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Wikkity! / TSCA2 Suggestion Thread
« on: September 26, 2012, 09:41:25 pm »

As some of you may have noticed, TSCA2 hasn't seen a release since July of last year. Much of this is due to the fact that RPG is always "busy" those involved in the project haven't really had the chance to discuss the various things regarding what's coming up. I have been debating for some time now whether the community should be brought in to help with suggestions, and after talking with RPG and Thorn about it it seems like the thing to do. I suppose it only makes sense that all of TSC should be involved with the making of a game about TSC.

This is pretty open-ended but right now I feel the more topics that are presented for suggestion the better. Recently we've decided to completely scrap the current Chapter 3 script so we are (almost) at the same place we were back in July 2011 (I say almost because I've been tweaking battle-related stuff since then).

Keep in mind that we do (surprisingly) have an overarching plot and that any plot-related suggestion that gets in the way of this will not be taken into consideration. Common sense applies to all suggestions. If something sounds iffy, you probably should not be suggesting it.

For the sake of organization I will be editing this post with various suggestions and will probably also be adding things I've done with the game this past year to maybe help people come up with suggestions.

For example:

The first image shows what we are currently using as the dialogue font, Comic Sans. This was chosen because it was the first thing that Thorn and RPG came up with (at almost exactly the same time, might I add) when I asked them we needed a more appropriate font for a TSC game (note that this is the font used in cutscenes in SA2(B)). I tried using this font for battle too, but the results were...less than satisfactory. I opted instead for what you see in the second image, Vipnagorgialla, the HUD font for SA2(B). And yes, I know the font overlap on the MP bars looks bad; that's why I removed the HP/MP/SP labels. Hope you can remember which number is which. :v

So...suggest away.

Wikkity! / Re: ITT TSC plays Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:10:19 pm »
Posting this because I felt like it. >:O

So, after getting various wins (mostly 3-rune), I finally decided to go for an all-rune (that's 15 runes) win. And...well, I did it. I never bothered doing the Hell and Pan levels previously because they always looked so scary, but after learning both fire storm and ice storm in this game I figured "hey, let's blow stuff up." And Hell and Pan ended up not being as scary as I thought; in fact the only time I was ever in danger of dying was when I was clearing a ziggurat (the last few levels of which are often considered to be the hardest areas of the game) when a bunch of deep dwarves on the 26th level got me down to 20 HP (that's from 135 HP the previous turn). Had to blink, heal, and turn invisible to survive that. It was also the only level out of 27 where I didn't kill everything. Oh well...

So yeah, I got 7598138 points. Here is the morgue file.

(Also obligatory come on people, join us and play this game, etc. See the previous post for links.)

Wikkity! / Re: ITT TSC plays Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!
« on: February 19, 2012, 04:51:15 am »
So, in an effort to generate some interest in this game (besides the usual crew), I'm reviving this topic. It's not like the forums have been particularly busy lately.

Since 2010 the game has changed quite a bit. 0.8 added the Felid race and made heavy armour decent again, 0.9 removed that silly Exp. Pool system so you have much better control over which skills you're training, and 0.10 added the Octopode race (while removing Mountain Dwarf as a playable race) and made several balance changes.

For those of you turned off by rougelike "graphics" there is a Tiles version that has...well, actual graphics and also mouse input which makes it so much easier for people to play (as far as the controls and interface goes; the game itself isn't exactly "easy").

Also, since this wasn't exactly done previously...links!
WebTiles lets you play the Tiles version (after registering) and also lets you watch others play as well (no account needed to watch).
Otherwise, if you'd rather play offline, you can go here to download the installer file.

And, since previous posts were about posting progress, I won my first game yesterday with 6 runes with 2177999 points; I was going for a 3-rune win but then I thought I should do Vaults as well...then I got banished to the Abyss and found the abyssal rune...then I wanted to build up my Transmutations skill to learn Necromutation so I did Tomb...all the while thinking "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME HURRY UP AND FINISH THE GAME AND NOT DIE AND STUFF." that sense I am sort of disappointed in myself for overachieving. >_>

Competition Central / Re: Sonic Adventure 2 story mode races
« on: September 16, 2011, 02:43:28 pm »
Bah, yoshifan beat me to it (I was going to make a topic about this too, when I got home from work).

Anyway, I wanted to add that yoshifan and I are racing tonight around 7:00pm Eastern. I've added a section to the first post noting when our next race is going to be, and hopefully either yoshifan or I will remember to update it. >_>

Also, I'd like to point out that I'm free to race Sonic Adventure 2 at other times, not just when yoshifan and I have a race scheduled, so if you want to have a SA2 race just let me know when you want to race and what (it doesn't have to be a full story; if you want a short race then "Beat Green Forest" is a very popular goal), preferrably via the chatroom.

Competition Central / Re: The Massive SA2(B) Challenge Topic
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:34:19 pm »
Hey, FKE, I was about to make a post here myself; we need more people doing these challenges! soniccoloursunleashed, don't get discouraged by FKE's post; yes, thread necromancy is a sin, etc. etc., but competition is still encouraged, even if unofficial.

EDIT: Also maybe PM a mod or prominent member before making a post in an inactive topic like this next time?

It'll be out the Thursday after Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is released.

The new demo is...well, it's to the point where I feel it can be released. Not finished, per se, but the things I want to improve either can't or would take too long to bother fixing.

So, here you go: TSCA2 v0.05 is out! (45.9 MB)

Before you go playing, please keep these things in mind:
  • There are still a few bugs present which I am unable to fix for various reasons. The worst one is one that causes battles to freeze for some reason. You can still select battle commands for everyone, but everyone's ATB gauges will not go up. I don't know what's causing it so I can't fix it. All I can do is suggest that you save whenever you get the chance. There are 3 Save Points, as well as one map that you can save on. I hope you'll be able to tell which one it is.
  • Critical Mode is HARD. Not impossibly hard, but I highly recommend playing on Hard difficulty first. For those who finish Critical, however, there's a surprise waiting for you at the end.
  • Don't try loading up an old save from v0.04b or v0.04c of TSCA2. You'll be very disappointed if you think you can just skip Act 1 this way.
  • If you find something that seems to be a bug, let me know. I spent about 6 hours playtesting this but doesn't mean I fixed everything. Thorn was able to find something I missed, and he only played through once (Also thanks to Thorn for going through it once before I released this).

EDIT: Updated to v0.05a. Triple Slash was doing way too damage and Sunburn wasn't doing enough. Also I fixed Smash's animation so it works properly now.

I had this post all typed up at work yesterday and wanted to look it over at home before posting but left in such a hurry that I forgot to upload it. Whoops. :v

Anyway, the post:

So, it's now been a year since the first public release of TSCA2VX. I'm sure many of you have been wanting this to just be finished so you can play through it all, but keep in mind that that requires that everyone on the development team is actually present so we can discuss things (hi RPG!). Thorn isn't always around for me to converse with, either, and it really helps when I have someone else I can discuss various things with.

Anyway, I'd like to say that Chapter 2 will be out soon. I don't know how soon; it could be as early as tonight but count on it being out this week. I'm basically coding the whole thing over from scratch: when I first made this last year I mostly just copied all the code from the original 2003 version, but I was never happy with that because RPG did a pretty sloppy job, and I didn't exactly do a grand job on my own coding, either, especially when I added the secret area in Chapter 1.

Here's an example of what I mean:
I'd like to have a screenshot here but I'm at work, so...expect an edit in here sometime later today. In the original TSCA2, RPG assigned several switches to tell the game if a player has touched the stones on B2F of the Forum Archives. However, the switches he used are split into 2 sets, which wouldn't be so bad if the two sets were right next to each other. IIRC, one set uses switches 13-19 and the other uses switches 41-46. Why aren't they all together? And if you were to look at the event coding, one of the switch sets is completely unnecessary. So yeah, I'm fixing that.

With that out of the way, I feel like explaining what people need to expect in this new release:

  • The first thing you'll notice when playing is that you can now select between 4 battle difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Critical. Last year's version would be somewhere between Easy and Normal. I should also note that not only are enemies stronger on higher difficulties but they are also smarter, have better AI and may even have skills not present on lower difficulties. Those of you who have played a Final Mix version of one of the Kingdom Hearts games know what Critical is: not only are enemies tougher but your characters only gain half the HP/MP they normally do. On the bright side, you get way more EXP, Gold and AP, as well as much better item drop rates from enemies.
  • There are now passive abilities. These abilities can be learned by earning and spending AP on them. At the beginning your characters have no passive abilities to learn. As the story progresses new passive abilities will become available for your characters to learn. Most passive abilities simply (and permanently) increase a stat by a small amount, but some have other effects, like Able I, which increases the rate at which you gain AP by 20%. Oh, and AP is earned in several ways. The main way is to defeat enemies, but you'll also get AP by simply performing actions (successfully) during battle. You'll also gain some AP each time you level up.
  • Another thing you'll notice pretty quickly is a new gauge for each character called SP. This is what you'll need to use our character-specific skills in battle, like Triple Slash or Satellite Smackdown. MP will now be used exclusively for magic. Everyone starts with 0 SP and gains SP in battle by (successfully) using skills/attacks or by (successfully) being attacked. It is important to note that outside of battle characters will slowly lose SP as you walk around. I did this mostly to discourage hoarding SP and encourage skill use, but you'll find out exactly why I did this much later once I introduce a new game mechanic, which will probably be around...Chapter 6.
  • Speaking of skills and spells, I've modified the learning progression; i.e., changed what levels we learn stuff. Also, since I'm expecting most of you to be playing on Critical (FKE >:O) and gain a lot of levels, I'm having us learn stuff up through level 10 in this demo. Well, actually, RPG and Sondow learn stuff up through level 14 but would you really want to play that long when enemies don't give a whole lot of EXP this early in the game, especially since enemies now have a level cap?
  • I can't think of anything else so I'll list stuff from my developer's notes: Magic attacks can now cause critical hits (indicated by a rainbow-coloured border around the damage numbers), and all skills and spells have had their numbers tweaked so most of them are completely different from last year. Finally, the final boss in the secret area has way more HP but the battle now ends when only a portion of its HP is depleted. However, its HP gauge is hidden so you won't be able to see just how much of its HP you have to deplete. You also get an additional reward for completing the secret area.

And...I think that's it. I'll edit this post if I think of something else.

Wikkity! / Re: NEW AND IMPROVED: TSCA 2.0
« on: May 20, 2011, 11:56:24 am »
Indeed, it just wouldn't feel right otherwise. And, the parody was mostly Thorn's idea, so thanks to him for that. And minor spoiler: Chapter 3 takes place (almost) completely within TSC HQ itself. I don't think we've established whether you'll be able to buy stuff yet, though.

Also, thanks for wording your post in such a way as not to spoil anything for people who haven't played. I get the feeling everyone's either busy with the emerald challenges or are holding out until the VX version is released, which probably won't be for another week.

Wikkity! / Re: NEW AND IMPROVED: TSCA 2.0
« on: May 16, 2011, 02:59:46 am »
In case of you didn't know, TSCA 2.0 was originally released on May 16, 2009, exactly two years ago. This is why I chose this day to release the next public build.

You can find v0.05d of TSCA 2.0 here (14.2 MB). As with the 2000 version I've made several changes since my last post, including some things that my beta tester (Thorn) doesn't know about.

A couple things I'd like to point out for this version: first is that the "code" that RPG reads during Chapter 2's sidequest was changed slightly from the 2000 version because RM2003 for some reason cannot display backslashes properly; as such I replaced all \s with `s. The second thing I want to mention is that Thorn and I did not test this version nearly as much as the 2000 version and as such there may be bugs present in this version that I'm not aware of. If this is the case please let me know so I can fix it.

For those of you wondering how long Chapter 2 is, it's about as long as Chapter 1, meaning the game is now a little over twice as long as before. Chapter 2, however, will require a bit more effort on your part to get to the end.

Wikkity! / Re: TSCA for RPG Maker 2000!
« on: May 16, 2011, 02:46:08 am »
And now, the moment no one was waiting for: v0.05d of TSCA2K is now out and can be found here (3.06 MB). I've made several changes since my last post, including some things that even my beta testers don't know about. Speaking of them, I'd like to thank Thorn and RPG for taking the time to both test out my beta builds and for giving me ideas for some things in Chapter 2.

Also for those of you wondering how long Chapter 2 is, it's about as long as Chapter 1, meaning the game is now a little over twice as long as before. Chapter 2, however, will require a bit more effort on your part to get to the end.

Wikkity! / Re: NEW AND IMPROVED: TSCA 2.0
« on: May 11, 2011, 06:06:25 pm »
^ Star Ocean universe?
While elements from Star Ocean appear in that screenshot that game I was making was not based on the Star Ocean universe.

As I mentioned in the other topic, TSCA2 is getting an actual update! If you haven't read the other post I encourage you to do so.

I have updated the original version, made in RPG Maker 2003 by RPG, to include things that I added in the other two versions. Specifically for this version, a new weapon has been added, though the other two versions have had this weapon since their release last year.

Specific tweaks made for this version include:
  • Power tweaks for spells and skills. Like the 2000 version, spells got a slight boost in power and skills got a large boost.
  • Characters learn spells and skills at different rates now. It used to be that they learned a spell or skill every level but now they learn one every other level.
  • Speaking of levels, I've reduced the EXP requirements to level up and placed a level cap of 8 for all characters.
  • Sondow's Psi Force skill, which is basically his "Attack" command, has been seperated from the rest of his skills and placed at the top of his battle menu under "Fight". This means you can just mash the confirm button to have him attack like you can the other characters. Also, Psi Force's damage has been lessened slightly to encourage the use of his magic. He is supposed to be a mage, after all.
  • Haste, Drunk, Psigen and Psiphon no longer last until the battle ends. Haste, Psigen and Psiphon last 30 turns, which pass by much quicker than you think. Drunk lasts a guaranteed 15 turns, with a 5% chance to sober up after that. In addition, being drunk doesn't drain doug's HP as quickly as before.
  • Speaking of these 4 skills, they now cost a certain percent of the character's Max MP instead of a fixed amount.

I'll also mention that as far as text goes, I've tried to make everything a little less generic. Same applies for the other versions.

This version of TSCA2 has the slowest battles due to the slow speed at which the ATB bars fill up, but compared to the other two versions the enemies are weaker and have less HP so while it takes longer to get turns it should take less turns to finish battles overall.

Here are some screenshots from this version:

Wikkity! / Re: TSCA for RPG Maker 2000!
« on: May 07, 2011, 02:14:37 pm »
EDIT: I'm spitting off the two halves of Chapter 2 so Chapter 2, Part 2 will now be Chapter 3.

So, after 2 years, this game will finally have actual content added to it rather than just having rehashes made. And of course you can all blame RPG for that.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that I have finished Chapter 2 for RPG Maker 2000 and am working on getting it made for RPG Maker 2003 (the original) and RPG Maker VX (the remake). If you are wondering why I did it on the "port" first it is because RM2000 is the easiest to program with. And if you are wondering why I'm working on the RM2003 and RMVX versions of Chapter 2 instead of doing Chapter 3, then let me just say that Chapter 3 is going to be a lot of work on my part since it will be rather...unconventional.

My planned release date for Chapter 2 will be May 16, 2011, and Chapter 3 has a planned release date of July 5, 2011.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect to see in Chapter 2:
  • A new dungeon, which you go through with RPG's party! You all like exploration, right?!
  • A new enemy! You all like variety, right?!
  • New enemy formations, including a 5 Bat party! You all like difficulty, right?!
  • New puzzles! You all like solving things, right?!
  • New bosses! You all like big battles, right?!
  • New skills! You all like--
* Buizel shot

In addition, I've tweaked a bunch of existing stuff to keep it in line with the other two versions. Specifically for this version, spells (e.g. Pyro L1) were given a slight damage boost and skills (e.g. Triple Slash) were given a large boost. I should also note that I've placed a level cap of 5 for all characters to give you a rough idea of how powerful each party should be when they reach their respective bosses.

Here are a few screenshots from Chapter 2 in RM2000:

I've been updating TSCA every so often. It's just that I want to go over things with RPG before releasing stuff and whenever I ask him he's always got something to do (like "exams", but we all know he really means WoW, amirite). Thorn has volunteered to test play for me but has admitted to not having much experience playing RPGs and thus I am left in the somewhat awkward position of not having anyone experienced in RPGs to help me.

In addition, I'm not very good at coming up with dialogue, and the script I was given is for the second half of Chapter 2, with only a summary of what happens during the first half, leaving me to come up with dialogue for it myself.

Also, I like adding secrets and sidequests so I have to come up with stuff for each chapter as well. Seeing as how I haven't seen any comments about it I'll assume no one has found the Chapter 1 secret yet.

Anyway, I will hopefully have at least the first half of Chapter 2 up this month, as the second half will be much more complicated to program.

You can view what I've been doing in the version history here.

And I really should've responded to these last year...

does anyone have a list of who is in there?
At present, we have...
Playable characters: RPG, me(Zephyr), Sondow, douglas, mike89, Thorn, MK, Stefan
NPCs: Rolken, flyby

Chapter 2 introduces a lot more characters, friendly and not.

The "Surprise" thing is broken. I encountered a bat, and it said the party was suprised. I waited about 5 minutes, but I never got to attack.
This has been fixed as of v0.04d, which I finished about a week and half after releasing v0.04c last year. I had meant to release it back then but never got around to it. :|

Wikkity! / Re: On The Road
« on: March 11, 2011, 12:50:32 pm »
To my knowledge I'm the only TSCer that lives in the Tampa Bay area, and I'm afflicted with a curse that prevents me from seeing any other TSCer ever. As in there have been numerous opportunities for me to meet with TSC people in the past, such as:
  • SS101 visited Tampa during the summers of...2006 and 2007, I believe (and didn't tell me >:O)
  • I stayed at an inn in Albuquerque in 2009 but couldn't get in touch with Stefan because they had lousy internets and I couldn't get connected
  • Later on that same trip I stayed in Las Vegas for a week. flyby said she'd try to find the time to come down and visit but that didn't happen.
  • Speaking of flyby, she visited Orlando last November (and didn't tell forgot to remind me >:O)
  • I'm pretty sure there was another case or two but I can't remember them right now
These can't just be coincidences!

tl;dr good luck trying to meet with me irl kthxbai

Wikkity! / Re: Official Utterly Long and Boring Chatroom Log Segments
« on: February 18, 2011, 11:25:42 pm »
itt gerbil isn't as good as he thinks he is:

[22:57:25] *** GerbilSoft ( has joined #soniccenter
[22:57:25] *** Mode change [+v GerbilSoft] on #soniccenter by Xbox
[22:57:55] * GerbilSoft TA egg shuttle
[22:57:55] <GerbilSoft> <_<
[23:00:09] *** MysteriousFigure ( has quit IRC [Ping timeout]
[23:00:27] <SDM> I'm SAing it now GS
[23:00:32] <SDM> also :O
[23:00:44] <SDM> 517 TR1
[23:01:01] <SDM> since this was only the first stage of egg shuttle
[23:01:10] <SDM> can I submite that for rings?
[23:01:30] <Aitamen> it's still invalid, as I understand it... because it wasn't TR1, it was "EGG SHUTTLE 1"
[23:01:37] <Aitamen> >_>
[23:01:49] <SDM> fundamentally the level's still the same
[23:01:57] <Aitamen> thus the >_>
[23:02:00] <Aitamen> dork
[23:02:26] <Aitamen> technically it's invalid because of the wording of the rules, but as it stands for me, I don't see it offering you a superiority over other players, so it should be fine
[23:02:52] <SDM> its not a big deal, if anyone opposes I'll RA TR1 individually
[23:03:22] <Aitamen> I really need to bother doing that...
[23:03:28] <Aitamen> hard to give a damn about it, though
[23:03:39] <SDM> its not a hard ra at all
[23:05:28] *** FKE ( has joined #soniccenter
[23:05:29] *** Mode change [+v FKE] on #soniccenter by CodeGirl
[23:05:31] <Aitamen> no, but it is annoyingly long
[23:05:34] <Aitamen> what was your time?
[23:06:19] <SDM> about 4 minutes
[23:06:28] *** FKE is now known as Guest84776
[23:06:30] <Aitamen> really?
[23:06:35] <Aitamen> I wonder what I was missing then...
[23:06:36] <SDM> you probably just have a crap route plan
[23:06:52] <GerbilSoft> [11:00:57 PM] <+SDM> since this was only the first stage of egg shuttle
[23:06:52] <GerbilSoft> [11:01:05 PM] <+SDM> can I submite that for rings?
[23:06:53] <GerbilSoft> no
[23:06:53] <GerbilSoft> <_<
[23:06:58] <SDM> why
[23:07:02] <GerbilSoft> because
[23:07:09] <SDM> because why
[23:07:15] <GerbilSoft> because i said so
[23:07:15] <GerbilSoft> >:O
[23:07:18] <SDM> >:O
[23:07:18] <GerbilSoft> just get the 517 again normally
[23:07:19] <Aitamen> ITC: SDM is unaware of the internet
[23:07:20] <GerbilSoft> it's not that hard
[23:07:25] <SDM> no it's not
[23:07:35] <GerbilSoft> here's how to tell if it's not hard
[23:07:39] <Aitamen> my time was ~5 minutes
[23:07:39] <GerbilSoft> - i have it:
[23:07:40] <GerbilSoft> ..
[23:07:40] <GerbilSoft> wait
[23:07:42] <GerbilSoft> i'm off by 10 rings
[23:07:43] <GerbilSoft> WHAT
[23:07:48] <SDM> anyway
[23:07:49] <Aitamen> hahahaha
[23:07:50] <SDM> LOL
[23:07:50] <Zeph> ahaha
[23:07:52] <Aitamen> gj there GS
[23:07:56] <SDM> FAIL
[23:08:13] <SDM> ROFL
[23:08:31] <Aitamen> GS is generally the "entry level" bar, as I see it
[23:08:47] <SDM> anyway here's what I do from the drill sector
[23:08:49] <Aitamen> he's not bad, but he's usually not that hard to beat with a bit of patience...
[23:09:26] <GerbilSoft> fu

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: November 21, 2010, 11:54:37 am »

Best record
LOL. Maybe if you help me with TSCA2B! Also Thorn continues to give excuses that I am incredulous of, so I will probably end up doing this alone...unless I stop you >:O can get DsS to help me?!

In any case, I'm getting this started on December 2nd, with #1 being revealed on the 11th.

EDIT: yeah, that didn't happen, but it was because my computer got infected with stuff ok. New dates TBA.

General Sonic / Re: A record that will hold for a REALLY long time.
« on: November 07, 2010, 01:43:09 am »
Okay everyone, time to do this once more.

EH1. Best negative time. Gogogo. Or something. Short. Sentences. OMG.

Also Brits: get ready last week or something.

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:25:55 pm »
Hey, I've been asking Thorn to help me for a while now but he always has some lame excuse like "omghomework" or "g2gdinner". In other news, I currently have it narrowed down to 316 records (out of 962). Maybe if someone would help me this process would go a lot faster >:O.

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: October 20, 2010, 11:44:55 am »
I bet you all thought I'd forgotten about this, didn't you? >:O

Well, prepare to be disappoint!

To celebrate TSC's 7th birthday, this time around I'm presenting to you:

TSC's Top Ten Records That Contain a 7

Yeah. Also I'm still looking for a partner to help me with judging. I asked Zeupar and I feel maybe that was a mistake... >_> I'd prefer someone who has competed in and/or has a vast amount of knowledge in most of the games, preferrably...*looks at the prominent members list and sitewide rankings*...Thorn or DsS. RPG would work too since he's done judging in this vein before. Also Zeupar if no one volunteers I'm probably going to pick you as my partner despite what you said to me earlier. >_>

EDIT: Though it is mostly implied, I should note that I'm only taking into account current records. I'm not looking through stat histories to see every record ever that had a 7. That's just crazy.

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: October 15, 2010, 09:36:41 am »
I guess everyone's busy with Sonic 4 so I'll have to do this again. :v

Don't expect it to be good like last time's!

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: September 29, 2010, 12:35:44 am »
its funny that I got quoted for using an emoticon that I hardly ever use.  in fact I doubt I've used that more then 10 times in my life.
It doesn't matter how often you use it; it was a great quote! ;o

Anyway, top tens soon everyone. Who's doing it this time >:O

You mean to say you didn't enjoy the Chapter 1 demo? I mean, yeah, it's basically the same as the original TSCA2 from last year (except with better graphics and battle system), but everyone who has tried the demo so far has enjoyed it (at least to my knowledge). Chapter 2 won't be added for at least another month (or longer...), so it's best to enjoy what's available now.

Of course you're in this game. You're in mike's party, the one that gets more screen time in the demo.
* Buizel cough

Also...I've always associated paladins with (low-level) healing/support magic...

Sondow's not a chick. I tried to find the closest match to the original for each character and the male paladin face/sprite happened to be best for Sondow. Yes, I realise it looks slightly feminine, especially with the circlet on his head, but it is a guy.

TSCA2 demo is now available for RPG Maker VX! If you liked the RPG Maker 2003 version or even the RPG Maker 2000 port you will love this one*!

The new demo which includes Chapter 2 is now out! Download (45.9 MB)

I still have the old demo from last year up as well, if anyone would like that as well. Download (37.6 MB)

These downloads contain everything needed to play the game, including the RPG Maker VX RTP. To run the game, simply open the Game.exe file, which has a unicorn icon.

Controls (note that this is meant to be played on a gamepad; the keys in parentheses are what the buttons are mapped to by default):
A (Shift) : Outside of battle, allows you to dash. Also used to speed up text during conversations.
B (X, Esc, Num 0) : Cancel. Also used to open the menu.
C (Z, Enter, Space) : Confirm.
X (A) : On the equip screen, removes the selected piece of equipment without having to select Unequip from the equipment list. On the field, it opens a special menu for using certain field items.
Y (S) : No effect.
Z (D) : No effect.
L (Q, Page Up) : In a long list (longer than a page), scrolls the list up one page.
R (W, Page Down) : In a long list, scrolls the list down one page.
Arrow keys - Moves the cursor in the direction specified. Also used to switch between characters in battle, and on status and equipment screens.
F1 - Opens the Game Properties window. Includes the options to play in full-screen, reduce screen flickering, turn music and sound on/off, and map buttons to your gamepad and keyboard.
F2 - Show FPS. Pretty self-explanatory. The magic number here is 60.
F12 - Resets the game. Brings you back to the title screen, as if you had pressed an invisible Reset button.

I call this a remake in that while most of the storyline and dungeon features are the same as the original version, I do change a few things around. I will also mention that, like the RM2000 port, there are secrets waiting to be found, but I doubt you'll find them...

Revision History:
0.04b - First public release.
0.04c - Fixed an issue regarding item interaction with Sondow.
0.04d - Added passive abilities, enabled magical critical hits, fixed a bug regarding surprise encounters.
0.04e - Changed functionality of Prevailing Wind, enabled auto-equipping of the Magatama.
0.04f - Bats now have a weaker version of Vampirism.
0.04g - Partial fix to certain events which crashed the game.
0.04h - Introduced the SP system.
0.05 - First public release of Chapter 2 demo.
0.05a - Decreased Triple Slash's damage and increased Sunburn's damage.

* not a guarantee

Well would you look at that. MORE conclusive proof that FF is plotting against mike!
Yeah, totally.

Anyway, I took this like two years ago and got the same result as when I took it just a few minutes ago:

White. How unsurprising seeing as how I'm always looking out for you all, rite?!

Wikkity! / Re: ITT TSC plays Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!
« on: May 28, 2010, 01:14:37 am »
Kind of stopped playing my Pale Draconian character (also I was playing on version 0.5.2) in favour of a Purple Draconian character (now on version 0.6.0!). Made a really dumb mistake when I decided not to eat, trying to be conservative with my food, and died of starvation... :/ I had not taken into account that I was encumbered; was going to my stash on D:12 and was hoping I'd faint from lack of food before starving to death but that didn't happen. I even had a Book of Annihilations that I had found on D:7...

Oh well, I had made mistakes in that game anyway. I had such a rough time trying to damage anything, so in a sense I'm almost glad I have to start over. It didn't help that the deeper Lair levels seemed to each have at least one unique in them (Lair:7 had three, even...who was that Maud person anyway?).

Mistakes include but are not limited to: Not choosing the fire magic book at the beginning, not becoming a follower of Sif Muna as soon as I was able to, and general poor choice of spells learned. As I said, it was so hard trying to do any damage until I was able to learn Poison Arrow, which helped immensely. Sadly, I was not able to enjoy it for long...

morgue file

Perhaps the biggest drawback from this is that my new purple draconian has the misfortune of having the other one's ghost haunting D:12. I was at XP 11 when I first encountered it; its bolts of draining quickly dashed my hopes of defeating it as my HP dipped into the red and my XP level went down to 10. As such, I'm cut off from the upper levels of the dungeon, at least for now.

I've completed the Lair and the Hive and did two levels of the Swamp before meeting up with Mara, who proved to be too much for me to handle, what with his illusions and misleading and all. Also swamp drakes. So for now I've just gone down the main dungeon, and am currently finished with D:21. Hoping to learn Fire Storm soon; finally got the success rate for it up from Useless to Terrible!

My selection of spells is much better this time around:
- Sublimation of Blood is just pure awesome since it lets me recover MP quickly and I don't have to keep using the Channel Energy ability.
- Sting is great for a level 1 spell since it poisons, I usually use this instead of Magic Dart, unless I really need Magic Dart's accuracy.
- Mephitic Cloud is amazing against enemies not resistant to poison; this spell is excellent at giving me a little breathing room when I get surrounded.
- Conjure Flame stops some enemies from chasing me down corridors, allowing me to quickly and safely kill them; those that the spell doesn't stop will at least take damage crossing it.
- Sticky Flame is great for poison resistant enemies. I usually use both it and Sting for excellent damage over time.
- Throw Flame is the spell I usually use once my enemies are burning and poisoned. I also use this to train Fire Magic since it's my cheapest Fire Magic spell.
- Poison Arrow helps me put dents in enemies with both fire and poison resistance (like dragons), not to mention it poisons regardless of resistance (except for the undead).
- Resist Poison for when I need rPois. The only equipment I have that grants rPois is my staff of poison, and I'd rather have my staff of fire equipped for maximum damage with my fire magic.
- Regeneration helps get my health up quickly. I can also use it to counter the HP loss incurred when I use Sublimation of Blood when I don't have a chunk to use it on.
- Blink I rarely use anymore, but it's saved me time and time again, mostly in the early game.
- Throw Icicle is for those with cold vulnerabilities (like dragons). I don't really use this that often; I don't even have Ice Magic at level 1 yet.
- My other spells are Magic Dart, Summon Small Mammals and Poison Weapon. I rarely use these; in fact I don't think I've ever used Poison Weapon--the only reason I learned it was because I wanted to have a spell to train Enchantments, but Regeneration and Resist Poison typically fill that role now.

Basically, I only use magic now; it's very rare that I use my weapons, or even my wands. Also, if I did the scoring calculations correctly I should be up to 130,000 points in this game! Current progress file is here.

EDIT: And...died. Was on D:23 and happened across Frederick. Tried confusing him but he had drunk a potion of speed and quickly kept recovering from it. I really should've used my own potion of speed, but I didn't think he'd hit so hard (notice the killing blow dealt 54 damage). I had just reached level 17, too. Oh well...142,165 points! Pretty sure that beats everything else here. The worst part, I think, is that since I didn't destroy the previous ghost back at D:12, it's going to be there for my next unfortunate character...and now there's another one on D:23...hopefully my next character will be strong enough by then to destroy them!

morgue file

Guess I should finish up my pale draconian game, now...

Personally I think SG is gonna keep pwning all the records that were in a way "Perfect".
Sonic/Shadow levels, at least. We'll have to see about the other levels.

Also I should note that between Paragod, PoT and brian you all only hold 25 of the 41 S/S records. Better get playing!

Wikkity! / Re: ITT TSC plays Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!
« on: May 05, 2010, 01:19:04 pm »
Been playing this for a few days now; I blame you all for distracting me from my CotW Expert Only run >:O

Been playing as a DrPr and am on my fifth game.

Lost my first one to Sigmund. The lessons I learned from this game were "don't melee stuff" and "keep your distance."
Lost my second one to some gnolls. Lesson learned: "Don't get trapped in nets."
Lost my third one to a kobold (LOL). Lesson learned: "Cursed weapons suck, especially when they're worse than -1."
Lost my fourth one to an ogre. Lesson learned: "Ogres do a lot of damage. Don't let them get next to you."

My current character is doing fairly well so far; it's the first one to have reached level 7 and change colour, this one to Pale (grey) so it can breathe steam, which has been a real lifesaver since I've gotten it, since it obscures vision and deals lasting damage (so even a miss does a little bit of damage), not to mention that it's hard to resist (and that I take no damage from it). Its food consumption had regulated its usage before, but now I have an artifact amulet of the gourmand so it has become somewhat less of an issue, though I still have problems at times due to the fact that I'm worshiping Zin, who doesn't like me eating the flesh of "intelligent" creatures. And no I'm not switching gods, ok. As I've told PsyMar several times in chat: "Axioms of Law! >_>" Besides that, I have had 17 honeycombs that I got from raiding a bee's nest with 40 bees (though it took quite a while to kill them all).

So anyway, I've gone down twelve fourteen seventeen twenty-two levels in the main dungeon, and am currently trying to think about where I should get two other runes to complete the game.

Also I would like to note that going through The Swamp without poison resistance sucks. I highly recommend against doing it. You will waste a ton of resources.

Also, if I did the score calculation correctly, I should have over NINE THOUSAND 50,000 80,000 140,000 points currently~

Also attached pic is lol (see item k).

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:21:35 am »
Okay, time for Honourable Mentions! For these write-ups, the text from flyby has a slight red tint and the text from me has a slight blue tint. Color codes removed because people actually use the Chaos Angel and Classic Cerulean skins! :O

The party hat. Examples include <:D <:o <:) <:(, etc.
This is the emoticon that has the ability to be given and received!

Mar 05 11:45:32 <flyby> here have a party hat: <
Mar 05 11:45:50 <Eisman> <:D

Occasionally we have a party at TSC, and then it is time to put on a party hat!

Mar 06 12:46:09 <Zephyr> so now we're having a random party! <:D

Mar 31 16:57:11 <RingRush> congratulations
Mar 31 16:57:14 <Carlos> :o
Mar 31 16:57:15 <Carlos> you win
Mar 31 16:57:15 <RingRush> party hats everyone <:D
Mar 31 16:57:24 <Carlos> <:O
Mar 31 16:57:28 <RingRush> also old
Mar 31 16:57:30 <Carlos> <:O!!!
Mar 31 16:57:46 <RingRush> <:O!!!

Zeph notes: I'd also like to point out that we don't have enough parties in the chatroom so let's throw more okay people?!

flyby was supposed to do this one but she suggested just putting a large D:. When I asked her to elaborate a bit she came up with this: "The shock, the horror, how could that just have happened! How could they just have said that? How could -I- just have said that! This and many more are the various and subtle meanings of D:" That's a bit better, though I'd like to add that to me D: seems to represent a sort of bummed attitude. Translated (roughly) into English D: means "onos/oh noes." I'd also like to note that you'll see it a lot when Quartz shoots Dhaos.

I'm mostly including this because the person I associate it with is SJ, maker of the Funniest Comments of TSC. Indeed, it has been mentioned several times in chat that we would like to hear SJ comment while he's playing for our own amusement. If you haven't already, I suggest reading my old compilation of SJ's comments to see many of SJ's more amusing comments (that were made at the time of writing), as well as my personal top picks. While SJ is the most frequent user of >_<, it should be noted that others do use it too: other frequent users include DsS, FF, Achlys, and RR.

Some of my top picks for >_< include the following (go here for the full list):
[17:05:50] <ShadowJacky> omg, if I could kick my own ass, I would right now  >_<

[02:29:51] <ShadowJacky> wow, whats with all of the vids?
[02:30:06] <Zeph> ok fine SJ, no more vids ok >:(
[02:30:12] <ShadowJacky> NO
[02:30:19] <ShadowJacky> DAMMIT!
[02:30:26] <ShadowJacky> STOP THAT PK!
[02:30:27] <ShadowJacky> >_<

[19:15:38] <ShadowJacky> man I fail >_<

[01:54:02] <ShadowJacky> maybe I just suck >_<

[22:04:58] <flyby> this is what i said - In conclusion - meeting TSC folks is cool. Who will we meet next! Join us next time on Rolken & flyby: Wild Jungle.
[22:05:13] <ShadowJacky> will there be bloopers?
[22:05:15]  * ShadowJacky shit
[22:05:23] <ShadowJacky> *shot
[22:05:52] <ShadowJacky> who's idea was it to have "i" and "o" next to each other >_<
[22:06:40] <flyby> oh haha
[22:06:42] <flyby> i was like
[22:06:42] <flyby> what
[22:06:43] <flyby> lol
[22:06:48] <flyby> that is awesome sj

[14:31:51] <Spinballwizard> I don't remember the last time I game-overed in s3k >_>
[14:32:09] <Spinballwizard> I'm certain it's been years
[14:32:12] <ShadowJacky> probably because you gained a shot load of lives
[14:32:18] <ShadowJacky> *shit
[14:32:19] <ShadowJacky> >_<
[14:32:21] <DsS> lmao shot load

[16:58:23] <ShadowJacky> fuck this shit
[16:58:27] <ShadowJacky> love this game
[16:58:38] <ShadowJacky> but dammit does speedrunning ruin everything you love >_<

[22:20:08] <Koshi> Why's everyone think I have something to do with Yoshi >_<

[22:20:59] <Thorn> fuck the lot of you >_<

[17:31:46] <Minus> That song is waaay to seriously old to be referring to 69 like that.  >_<

[06:27:24] <FuzZerd> its because I used to be an idiot and thought 50 was a really good time >_<

[10:13:04] <flyingfox> god I'm dumb >_<

Yeah, I realise that list was a bit long but you have to admit they are so entertaining! Also I should note that I myself have never used it when irritated; all my lines that include >_< are either quotes or elements in a list.

I'm including this in here because I find it to be so amusing, and because it was #9 on flyby's initial list. It amuses me in that one of the person's eyes grows so comically (or does the other one shrink?) and that whenever I see it I mentally translate it into something along the lines of "what the...?!" Which is basically what the emote means, anyway; the person is weirded out by something. Unless both eyes are big, like O_O, which means, like, total awe or horror or something. o_o is also used on occasion, though it looks very strange to me because it looks like a zombie. Anyway I should note that these emotes tend to only amuse me when used by certain people, like SJ, FF, or mike. Don't ask me why, okay; it just does.

This is on here because it is probably the most unique TSC emote. According to my logs Upth used it first. I don't think it even became popular enough to become a fad, but most of us still remember it. As of this writing, the chat stats page has only 76 recorded uses of this emote over the last 16 months, so you know it hasn't been used much at all. I couldn't find many good lines with it so I'll post the best one I could find:

[23:38:49] <Stefan> this will be my !? replacement: %^(

A shame it doesn't see more use, see as how it's unique to TSC.

And now, our Dishonourable Mention:

Perhaps the stupidest emoticon to ever exist, >__________> (and its friends of varying lengths) is pretty much just an admission that what you said was incredibly stupid. Of course, we all use it, because we all say lots of dumb things! But at least we'll admit it when it's true. And that's just what this emoticon is for. So go ahead and use it, and realize it is the stupidest emoticon out there, but be proud. Stupidity reigns!
Zeph notes: I should also note that a majority of its use comes from FKE, not that I'm implying anything. <_< >_>

Well, that's it for this iteration of the Top Tens! Hopefully someone will care enough to work on the Top Tens in October so we won't have to throw stuff together at the last minute!

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