDN offers. The stupidest part is that I can only get a maximum of 19 points and a Wii Points Card requires 20. <_<

How ridiculous is that!

Rewards1 is a great site that you should seriously consider if you're into this kind of stuff.

If you sign up using the link I provided up above (again, that's, you'll be able to help me gain some points towards getting a Wii Points Card. I only get a small fraction of points if you were to sign up using the link I gave you but it really does go a long way in helping me. You don't lose points for signing up with the link above and I only gain 20% of what you make. Thus, it GREATLY helps in the long run if you were to be dedicated to the site and earn points steadily. Even if you don't, a few points helps a lot.

I REALLY appreciate this (just the fact that you're reading this with an open mind but I won't rule objectivity out) and I thank anyone in advance for their help in this matter greatly.

I can already predict a flood of critical posts so let's have them while I'm in the mood...

If not, please seriously consider helping me out. I'd really appreciate it.

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