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And preferably show how you did it. I've had no reason to believe that any of Hunters' records were cheated before I came along, even though a lot of people were very suspicious of them. I mean, I BEAT some of those times and showed how I did it, so clearly it was legitimately possible. What I find disheartening isn't that my times are beaten at all, Hunters is very skilled after all. What I find disheartening is that I put hours and hours into analysing Boss behaviour, new exploits and ways to land faster first hits whilst manipulating co-operative AI, then I manage to scrape out an IL WR by frames after maybe weeks of research and finally confirming a theoretical idea...

... Then Hunters beats it next day because he then has the video as a reference point to show exactly how to beat the Boss fast. And doesn't provide any substantial evidence to show that he's doing it legitimately. It's clear that he cares very much about being the SA2B Boss Champion, because he'll take back any time that gets beaten. Why should I assume that in his eagerness and pride to retain his top spot, that he wouldn't just BS a stat because it's unfalsifiable?

This is NOT a good system for fostering competition. I will continue to work on SA2B Bosses because I want to see how far they can be pushed, but I'm getting awfully sick of my hard work being apparently obsoleted in a fraction of the time I put into it just because I'm bothering to document it properly and provide examples for people to follow.

I'd just like to point out that this record was only broken due to a Dreamcast-only exploit causing the ingame timer to start late, similar to the Big Foot record.

If you were looking for a super-optimised fight, that's still up in the air. If I ever get my hands on a Dreamcast, I might work on this.

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