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News and Updates / Re: We're back, but submissions are disabled temporarily
« on: December 04, 2020, 09:22:46 am »
I wasn't aware of it or of anything else. It is nice to see the activity still continues

News and Updates / Re: We're back, but submissions are disabled temporarily
« on: November 28, 2020, 05:54:57 pm »
The website still stays without submissions from a very long while now. Is there any progress done towards fixing the problem ? What is the situation right now ?

Nice, so I will do more Ring Attacks for Encore mode then.

So, can I spend more then 10 minutes for Ring Attacks in Encore Mode ? I need more time to properly max some levels.

I can confirm the post from above about the time limit in encore mode. I forced the game to speed up by holding backspace with the DevMenu activated. The timer goes from 59"59'99 to 0"00'0. When doing this the "TIME" display flashes in red but there's no time over as I waited another 60 minutes and it looped to 0 again. What should be the rule about the time limit in encore mode ?

The Oil Ocean zone cutscene death glitch is also possible on several other levels. This video shows it for chemical plant zone 1 (1:26), Press Garden zone 1 (9:54), Oil Ocean zone 1 (18:18). It also shows a way to corrupt Oil ocean zone 1 just after.
I suggest applying the rule to all levels instead : "You can't die during a stage transition in such a way the next level will load with a frozen timer."

About the special stages, I think getting the emerald or not depends on the stat to submit. Stats like the time in both Sonic 4 games should require the emerald to be obtained to save your stat (else you just ram into goal blocks, red spheres, holes or such to loose on purpose as fast as possible). Sonic CD does that well, you need to destroy all the UFOs to get your time.
However stats like rings on Sonic 1 (genesis and GBA versions) and 4 shouldn't require the emerald since you can get the rings and they remain whatever you win or loose the stage.
About Sonic Mania I would say doing it the best way to get the highest score, getting the emerald or not as the score remains at the end. I think the emerald is better on some stages to save more rings for more points but you can also just fall in a hole (in other stages) after getting the last possible "BONUS!".
I don't know much about other Sonic games, some even lack a special stage chart (like S1GG).

Maybe we can get more opinions from other people. I'm sceptic about mania.

I'm happy to see the new entries for the chart, I will submit my old Encore videos.

Question : Is it required to finish the levels in encore mode in under 10 minutes ? Because I don't see any way to activate a time limit in encore. (I can do it in Mania but not in Encore). This isn't listed in the rules. Same question for the time limit in Mania mode with the new versions ?
If the time is not an issue I may submit even more Ring Attacks.

Also a random question I couldn't find an answer yet. In all Sonic games with Special Stage charts that involve Rings and / or score to submit, is it mandatory to "win" the special stage by getting the chaos emerald at the end or can we just fail at getting it and still submit the stat ? I didn't find this in the rules neither.

You probably want to add a rule in Sonic Mania to prevent the use of cheat codes as well (such as Sonic having peel out + insta shield + drop dash abilities all together)

I didn't consider a freestyle option like it exists for some other games which is actually a good idea for that case if wanting to keep old stats.
You are also right about the fact that people update their games when they can + new people buying the game now will probably only have the last version as well which leads to only a very few players keeping the previous versions. I suppose that number of players being far too low to be worth splitting the charts. The chart for the old versions may never have entries on it.

If keeping only a single chart, I'm still clueless about what to do with the old stats. Some obvious ones won't have their places anymore on it, but that's not the case for all of them.

My opinions are the following :

We can keep the current chart and add a new one exclusively for the last versions (which should include encore, Mighty and Ray too). This is already done with Sonic CD as the original and the 2011 versions are distinct. This can also eliminate the doubt for stats without proof : Were they done without the slope bug and such ? By submitting stats on a new chart that specifically requires the newest versions, people can keep their old stats (and won't be disappointed as they won't be deleted) and we can be sure the new stats won't have the bugs from the previous versions.

Warnings can be written on both charts (like it is written for the original Sonic CD) to let players know in which chart they should submit their stats. It can be nice to explain a way to check the version they are using.

Current stats done with a video proof that didn't use an old version specific move (jump on slopes and such) can be ported to the new chart on levels that were unchanged.
Maybe hold a log of fixes or such between versions (that can be enriched over time by what the players find and have found in the past) for possible stats (or simply not do it if it's too complicated to trust)

Stats done with the new version may (?) still be added to the older chart, excluding specific cases (stardust speedway act 2 boss and shield carried in act 2 from act 1 that are not available without the pinball bonus stage). Should a video proof be necessary in that case ?

Maybe someone can host a link somewhere on the site to download V1.03 (and maybe V1.00 too ?) so everyone can access it easily but I think that's illegal.

What do you think ?

As far as rings are concerned, some stats can only be done on certain versions.

- Green Hill act 1 had a glitch in version 1.00 where you could access to Knuckles' section as Sonic and Tails to get more rings + a giant ring too.
- Rings for Studiopolis act 2 are done better on 1.03 and before due to the need to enter a blue spheres level to cancel the super form. In next versions the blue shperes are replaced by the pinball bonus stage once you get all the golden medals.
- Rings for Hydrocity act 2 are done by starting with a lighting shield which can only be obtained in the new bonus stage that came with 1.04 and encore mode as there's no lighting shield in act 1.
- Lava Reef act 1 has a new transition in 1.04 that gives 6 rings if you start from Oil Ocean act 2 that cannot be done on previous versions.
- Titanic Monarch act 2 has a patch of rings with twice the value it should have (in 1.03, like the rings in Metropolis zone 2 in Sonic 2) that has been fixed in the next versions.

Any score done involving those rings is affected as well.

I use both 1.03 and Plus when submitting my stats but I don't have a console with 1.00

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Forces Competition Now Live
« on: March 05, 2019, 05:45:00 am »
Seeing new charts being added to the site, I wonder if it is possible to add more charts for Sonic Mania's DLC. Things to add should be entries for Mighty and Ray and also Encore mode.
I already did some Ring Attacks for Encore mode and I suppose people already made speedruns for individual levels too.

Competition Central / Re: Sonic Mania Competition Rules
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:14:32 am »
Forgot to mention the cool bonus. It is determined by the following conditions :

Starts with a value of 10000 and decreases by 1000 each time your character takes damage, of any kind (loosing shield, loosing rings or car accidents in titanic monarch). Basically anything triggering the "hit" sound + damaged animation counts. Ice in press garden act 2 not tested so far
Is set to 0 if loosing a life
Is only set back to 10000 after finishing a level with the tally and leaving a level to go back to the menu (with pause -> exit). (restarting by pause or devMenu doesn't set it back to 10000)

Also dieing in encore mode and restarting from a checkpoint seems to reset the rings in the level but not your rings count, neither the timer. In encore it can go over 10 minutes without a time over. Such deaths can occur if both characters fall in void, drown or get crushed at the same time. This is also something to consider.
Can the time be unlimited in encore ?
Should restarts from a checkpoint be forbidden if both characters get killed ?

Competition Central / Re: Sonic Mania Competition Rules
« on: July 25, 2018, 05:57:55 am »
I have to bring something else on the table by now.

2 new versions have been released by now and there are several differences between them all that have consequences on the charts and what can be submitted.

Old versions have a glitch allowing Knuckles to glide though an entire level (except objects) and cross the finish line in time attack mode. This is done by interrupting the climbing animation by any kind of way then you glide again and you are done.

Second glitch in those versions is there's a way to get into Knuckles' section of green hill act 1 by going left, past a group of spikes and falling against the wall there. That allows more Rings to be collected and possibly getting a higher score by the same way.

V1.03 (first PC version) fixes those so they can't be replicated anymore. And by now, with the updates on the game I guess it is not possible anymore to get those previous versions to do those glitches.

V1.04 brings new transitions and changes the boss fight in stardust speedway act 2. This breaks Lava Reef act 1's Ring and Score charts as you get 6 more Rings if you start from completing Oil Ocean act 2 but you can't get them in any other way nor in older versions. The boss fight isn't problematic for now, but if something involves it later this should be taken into account. There are not the same number of Rings in this boss fight than in the previous one.
Finally, time overs can be disabled and Sonic's ability can be changed on saved games.
Continues can be obtained on saved games but it doesn't matter anyway.

Final revision (Sonic Mania Plus) involes considerable changes with 2 new characters and the encore mode.
- Mighty and Ray are both playable in all modes (Mania, Time Attack and Encore)
- Time Attack tally is changed to indicate the ranks (local and online) meaning you don't get a bonus for your time and rings when finishing a level in that mode.
- New pinball bonus stage allows additionnal Rings and items to be collected outside of the main level (like S3&K bonus stages). This stage is playable in encore and in Mania after getting all the golden blue spheres medals.
- PC version has a glitch in special stages where you can press a button to instantly get a speed bonus. You can repeat this as many times as you want.
- Encore mode has some roulette boxes cycling though all items. Those are painful for Ring Attacks.

With all those changes, what should be done with the charts and possibly new rules ? Should Mania have more charts or Mania plus created as a separate game ? In that case, can any record submited for Mania be pasted back into Sonic Mania Plus ? Here are my suggestions :

Ban anything that can be done in one version but not in others, or compensate if possible. This includes :
- Knuckles glide glitch (ban)
- Green hill act 1 Knuckles' section glitch (ban)
- Separate charts involving stardust speedway boss fight, restrict to one boss fight only or Time Attack only (choose)
- Can't start Lava Reef's act 1 from finishing Oil Ocean act 2 (can't start on the submarine)
- Time over must not be disabled. Glitch to stop time over by turning super is to be banned.
- Bonuses from finishing a level in Time Attack mode can be added to your final score if they are not in your version. Bonuses are 100x your Rings. Time bonuses are :
• Time < 30 seconds = 50000
• 30 seconds < Time < 1 minute = 4000
• 1 minute < Time < 2 minutes = 3000
• 2 minutes < Time < 3 minutes = 2000
• 3 minutes < Time < 4 minutes = 1000
• 4 minutes < Time < 5 minutes = 500
• 5 minutes < Time < 6 minutes = 100
• 6 minutes < Time < 9:59 minutes = 0
• 9:59 minutes < Time = 100000 (to be banned)
(correct me if I'm wrong)
- Pinball bonus stage is to be forbidden. If using this in studiopolis act 2 for rings and score, everything got inside should be substracted from your final score. For that level, use blue spheres if you can unless you prove you couldn't.
- In special stages, getting any bonus by any other way than filling the gauge with spheres (or getting an arrow box) voids the run.
- Imputting codes by using level select screen is to be forbidden. (For example a code to get all Sonic abilities together).

How the charts should be changed is up to you. What should be added are :
- mighty and ray charts for times, rings and scores
- encore levels for time, rings and scores (characters don't matter)
- encore special stages in special charts.

Competition Central / Re: Sonic Mania Competition Rules
« on: February 04, 2018, 10:15:18 am »
More about all the RA I did, the only level that has to be done in Time Attack for a RA is Stardust Speedway act 2 because of the boss fight which is way too long.

About the monitors, only life monitors are changed to ring monitors in that mode, there are always more Rings available from the large Rings than from transformed life monitors, so Mania mode is the way to go. Giant Rings are unavailable in Time Attack and there are never enough life monitors to compensate them (one large ring = 5 lifes through the level) even in Metallic Madness Act 2 it is still better to get only one large Ring in Mania than playing it in TA. So Mania > TA in every way except Stardust Speedway act 2. TA shouldn't be banned for RAs considering you'll have inferior stats compared to Mania mode.

Studiopolis act 2 is very unique on its own with the super lotto spamming mechanic, it is seen nowhere else in the game. As several records + videos have been done for this, I suggest letting the super forms and lotto abuse available. Also super forms are available at will in Sonic 4 episode 2 to turn monitors into Ring ones, you quickly transform, break the monitor then revert. Considering that fact, I think it's better to leave that level like this, or not banning the super forms overall (at least for RAs)

Blue Sphere stages bring nothing more to the runs except in RAs for Studiopolis act 2 to cancel the super form. However in all other levels, those stages should be avoided in RAs, as I exited those stages some monitors appeared broken throughout entire levels whereas I never touched them. That happened several times on several levels as well. They don't save any second for speedruns (unlike S3&K) and you get nothing from them. So in my opinion, those stages should be avoided except in Studiopolis act 2.

For time stats, they are better done in TA as there are no boss to fight in that mode and no way to turn super. Using Mania for time only bring problems as the bosses are usually too long to fight, penalising super forms anyway. I suggest using TA for time stats.

About AI partners I think you can use them but without manipulating them. (no flight with Tails nor glide with Knuckles) as if you use that, then even in a video, how can you prove you didn't use a second controller for this ? The best way is to use them like in S2/S3/S3&K, but not ban them as they are needed for some stats (Rings in hydrocity act 2 and maybe doubled score mechanics like in S2/S3).

For SA, special stages must be banned as they can really break the score on any level with the crazy mach bonuses, and redoing a full playthrough just to get the special stages available on a specific level to bump the score has no point to be done at all. Mania mode is better used for scores with 1000 points from the bosses at the end and hidden monitors with the signpost. However it is mandatory to ban infinite score with a signpost, limiting it to 100 points is OK. Also the 100000 points bonus for finishing in 9:59:XXX is to be banned. Too easy to get in TA (and with a glitch in Mania) and 100000 for doing nothing or a bad run to beat a good one feels bad.

Finally 2 more notes to conclude, DevMenu for the PC version to retry the special stages at will must be left allowed. This is to retry the stages with as less problems as possible, with unlimited retries and also to reach the later stages without needing to complete the previous ones. Non PC users can use debug mode to enter the special Stages quicklier than normal, but for nothing else than submitting special stage stats. Debug should be otherwise banned.

One last thing to ban is turning super when the timer reaches 10 minuts to survive the time over. You won't die and remain normal. Also the timer will stay frozen to 9:59:999 for an easy 100000 points time bonus and you can stay in a level as long as you want. Definitely something to be banned.

Competition Central / Sonic Mania ranking error ?
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:24:02 am »
I'm just making a quick topic to say that the ranking for the Ring leaders in Sonic Mania look like reversed on the page :

Those rankings should be fixed by descending points or ascending %. Other charts are fine for now.

Competition Central / Sonic Mania ranking error ?
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:18:40 am »
I'm just making a quick topic to say that the ranking for the Ring leaders in Sonic Mania look like reversed on the page :

Those rankings should be fixed by descending points or ascending %. Other charts are fine for now.

You're right TimpZ, I didn't think to cheat codes, but that's pretty obvious, the person just pauses the game right before the end, enters the codes to change the values, resumes and finishes, then takes the screenshot (which looks fair this way). In that sense, that fully invalidates a screenshot considering one can cheat before making it.

For the next point, I agree too. Having that kind of situation happening would be totally disgusting. Having a video for proof is better to see the player didn't cheat, ensuring he got the record fairly.

So, I'll try to record those games with a phone in the future (once I find a good position for it). That should preserve the speed of the games and still fulfill the rules.

Thank you for the answer, I was desperate at the idea of not finding a solution nor having a correct rendering in the videos. If just seeing what the player does is enough for a record to be proved and accepted, then I fully accept the new rule.

That rule gives me some troubles. I agree that's an essential rule to add to the site to show the ways to get the records (as said below, no secrets anymore) and to prevent cheating. I was proud of all the videos I posted with my records.

However, the big problem I have with this rule are the emulator and game performences when recording, essentially the speed of the games. On my computer, those just run at 100% speed (60 FPS), 1 second in the game being 1 second in real life. However while recording, the speed drops a lot, meaning I can't really submit stats anymore because of the slowdown it causes. (genesis emulators are perfect, but I did everything I could do with these games)

And if I can't use an internal recording feature, I'll have to do it with something that makes trash videos, like a phone. And nowadays, I guess nobody wants to watch 240p videos of a lighten up screen when you can barely see what's the player is doing (and with (black) bands flowing on it too)

I planned RAing Sonic unleashed again, as the PS2 emulator finally runs at 100% speed on my PC (120% without the frame limiter, it just barely does it). I'll really enjoy being able to post those ring stats, but I guess there won't be any way for me to do so now. (unless I can post screenshots, I took some of them)

Even the PC games are just fine when I play them normally, but slow when I record them as well...

Another thing I want to know is why a screenshot is not enough to prove a record ? For me, showing an act ending with all the results should make it for some stats (like rings or time, score is something else)or at least a slow (but small) video done just when completing a stage to show the stats should do it.

Anyway, I think it's time for me to leave. Posting and recording those past rings and score stats was a great moment I got across in my life, I guess I have to turn the page. I posted such stats in every game I could play and record, most of them are maxed and there are no more to post to complete the charts)

General Sonic / Re: which special stage do you hate the most?
« on: February 06, 2015, 04:23:05 am »
The worst is the first special stage in Sonic 1. Getting all the 104 rings is a torture here. It is even harder and worse on the GBA game because of the broken R and physics.

I want to try Sonic Generations and Sonic 4, but my PC can't run them... If I had the hardware for this, I would try Sonic 6

Competition Central / Re: WTF
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:05:25 pm »
The submissions system must be improved to instantly delete these kinds of "records" and instantly kick/ban the player. I guess this soiled the rewards list of numerous players for nothing.

Competition Central / Re: Is this speedrun OK for you ?
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:58:16 am »
Yes, I did it with no TAS, so I will submit it. Thanks. (And I'm sure it can be much better with TAS, maybe 1:03...)

Competition Central / Is this speedrun OK for you ?
« on: January 22, 2015, 09:49:45 am »
The old Flying Battery 1:04 record with Tails has been erased because it was done by a cheater (banned now). I did 1:04 myself without TAS and I want to know your opinion about it. Should I submit the record or not ?

The speedrun is here :

Competition Central / Re: Quick question - S3 RA
« on: January 06, 2015, 06:29:03 am »
You can do this for all the levels with hidden ring boxes hidden in the ground. You can also start any act 2 with these boxes discovered to get even more rings.

Wikkity! / Re: Topic 11 - Have you ever had a WTF moment in-game?
« on: January 03, 2015, 06:07:10 am »
In Sonic 2 (SMS) version, I tried to do the glitch in sky High act 1 to try to get 380 rings, but I missed the collapsing ground and lost my ring. However, for an unknown reason, I collected the ring and I died just after (the game displayed "[ring]01") and I died, I said WTF lol.

And now aonther one. In a failed speedrun attempt of crystal egg act 1, I jumped on the spikes without taking damage, it was really weird, I still don't understand what happened :

Competition Central / Re: The Random .giz Topic
« on: January 01, 2015, 11:36:36 am »
Sonic 2 (SMS version) Sky High act 1 380 rings (Thanks a lot to Werster for showing the glitch)

Competition Central / Re: Sonic 2 (GG) Aqua lake act 1 240 Rings
« on: December 31, 2014, 06:28:20 pm »
Thanks for your help. I made a video of it now.

Competition Central / Sonic 2 (GG) Aqua lake act 1 240 Rings
« on: December 31, 2014, 01:47:01 pm »
I request help because I can't complete this RA, Flying Fox's video "doesn't exist" and there's no .giz file available to show how it's done.

I tried at least 1000 jumps on that diagonal spring but I can't get the ring in the midair. This includes all the kinds of jumps which are :
- Rolling and jumping on the spring (at left, middle and right)
- Use the left spring, roll and jump on the spring (at left, middle and right)
- Roll, jump on the right spring and land on the spring (at left, middle and right)
None of them worked.

Then I tried getting the 10 rings box underwater, but I can't get out of the water after I get the box.

So, how can I get 240 Rings on this stage ?

Wikkity! / Re: Topic 6 - What's your favorite soundtrack from a Sonic game?
« on: December 24, 2014, 10:59:21 am »
Sonic Unleashed (Wii/PS2) Eggman BOSS (day)

Wikkity! / Re: Topic 4 - What's your favorite competition category?
« on: December 22, 2014, 06:18:33 am »
Mine is forever Ring Attack of course !
These are easier to do than anything else since the time is not important in this category. Also, I like exploring the levels and get everything inside them, allowing me to know everything inside them.

I'm on the fence. I loved doing Time Attacks in SAdva3 for years, and to some extent still do, but now it'll be tough for me to beat some of them. Most of them are pretty solid.

Ring Attacks are a new thing for me though. Exploring levels for all the ring locations is pretty neat. True, competing for time isn't a big deal here, but sometimes in this game you're competing against the 10-minute time limit. So then the route through the level means something. Planning a route from start to end that hits all the important points quickly is a hard and interesting (and frustrating) problem...

When I get back into SA2B, ring runs will be much simpler. I might prefer score runs there because there's actually a good amount of skill needed.

Planning the route for the Ring Attacks can be a little hard sometimes, but there's generally nothing harder than this, except the trolling jumps and glitches like in Carnival Night, Oil Ocean act 2 Underground act 1 or Icecap act 2. As soon as you get a right route (there may be more routes than just only 1 unique route) you just have to collect the rings and it's over. Except in S3K, you widely have enough time to get all the rings, which gives you more tolerance since everything is not obliged to be perfect like in a Time Attack.
The tips for finding a good route is to chain up everything normally and only visit each section once. This prevents wasting too much time by getting nothing while backtracking.

Wikkity! / Re: Topic 4 - What's your favorite competition category?
« on: December 21, 2014, 12:40:08 pm »
Mine is forever Ring Attack of course !
These are easier to do than anything else since the time is not important in this category. Also, I like exploring the levels and get everything inside them, allowing me to know everything inside them.

Also, I suck terribly at speedrunning. I only did 3 time records and they are the easiest to do...

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