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Hiya Folks / Im Back, Lets get to work!
« on: January 05, 2021, 11:56:27 am »
Ment to take half a year off, but accidentally took half a decade off. but im back. its time to restore the sonic center to its former glory, we wont get there over night but in 2 or 3 years tops we could be the status of greatness like GDQ at least. I believe in all of us and you should too, lets do this guys! woop woop. also... how was the sonic movie?


Leaderboard Disputes / Why is Sonicandamy still banned?
« on: January 05, 2021, 11:38:00 am »
He/she did nothing wrong.  We need to stand by our fellow competitors.

will be your new sonic 3d game

BUT, way more importantly for our veterans, sonic mania!

this is the moment we have all been waiting for! the creators of sonic colors and sonic generations (the only 3d sonic games I personally endorse beside SSR) and sonic mania for the veterans is coming out both in 2017!

lets be honest, the past few years havent been the best years for the TSC community, but I believe with these two games it will reinvigorate the veterans with sonic mania, and inspire the sonic newcomers with generations 2 at the same time. where we can come together and share our best moments of sonic together sparking cross interest between the generations of sonic games.

where our competitive sites ask "do you stand with sonic?" here we say "SONIC STANDS WITH YOU!" and I believe this is the final ho rah from sonic team, if this doesnt work, nothing will.

 im hyped, is anyone else hyped? sonic mania will be amazing, any vet can tell that. now its up to sonic generations 2 to get it right, Im higly optimistic for them.

lets make sonic great again!

***also requesting sticky to front page***
enough with the "I am ded homepage feel"

General Sonic / Post your alcohol
« on: May 05, 2016, 11:13:25 pm »
whether its bertins "best damn rootbeer" or DSS's "angry orchard" this topic is about posting your alcohol of choice.

I'll start, im team ice house for America:

***its a working title***

because apparently flyfox is to hard to beat.

this one is personal,
beat any groudon world record and the first person to do so on any stat with proof will win $25 amazon or paypal. w/e you want.

groudon may not play

Competition Central / [BOUNTY] Sonic 1 GBA 0 Point
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:35:30 pm »
(disclaimer: this is strictly just for fun, and is not ment to attack any player(s))

Prologue: Sonic 1 GBA has 14 players and is 0 point, I dont like that.

MISSION: I have 30 bucks, each "TIME" record you beat is worth 5 bucks

RULES: Im awarding $5 to the first 6 time records broken to claim this you must...

1) beat the record (tieing doesnt count, but hell submit it anyways)
2) you must hold the record for 48 hours, if someone else beats your time (tieing doesnt count) the timer resets for that stat
3) IF a record is beaten, then, and ONLY THEN flying fox is eligible to recapture that record and claim money under the 48 hour rule (FF only tieing you doesnt count).
4) you have to sumbit atleast shitty video proof... maybe we'll except (dont hold me to it though) picture proof? idk yet I need to discuss it with my team.

Conclusion: If you win something you need to PM a paypal email to claim your prize, I'll pay out asap upon confirmation of the validity of your stat which if you ask other ppl that have won prizes, its usually in less than 24 hours.

good luck, have fun :)

Information Kiosk / TSC 5.0
« on: May 25, 2015, 11:05:46 pm »

yes I'm calling this tsc 5.0 because I think tsc 4.0 has been rumored so long now that it is a joke, and this isn't a joke. ~ even though there is some entertainment value.

I'll admit I spent waaay took much time on this than I should have, but this is pretty much extreme alpha artwork ( I'm just one pony, I cant think over everything)

If there is one thing I've noticed with tsc, is that it is very complex by today's standards, which isnt a bad thing, I just think it needs to be hidden behind a beautiful, simple, homepage.

thus I got rid of a lot of junk. rankings brings you to the leaderboards, submit lets you sumbit stats, forums bring you to forums, and all stars tells you any kind of ranking you could possibly want to know. (sitewide leader, untied leader of sonic 2, the ring leader of SPA, the guy with the most untied score records on 2d sonic games, etc)

** note I was back and forth about adding media as a 5th emblem but I ran out of room for it, probably be a good idea though**

I think live chat is important too, so I think even guest need to be auto connented to the right side of the website that connects them to live tsc chat, where they can ask questions if need be.

I was also thinking about incorperating race night themes below new records too, but I dont know much about that side of the site, and I would need help with it.

I still have a lot more ideas to add to this, but this is a start for people play with and tweak.

Information Kiosk / Realistic Suggestion On Moving Forward
« on: May 09, 2015, 10:38:09 pm »
I've been brainstorming A LOT recently. considering all sides of the debate of the emulator/proof subject very carefully. I'm also keeping in mind the fact we have one dev in mind, equally as much. *this is very important, as our resources are limited*

I want to present an idea I've been tweaking in my head for awhile now,
and would like feedback.

Leaving all the current charts alone, I propose gerbilsoft select/copies all the charts, (hoping we have blank drafts of the charts or an easy way to do what I'm proposing) and duplicates them so when you click say "Site champions" it reads I.E. :

sonic 1
sonic 1 (Proven)
sonic 1 2013
Sonic 1 2013 (Proven)


all the "(Proven)" charts will be completely blank, the old charts will also remain.

all stats that go into the "proven" chart will REQUIRE video, or gerbilsofts coding will not let you pass (or send you to rick roll for not reading the rules)

alternatively, if you're one that just absolutely can not record your data for what ever reason you can still submit stats to the charts that arent "Proven". ***emulators are also permitted*** (given you are not purposefully cheating)
If you have a stat on the old chart with a video you can immediately move it over to the new chart. A stat on the new chart can also post to the old chart with no restrictions.

Incentives: for posting your stat on the proven chart you will earn 1.5 or 2 times the sitewide points. (yes, dss with 3k points hype) I know this will be more controversial, I'm just putting it out there but, I really dont want it to be the focus of the topic, but rather debated later.

Positives: a bunch of new charts to submit to. In the long run I think what will be most interesting is the competetion between the proven and unproven charts. For a long time Unproven charts will dominate, but it will be curious to see if players that can keep records can eventually overcome the recordless stats.
Players will also have an active archive on how to tweak strats in order to beat these faceless records

finally: all emulators are banned from "Proven" charts, all of them. with the exception of sonic games that are a pain in the ass to record the OEM versions, which also can be debated at a later time.
Also dont think that means you can cheat on the unproven charts! If you're found cheating you will STILL be banned!

Like I said I spent a lot of time thinking about this and I belive I found the best of all worlds here, proof, accessibility, and dev.

Zeupar gave me permission to show this from a hidden underground bunker:

concept art from the shadows. He said he made this about a year ago. this is a very, yes, rough sketch, but study it thoroughly, a clean format to incorporate proof into the site, and a way to filter unwanted stats.

Im at a loss of what to say now tbh, im excited that admins are actually working on changes. not only Zeup, but FF said shes all in too, and idk what they have planned entirely, as im not apart of that secret place, (really wish working changes and concepts to the site werent hidden though tbh) but I do feel something pretty good is coming down the pipes :)

anyways, any feedback would be appreciated.

Beef / ITT Anti-emulator propaganda
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:24:07 pm »

I dont really give a crap about self promotion, (if you're sub'd please unsub)  and YT doesn't pay me. I only want you to watch the first 41 seconds (the speed run equiped is half assed, and just to make it TSC compliant) this is completely for propaganda reasons.

This isn't a topic to start a fight about emulators, but rather to keep the attack against emulators going strong, if you want to support them, do it in another thread.

Emulators are horrible and promote inequality in our stats.

No one is superior on console.

first off I would like to stress this this is simply just for fun and competition.

For w/e reason I have a sealed copy of Rune factory 4 for the 3ds I found in my house, so I thought I would do a give away. but make it into a bounty.

I want this record broken:

Stroy Time!:
A long time ago (loooong time ago.. 8 years? lol) I tried to beat this, but had no success. In the pass 8 years 2 people have gotten closer than me to beating this. I dont even own the game personally, I barrowed bertin/sylux's version of the game at that time. Your mission is to put this record to sleep.

rules: you must have very good proof you obtained this. In this day and age recording even a shitty video is easy possible. a picture might~ be acceptable but you better have a very good story to go with it.

**PLEASE NOTE** to obtain the prize you will have to disclose personal information with me via PM which will not be shared. in the case your not from the usa.. i might need some time to ship to you since im not familiar with shipping to other countrys/ or I may just award a cash value of the game over paypal.

FAQ's: is RPG allowed to beat this record and win the prize?
A: with the proper proof yes.

...also note if u dont want this prize.. you can still ebay it off and get a pretty penny.. you wont hurt my feelings ^^

Anyways good luck! I think this will be hard, but then again when the tsc community is focused they do really amazing maybe it wont be...

Hello! welcome to 2015!

I read a topic some time ago on tsc about records that have stood for forever. I kept that in mind when I originally did ghost kraken with blaze on SRA, I wanted one of my records to join that group. but here in 2015 i've had a change of heart, I've been inspired by the commitment new players have put into the games, so I want to make a game of sorts of it.

from this point on I will post no new stats to SRA including I wont even work on it behind the scenes all my stats are current.
First person to take my boss leadership wins... uhh 35 bucks (assuming u have a paypal of course or some means of money transfer)
and who ever beats my ghost kraken with sonic FIRST wins 15 bucks

RULES: the first person to beat ghost kraken with sonic is an instant pay out, the person who takes my leadership takes the competition into crisis mode, there is a 2 week limit of a new leader to steal leadership or the game is over. the game will last 1 year. in the event of a tie dealer wins (me)

Im posting the ghost kracken strat here:

diamond is currently in the lead with 8 points away, good luck!

update1: yes the punishment for the release of that strat is u have to watch it sidewards ...:)

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to tukezu, just pm me over ur paypal info and ill send over your reward.

leadership reward is still up for grabs

UPDATE 3: diamond has the leadership, if no one steals it in 2 weeks (by 1-16-15), the game is over.

UPDATE 4: Alaktorn stole the leadership two week limit (from 1-3-15) has been reset.

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: Mariosonic15
« on: April 08, 2014, 11:22:11 pm »
(this topic assumes you are familiar with unlimited colors manipulation on emulator)

I believe this was achieved via emulator

my resources of belief:
this persons video remains but no trace of his stat im guessing because he was banned? but this time was done with emulator 2:26:80 (also note imazor017's run)

also this
while this guide is unverified he knows what he is talking about but again this person is describing an emulated run Backed up by that video I posted above. (if you take it frame by frame)

I've also noticed you have ds SRA TAS runs on youtube and this which seems like a bugged out version of sonic colors.

the missing piece is video proof is a verified console run (which I have but have yet to upload atm) of a "perfect combination run" with fast hits and the quickest cube segment you can hope for on phase 3 according to the footage of my run vs the emulated run the only difference is about .3 seconds on the final hit before unlimited colors, and obviously his unlimited colors activating well before mine. turns into me losing well over a second

edit: this is a good resource to compare to the first link I realize this is overwhelming if you never played ( even to some who have played) but for those who have the time, I want to try an provide all the tools necessary alert people what to look for.

of course without a video I cant confirm 100% this is an emulator. but with all this, this is the closest I can be, that I can believe this time was achieved via emulator without one. Basically your time is more on par with guides and videos of emulated runs of this boss; that is why im calling this into question.

Information Kiosk / The Official Grey Area of the New Rule
« on: April 07, 2014, 09:10:06 pm »
I was really hoping someone else would actually start this, to move the new rule along. This thread is to ask questions regarding the new rule, ranging from super serious, to tin foil hat conspiracies (which might not even get acknowledged.)

Also please note, while this thread will cover potential serious issues I.E. (at least IMO) android and Ios stuff, don't expect it to be jumped onto quickly, unless there's a super serious unforeseeable flaw.

things I think should possibly be brought up in this thread:

- android, Ios

- possible exemptions (complaints that may or may not come in)

- things that are acceptable proof for emulators (IMO I think needs to be addressed rather quickly actually and have a set in stone policy)

- official PC sonic games ( I didn't want to bring this up in the main thread as to not muddy things further but this falls into android, Ios discussion to me)

you get the point... if you have a question, or a concern ask it/discuss it here.

Leaderboard Disputes / Now what do we do?
« on: March 30, 2014, 08:33:08 pm »
first off this is Sonicandamy (do not ban important potential front page material)

More then likely the 1st place time is bs too. But in this run the "unlimited colors" button command shows up to early, as a result of the emulator. mods can research it or w/e but theres no need I researched it throughly its not a bs on purpose its just... it adresses a bigger concern I have with people indirectly bsing; I quit sonic generations cuz I couldnt trust it, and I thought sonic colors was a safe haven but after research I find this. it happens everytime a pc version is permitted to compete with console, which I believe is ok.. when its an official version of the game. but then u have people modding games it brings you back to the accidently indirectly bsing.

Now all emulators should be banned, this proves it, if it hasnt already been proven before. theres very very small changes the emulator can make to have a huge advantage on the competion front. but how many charts have been curropted by this? who knows; Im one person and this took me 2 days for me to figure out what was going on (and I only study bosses). its alot of work to sort out, but it needs to be fixed.

lastly theres alot here to think about, and its not something that can be fixed over night, but the longer we wait the worse its going to be.

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