The story of TSC’s grand re-opening…


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* Topic is “The Sonic Center – – Where we’ve reverted back to normality for the purposes of this chat. | TSC’S BACK TODAY!!!”

* Set by Rolken on Mon Jun 06 11:00:00

<Rolken> MIKE

<Rolken> YOU’RE LATE

<mike89> wtf?

<mike89> what am I late for?

<Rolken> didn’t you get the email?

<mike89> no, what address did you send it to?


<mike89> ah, I don’t use that one

<Rolken> oh, okay

<Rolken> my bad

<mike89> anyway, what am I late for?

<Rolken> well, the GRAND RE-OPENING of TSC is today, so I figured we’d get all the regulars in the same place

<mike89> of course! I almost forgot!

<mike89> also I suppose that explains why there are so many people here

<mike89> 32 would be a record for this chat, wouldn’t it?

<_> yes

<_> previous record was 27 the day we switched from Mysteria

<mike89> weren’t seven of those you?

<_> six

<mike89> close enough

<Rolken> twenty minutes to midnight everyone!

<Rolken> also where is andy

<oldskoolgamer101> right here! I’ve been telling you that for half an hour!

<Rolken> no, shadow wedge

<Rolken> I really should stop calling him andy :x

* Shadow_Wedge has joined #soniccenter

<Joe> Hey Shadow Wedge

<Sprint> joe’s first line in… four days

<Sprint> :)

<Shadow_Wedge> hey

<Rolken> well, that’s everyone

<CherryMay> WAKE UP CF

<CFsleeping> is everyone here already?

* CFsleeping is now known as CosmicFalcon

<CosmicFalcon> why couldn’t you have made it a more friendly time rolk?

<CosmicFalcon> 5am sucks D:

<mike89> and let’s face it, 2pm on a school day ain’t the best either =P

<oldskoolgamer101> yeah, how are you here, anyway?

<mike89> psychic powers

<mike89> you?

<oldskoolgamer101> er… yeah… psychic powers also… >_<

<mike89> I thought psychic powers were exclusive to the east coast

<oldskoolgamer101> apparently not

<Rolken> ahem

<Rolken> fifteen minutes

<Rolken> okay to kill time, I have a few matters to attend to:

<Rolken> most of you are here because you pwn at sonic

<Rolken> in cherry’s case it’s because you like a good argument ;D

<Rolken> but, yeah

<Rolken> as well as the rebirth of TSC, I’m announcing a TSC Convention, for which I credit the idea to NintenDan

<Rolken> there’ll be more particulars later

<Taco> yay!

<mike89> are you serious? When’s it gonna be?

<Rolken> starts 7pm, July 7 2007

<mike89> so why exactly are we getting two years notice?

<Rolken> well it’s not the sort of thing you’d only plan two months in advance, is it?

<mike89> fair enough

<mike89> I suppose people need to come from all over the world for this

<Rolken> exactly

<Shadow_Wedge> wait, you never explained why I was here

<Shadow_Wedge> I’m neither good at Sonic, nor do I enjoy a good argument

<Taco> you’re not bad at sonic advance

<Taco> make sure you bring a link cable so I can beat you

<Taco> and mike

<Taco> :D

<mike89> in your dreams, taco

<Rolken> ten minutes

<cybrax> you know, you could just release it now, its not like its gonna take another ten minutes till its ready

<Rolken> yeah, but I like to build suspense c:

<_> 9.61 minutes

<CherryMay> quiet SM :(

<genus> I beet u at sonk advnce

<Taco> how’d you get here, Dale?

* genus is now known as DaleG

<RPGnutter> I thought we found out you were a cheat

<DaleG> true

<DaleG> but they don’t know that yet

<DaleG> er… whoops

<_> kickban

<_> NOW

* Sprint sets mode: +b <DaleG’s IP>

* DaleG was kicked by Sprint (your photoshop skills suck)

<_> ok, to pass the final nine minutes, quick SA2B challenge

<_> Mad Space 2

<_> you have five lives

<_> GO!

<Psyroclasm> 16:12 first go ;o

<cybrax> damn you, 16:14

<Psyroclasm> pwned

* RPGnutter gives up

* mike89 also gives up

<_> 16:23

<Rolken> :O

<_> or not

<_> 16:32

<mike89> I was about to say…

<mike89> also I think I’ll have another go

<Taco> 17:25 :(

<mike89> whee, 17:05, new PR

<SS101|Away> 16:09

* SS101|Away is now known as SuperSonic101

<SuperSonic101> am I late?

<Rolken> nope

<Rolken> five minutes early, in fact

<mike89> who’s got new submissions to submit when TSC comes back up?

<RPGnutter> me, and plenty of them too =P

<Shadow_Wedge> same, I’ve been working on Sonic Advance

<Shadow_Wedge> laugh if you will, but I’m gonna beat NintenDan eventually

<Taco> haha

<Rolken> yeah, that’s a bit bold of you, shadow wedge
<oldskoolgamer101> I’ve got a few submissions as well…

<SuperSonic101> me too, I might give cybrax a bit of a surprise…

<cybrax> I think you’ll be the one surprised

<cybrax> also I have submissions for the next game to be added…

<sonicam> you mean Labyrinth?

<sonicam> :D

<Rolken> there isn’t gonna be another game

<Rolken> cybrax, wtf are you on about

<cybrax> …

<Rolken> we’ll find out soon enough

<Rolken> three minutes!

<Sprint> I was talking to him about MARP

<Sprint> that might be what he’s on about

<Sprint> :)

<Rolken> ah

<cybrax> is it going to be completely new?

<cybrax> like, version 4.0 or something?

<Rolken> yep

<Rolken> complete overhaul :o

<Sprint> and speaking of new submissions, I’ve finally started playing Sonic 3 legitimately again

<Sprint> Marble Garden 2: 2:20/2:09/2:44

<Sprint> :)

<mike89> damnit

<mike89> but good to see you’ve actually got off your ass and played some sonic

<Sprint> hehe

<mike89> you didn’t try for Sonic/Tails into Knuckles’ boss area?

<Sprint> no, too difficult without savestates

<Sprint> needs pretty precise jumps

<Sprint> by the way, you actually put up a good fight on this level

<Sprint> :)

<mike89> then the rest should be a piece of cake for you

<mike89> that was my best level

<mike89> well, except Carnival Night 1 Knuckles, good luck with that one

<Sprint> I’ll play it now

<Sprint> :)

<Rolken> its almost time!

<Rolken> in five

<Rolken> four

<Rolken> three

<Rolken> two

<Rolken> one

<Rolken> !


<oldskoolgamer101> WTF?

<mike89> is this another April Fools’ joke?

<Rolken> no, I didn’t plan this one

<Rolken> who here plays Halo?

<RPGnutter> CYBRAX!!!

<RPGnutter> I got an email from Rusty saying he hacked TSC

<RPGnutter> now I know it’s the truth

<_> you ever doubted me?

<RPGnutter> no… >_>

<cybrax> haha, pwned you all

<Sprint> so you weren’t talking about MARP?

<Sprint> also mike: 57

<Sprint> :)

<mike89> DAMNIT!

<mike89> not much stopping you from pwning all the levels now

<mike89> also cybrax, explain yourself

<Rolken> actually, I’ll field this one

<Rolken> about a month ago I checked the backups, and all this year’s backups had been changed to the Halo center

<Rolken> I thought I got rid of them all

<Rolken> clearly not :x

<Rolken> better check the backups again

<mike89> any reason you’re not really pissed off with cybrax?

<cybrax> bribes

<Rolken> I really did need the money – I couldn’t refuse

<mike89> this seems suspicious – are you two in this together?

<Rolken> wtf no way


* cybrax has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Rolken)))

<mike89> but… you couldn’t do that… unless…

* Rolken is now known as cybrax

<mike89> well, I certainly never would have picked it

<SuperSonic101> wait, so you were running the site AND pwning me at SA2B?

<cybrax> no, most of my good times were from before TSC, remember?

<oldskoolgamer101> and I thought Rolken had no interest in time attacking?

<cybrax> well I had to create someone completely opposite to myself

<cybrax> it’d give it away if Rolken and I were practically the same

<mike89> fair point

<cybrax> plus it would make sense for the admin to come across as respectable

<cybrax> I mean, we don’t want another PACHUKA, do we?

<F-Man> yeah, good point

<Sprint> so why didn’t you make yourself an admin, instead of promoting me?

<cybrax> again, that’d give it away

<Sprint> not that I’m complaining

<Sprint> :)

<_> so when do we see TSC again?

<cybrax> this is your new TSC

<cybrax> MUAHAHAHA!

<_> I knew it would be better off as the SA Elite!

<mike89> hey, I’ve got an idea

<mike89> first:

* mike89 sets mode: +b <cybrax’s IP>

* cybrax was kicked by mike89 (some admin you are)

<Sprint> so what’s your idea?

<mike89> we need to find Artie

<mike89> Rolken (well, cybrax) told us that “if anything happens to me, Artie knows all the passwords”

<mike89> has Artie got IM, and if so, does anyone know his SN?

<_> ArtemisPrower

<_> not online though

<mike89> then we wait until he’s here

<mike89> he’s basically in control now

<mike89> but he doesn’t know it yet =P

<CherryMay> is it safe for me and sprint to talk about something random yet? XD

<mike89> sure, knock yourselves out

<mike89> we can’t do anything until Artie shows up

<_> there he is now

<mike89> alright

* CherryMay blah

<mike89> explain the situation to him, and get him in here

* Artie has joined #soniccenter

<F-Man> :o long time no see artie

<Artie> Hey everyone

<Artie> To be honest, I don’t know what I can do

<Artie> I have the passwords, but I don’t have old backups

<oldskoolgamer101> I have fairly recent caches

<oldskoolgamer101> could those be of any use?

<Artie> Send them to me

<Artie> I’ll see what I can do

<oldskoolgamer101> ok, sent

<Artie> OK, I’ll be back soon

*Artie has quit IRC (Quit:

* mike89 sets mode: -b <cybrax’s IP>

<mike89> let’s see if he comes back

<mike89> I want details on the TSC convention

* cybrax has joined #soniccenter

<CherryMay> what makes you think that this will work?

<CherryMay> I mean, hi cybrax

<cybrax> what?

<cybrax> are you trying to recreate TSC behind my back?

<Sprint> no

<_> no

<cybrax> you are, and I’m going to prove it

<Sprint> good luck with that

* Sprint sets mode: +b <cybrax’s IP>

* cybrax was kicked by Sprint (Sprint)

<mike89> damn, I wanted information out of him :(

* Artie has joined #soniccenter

<Artie> Well, it turned out I had an old backup after all!

<Artie> I need you guys to test it for me though


<oldskoolgamer101> IT WORKS!

<SuperSonic101> WOOT!

<RPGnutter> ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!

<Artie> Then my work here is done

<Artie> Later everyone

<mike89> thanks for bringing back our site

<Artie> No worries.

* Artie has quit IRC (Quit:

<mike89> alright, somebody make a submission to make sure it works

<mike89> andy, you do it

<oldskoolgamer101> sure

<RPGnutter> why not me? I’ve got way more to submit than andy does

<mike89> you’d be surprised…

<Psyroclasm> he couldn’t possibly have beaten me on SA2B… could he?

<oldskoolgamer101> New Champion: oldskoolgamer101 is now champion of Sonic Adventure 2 (B)! Congratulations!

<oldskoolgamer101> I think everything’s in order :D

<Psyroclasm> no way

<Psyroclasm> that’s just not possible

<Psyroclasm> you cheated

<oldskoolgamer101> nope, all legit

<CherryMay> I sense a kimpy :(

<Psyroclasm> HB2 1:14:21? I think not

<Psyroclasm> also PC1 2:01:18?

<Psyroclasm> and Green Hill 25:11?

<oldskoolgamer101> okay, you got me

* oldskoolgamer101 is now known as kimpy

<kimpy> you didn’t think you could keep me away, did you?

<mike89> you’d better not be cybrax too…

<CherryMay> I’m not waiting to find out

* CherryMay sets mode: +b <kimpy’s IP>

* kimpy was kicked by CherryMay (nobody likes a kimpy :( )

<mike89> well at least that proves submissions are in order

<mike89> so I assume we can submit now

<mike89> and nothing will break or anything

<_> yes

<Sprint> Carnival Night 1: 46/50/57

<Sprint> :)

* Sprint submits

<Psyroclasm> okay, since I’m the only one here who knows cybrax personally, I think I get responsibility for holding the TSC convention

<mike89> actually, I think that responsibility goes to SM

<mike89> do you accept?

<_> no

<_> and what about Artie?

<mike89> ask Artie

<mike89> but in the meantime, it lies with Rayku, I suppose

<Psyroclasm> all right

<Psyroclasm> he had an invite list

* gbagcn has joined #soniccenter

<Psyroclasm> consisting of who he thought were the 25 best players on the site

<Psyroclasm> it is as follows:

<Psyroclasm> CosmicFalcon, cybrax, DaleG, F-Man, FoxLuc, Ghost, Legogo, magnum12, megadrivechamps, mike89, NintenDan, oldskoolgamer101, Rayku, RPGnutter, Shadow Wedge, shadowgamer196, SadisticMystic, sonicam, sonichero, SprintGod, SuperSonic101, Turbos, yoshifan, ybbun, zealous

<gbagcn> why am I not on that list?

<Sprint> …

* gbagcn was kicked by Sprint (because nobody likes Sonic Advance 3)

<RPGnutter> how’d DaleG get on the list?

<Psyroclasm> it’s an old list ;o

<mike89> replace him with SHADOW JACKY

<mike89> he might be out of the loop, but he’s a quality SADX player

<Taco> actually, I think I get the rights to the convention

<Taco> it was my idea, after all

<mike89> shit… we’re in a bit of a pickle

<mike89> Rayku, NintenDan and Artie all deserve to host it

<mike89> why can’t we have three?

<mike89> or a traveling one, or something

<Taco> sounds good

* Artie has joined #soniccenter

<Artie> Having problems?

<_> no, the site’s fine

<Artie> Then why am I here?

<mike89> one of the last things cybrax did here was to announce a TSC convention

<mike89> now he’s gone, we don’t know who should host it

<mike89> it’s either you, SM (who declined), NintenDan (who came up with the idea), or Rayku (who actually knows cybrax)

<Psyroclasm> ok, we’ll take a popular vote, but only from people on the invite list

<Psyroclasm> I think everyone on that list is here, with the exception of DaleG, cybrax, Legogo, ybbun and oldskoolgamer101

<Artie> so… who says I should get it?

<_> one

<F-Man> two

<Shadow_Wedge> three

<SuperSonic101> four

<CosmicFalcon> five

<Zealous> six

<Artie> and my vote makes seven

<Artie> Any more?

<Artie> Alright, who votes for NintenDan to host it?

<Taco> me!

<mike89> two

<Sprint> pi!

<Sprint> I mean three

<RPGnutter> four

* mike89 sets mode: -b <kimpy’s IP>

<mike89> don’t worry, its okay

<Turbos> five?

* oldskoolgamer101 has joined #soniccenter

<sonicam> six

<Joe> seven

<oldskoolgamer101> wtf?

<oldskoolgamer101> eight…

<mike89> you don’t even know what you’re voting for

<Artie> Any more votes?

<Artie> No? Well, it appears Rayku gets the last seven votes, and – wow, it’s close – that’s seven each!

<mike89> XD!

<mike89> you couldn’t have scripted that better!

<Artie> oldskoolgamer101, you get the casting vote

<Artie> Who’s going to host the TSC convention? Me, NintenDan or Rayku?

<oldskoolgamer101> who are you, and why are you asking me?

<mike89> after the revelations of today, he’s the owner of the real TSC

<oldskoolgamer101> holy shit, what have I missed?

<mike89> a near-coup by cybrax, Sprint’s return to Sonic 3, and multiple fake times being posted in your place by – guess who?

<oldskoolgamer101> you’re kidding, right?

<mike89> nope

<mike89> I haven’t made any of this up

<oldskoolgamer101> one of these days, I’m gonna kill that sister of mine, I swear

<mike89> heh, I know how you feel

<Artie> So, what’s the decision?

<oldskoolgamer101> are you all American?

<oldskoolgamer101> I’m taking travel into account

<mike89> yeah, they all are

<oldskoolgamer101> well, given Artie’s the new owner, he should get it

<Taco> noooooo!

<Taco> pick meeee!

<Psyroclasm> and what about me, your greatest rival ;o

<oldskoolgamer101> well, I’ll still be able to see you two at the convention… won’t I?

<Psyroclasm> most likely

<Taco> yesh

<oldskoolgamer101> so why do you care if you host it or not?

<Psyroclasm> honor I suppose ;o

<Taco> what rayku said

<Artie> Well, given I’m also running Team ARTail, I might not exactly have the time to run TSC as well as I (and you) would like

<Artie> I’ll probably have to designate certain things to other members

<mike89> the other admins were _ and Sprint

<mike89> between them they’ll do a good job of, at the least, keeping things together

<Artie> OK, they can be the other admins

<RPGnutter> heh, with Dale gone from the charts…


<RPGnutter> that’s RPG 42 – The World 9!

<Taco> not for long you’re not!

* Taco plays SAdv2

<mike89> you really are TSC’s unluckiest member, aren’t you?

<RPGnutter> sure am

* RPGnutter also plays SAdv2

<mike89> this gives me an opportunity to take NintenDan by surprise on Advance 1!

* mike89 plays SAdv1

<sonicam> and with RPGnutter out of the way I can take over Sonic 3D!

* sonicam plays S3D

<oldskoolgamer101> holy shit, it’s a Sonic-a-thon here

<oldskoolgamer101> I wouldn’t want to miss out

* oldskoolgamer101 plays SA2B

<CosmicFalcon> wtf is going on?

<CosmicFalcon> too much sonic!

<CosmicFalcon> …well, there was that Route 99 time that I keep meaning to beat…

* CosmicFalcon plays SAdv3

<_> the question remains

<_> what to do with cybrax?

<_> remove him and Rolken, or let him compete?

<Psyroclasm> let him compete! I need local competition =P

<_> I meant for the admins to discuss

<Psyroclasm> oh, okay

<Artie> Well, now I know who Rolken really is, I’m a bit pissed

<Artie> But Rolken was cool, so I reckon cybrax should stay

<Sprint> get rid of him

<Sprint> he’s always been trouble

<mike89> what say you, SM?

* mike89 back from pwning NintenDan

<_> I say cybrax stays

<F-Man> WHAT?

<F-Man> after all that, he still stays?

<mike89> well this is completely out of the ordinary

<mike89> someone else unban cybrax, I can’t bring myself to do it

* CherryMay sets mode: -b <cybrax’s IP>

<Taco> mike, how’d you get that AI1 Knux time on Sonic Advance?

<mike89> not telling =D

<mike89> work it out for yourself

<Taco> :(

<mike89> oh, and one other thing…

<mike89> New Champion: mike89 is now champion of Sonic Advance! Congratulations!

<mike89> =D

<Taco> holy crap

<Taco> now I have to beat you

<Taco> D:

<RPGnutter> nice work mike!

<RPGnutter> ROCK ‘N’… oh, you get the idea XD

<mike89> that’s getting old now

<RPGnutter> fine, I’ll stop using it =P

<oldskoolgamer101> AT LAST! THE DREAM IS COMPLETE!

<oldskoolgamer101> New Champion: oldskoolgamer101 is now champion of Sonic Adventure 2 (B)! Congratulations!

<Psyroclasm> …fuck.

<CherryMay> is this kimpy again?

<oldskoolgamer101> not this time!

<oldskoolgamer101> THE GLORY IS MINE!

<oldskoolgamer101> ALL MINE!

* oldskoolgamer101 was kicked by CherryMay (no glory-hoggers kthx :( )

* oldskoolgamer101 has joined #soniccenter

* cybrax has joined #soniccenter

<mike89> let’s see if he wants to redeem himself

<cybrax> don’t think you fuckers have gotten away with this

<cybrax> especially you, Artie

<cybrax> we were in this together

<Artie> OK, I changed my mind. He’s gone.

<mike89> fair enough

* mike89 sets mode: +b <cybrax’s IP>

* cybrax was kicked by mike89 (I can’t believe we ever looked up to you)

* saibrax has joined #soniccenter

<mike89> what the…?

<mike89> how did he do that?

<saibrax> hehe

* Sprint sets mode: +b <Rolken’s IP>

* saibrax was kicked by Sprint (Sprint)

<mike89> of course

<mike89> I didn’t think of that

<Sprint> hehe

* mike89 changes topic to “The Real Sonic Center – – Where, after a security scare, we’re back! | Reactions to TSC’s return: <RPGnutter> ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! | <Taco> yay! | <F-Man> WHAT? | <oldskoolgamer101> you’re kidding, right? | <Sprint> … | <Sprint> :)”

<Artie> Do I still need to be here?

<mike89> you can leave if you want, I suppose

<mike89> sounds like you want to leave anyway

<Artie> I know I’ve said it already today, but my work is done here.

<Artie> Later everyone

* Artie has quit IRC (Quit:

<RPGnutter> Well, I’m outta here, it’s been a long night

<RPGnutter> but an interesting one at that

<RPGnutter> bye everyone

<mike89> later bro

* RPGnutter has quit IRC (Quit: )

<Joe> Bye Artie and RPGnutter

<Sprint> …

* SnK23 has joined #soniccenter

<SnK23> Hey everyone!

<oldskoolgamer101> hey ;)

<mike89> oh no, not this again…

<Taco> stay away from her, biatches!

<SnK23> I should’ve known this was going to happen. -_-
<oldskoolgamer101> hey, you still haven’t seen a picture of me, have you?

<mike89> I don’t think I can take much more of this…

* mike89 has quit IRC (Quit: call me back when this is over)


And that, as they say, is that.


This chat was inspired by Jason Whalls’ efforts with the Mario Kart 64 community – read his fake chats here and here.


If you don’t understand a certain inside joke or something, check out the commentary.


Send comments/criticism/ideas/etc. to – not as I mentioned in the chat.