The Sonic the Hedgehog Code v1.1
Copyright 1996 John W. Johnston,
As inspired by the Animaniacs Code, Jonathan Woodward,
See disclaimer below. Distribute freely.
Last Updated: 28 November 98
Chrome Gadget MIDI, rendered by Sega, and courtesy of Sonic HQ. 
Are you a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog? Well, tell the world! Presented herein is the Sonic the Hedgehog Code (abbr.: StH Code). Void where prohibited. Simply add this convenient code to your sig. file, and all the net will know the truth of your love for Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, and even Robotnik. At cons, add it to your badge! A million uses! The Sonic the Hedgehog Code is a simple, powerful, and, hopefully, _silly_ tool for fan communication. 
To distinguish our code from other, lesser codes, the code is always preceded by the identifier "StH", and the version indicator "JJ1". These are _not_ optional! Follow this with codes from the categories below. You do not have to include every code; only those you think significant. In cases where degrees are indicated, feel free to expand the code in either direction as you see fit. Whitespace between the codes is recommended but not required; "Son++ Sal++" and "Son++Sal++" are equally acceptable. Case is important! As yet there is little possibility of confusion if you use "ant++" instead of the correct "Ant++", but we are attempting to maintain forward compatibility. 
The following modifiers may be applied to the codes. Most of them indicate a degree of indecision.
/     Used when two different values apply. For example, "Rbk---^/++".>    Indicates a range of feelings. "Bun->++"~    Indicates waffling and indecision. "Snv~"?    Used to denote true bafflement. "Ant?"{}  Use curly brackets around a rating you hope to attain. "${+++}"[ ]  Use square brackets around a rating that once applied. "Dp[s]" 
Characters We Love
You are not obliged to include a code for _every_ character; just the ones you want us to know about. Many groups and characters are listed below. The ratings are as follows:
XX---             I want to _roboticize_ this character.
XX--              I turn off the TV when this character is on.
XX-               I'd rather this character wasn't on so often.
XX or XX0   No feelings; ho-hum.
XX+              I'm fond of this character.
XX++            I love this character!
XX+++          I have written mash notes to this character; I have a tattoo.
You may modify this rating by appending one of the following:
i     I see elements of myself in the character.
!     I have a sexual attraction to the character.
^    I love the character for his or her mind.
"    I love the character for his or her ears.
t     I love the character for his or her tail(s).For example: "Sal+++! Bun+++""
The codes are:
Sega     (self-explanatory) for fans whom also like/dislike Sonic's birthplace
WkS     Weekend Sonic
AdS      Adventures of Sonic
Arc       Archie Comics
Flt         Fleetwood Comics

tFF      the Freedom Fighters

Son     Sonic
Sal       Sally
Tal      Tails
Bun    Bunnie
Rot     Rotor
Ant    Antoine
Nic     Nicole
Dul     Dulcy
UnC   Uncle Chuck (Sir Charles)
Orw    Orwin Raccoon
Bks     Bookshire Driftwood
Joe      Joseph
Tsh     Tasha

Vil the Villains

Rbk     Robotnik
Snv     Snively
Pck      Commander PackBell
Swt      SwatBots

(From the Adventures of Sonic)
Scr       Scratch
Grn      Grounder
S&G    Scratch and Grounder
Coc     Coconuts

Ext. People who show up once in a while (once or twice a year)
Knu      Knuckles
Amy     Amy Rose
KAc     King Acorn
McS     MechaSonic (or PsuedoSonic)
McK    MechaKnuckles
Ros      Rosie (Sally's nanny)
Jul        Julayla (Sally's mentor)
Mut     Muttski (Sonic's dog)

(From the Weekend Sonic)
Ngs     Naugus
Ari      Ari (duh)
tNH     the Nasty Hyenas (from 'Fed Up With Antoine')
tWP    the Wolf Pack
Lup     Lupe

(From the Adventures of Sonic)
PVS     Professor Von Schlammer
Can      Professor Canine-stien
Wes    Wes Weasely
Brz       (Agent) Breezy
RJr       (Robotnik) Junior
MsP    Ms. Possum
BWh   Bert Who
Rox      Roxie (Waitress of Bert's Diner)
Cat       Catty Carlisle (wrote Sonic's Song)
KAr     King Arfer (ruler of Medieval Mobius)
Gwn     Princess Gwendalyn (King Arfer's daughter)
MaS    Ma-Sonic (Sonic's ancestor form Mobi-Gypt)
Pen      Penelopy (Sonic's ancestor form Mobi-Gypt)

(From the Archie Sonic Comics)
Pos    Posie [president of the StH Fan Club (Sonic In Your Face)]
ASn      Anti Sonic -
ASl       Anti Sally -
ATl       Anti Tails -
ARt       Anti Rotor -              (-)  from the parallel universe stories.
AAn     Anti Antoine -
ARb      Anti Robotnik -
AKn     Anti Knuckles -
Gef      Geoffrey St. John *
PnP     Penelope Platypus *
Dyl      Dylan *                        (*) first showing - the Princess Sally miniseries.
Arl      Arlo *
Anc     Ancient Walkers +
Fio       Fiona +
Frt        Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters +
Ray      Ray Fillet +
BFk      Big Fluke +
Dnu     Downunda Freedom Fighters +
Wlt      Walt Wallaby +         (+) from the Tails solo stories and mini-series.
Emu     Emu Guru +
Wom   Wombat Stu +
Bar       Barbie Koala +
Crc       Crocbot +
Ath      Athair +

(From the Archie Knuckles Comics)
JlS       Julie Sue
Enj      Enerjak
Drk     The Dark Legion

For other characters, simply use their name. "Sonic's Kids++"

The Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion Groups And You
How Often Do You Post? (P)
P---       What's posting?
P--        What's StH?
P-          I've heard of the group.
P           I lurk.
P+         I've posted.
P++       I post regularly.
P+++     I post scores of messages daily; I _am_ StH.
What Have You Done For StH Lately? (D)
Da     I've hosted a Sonic the Hedgehog event.
Df      I've written fan-fiction.
Dh     I have made humorous posts.
Dm    I'm a member on a Sonic related MUCK (ie. Furtoonia, SPR, etc.)
Dp     I've written a song parody.
Ds     I run an FTP site.
Dw    I run a web page.
Do     Other.

Combine these freely. "Dmpf" 

Fan Behavior
Money Spent ($)
Each + indicates an order of magnitude. This is total money spent on anything connected to Sonic the Hedgehog.
$             $0 - I am Scrooge!
$+           $1-$10 (I have one plushy.)
$++         $11-$100 (I have two plushies and some of the comics.)
$+++       $101-$1000 (I have a Genesis/Nomad and a couple of StH games.)
$++++     ...and so on (eek!).
Voice Artists Met (V)
Use a "V" followed by one or more of these:
jw       Jaleel White (Sonic)
ks       Kath Soucie (Sally and Nicole)
bp      Bradley Pierce (Tails)
cc       Christine Cavanaugh (Bunnie)
rp       Rob Paulsen (Antoine)
mb     Mark Ballou (Rotor - 1st season)
cb      Cam Brainard (Rotor - 2nd season)
cs      Cree Summer Franks (Dulcy)
ww    William Windom (Uncle Chuck)
jc       Jim Cummings (Robotnik)
ca      Charles Adler (Snively)
tc       Tim Curry (King Acorn)
w      Frank Welker [The Guardian of Lezer (Super Sonic)]
sb      Shari Belafonte [Lupe (Cry of the Wolf)]
mb     Michael Bell [Naugus (The Void)]

And from the Adventures of Sonic -
jw      Jaleel White (Sonic)
lj        Long John Baldry (Robotnik)
ph     Phil Hayes (Scratch)gc     Gary Clark (Grounder)
ic       Ian Corlett (Coconuts, Prof. Von Schlammer, and Robonik Jr.)
ow     Orson Wells [how'd he get in here ;-)]

Indicate others with their names. Add a "+" for each autograph, voice recording, picture taken _with both you and the artist in the picture_, or anything else that would stand up in court. Also, use a comma to separate initials and/or names, if you were lucky enough to know several vocal artists. "Vjc+,cc"

Comic Talents Met (C)
Use a "C" followed by one or more of these:
mg    Mike Gallagher (writer, penciller)
ss     Scott Shaw! (penciller)
rg      Richard Goldwater (Editor-in-Chief)
dm    Dave Manak (penciller)
ps     Paul Castiglia (editor)
ad     Angelo Decesare (writer)
mk    Mike Kanterivich (writer)
kp     Ken Penders (writer, penciller)
am    Art Mawhinney (penciller, inker)
ps     Pat Spaziante (penciller)
hv     Harvo (inker)
bt      Brian Thomas (penciller)
rk      Rich Koslowski (writer, penciller)
kt      Kent Taylor (writer)
mg    Manny Galan (penciller)
nt      Nelson Ortega (penciller)

Indicate others with their names. Add a "+" for each autograph, voice recording, picture taken _with both you and the artist in the picture_, or anything else that would stand up in court. Also, use a comma to separate initials and/or names, if you were lucky enough to know several comic talents. "Ckp+,ps"

Sonic Team Members Met (S)
Use a "S" followed by one or more of these:
{note: numbers indicate which games these people worked on...
1=Sonic the Hedgehog; 2=Sonic 2; 3=Sonic 3; K=Sonic & Knuckles.}
yn    Yuji Naka [Executive Producer, Lead Programmer (123K)]
hya  Hirokazu Yasuhara [Co-Exec. Producer, Lead Game Designer (3K)]
hyo  Hisayoshi Yoshida [Senior Programmer (3K)]
ti      Takashi Iizuka [Senior Programmer (3); Senior Game Designer (K)]
th     Takahiro Hamano [Senior Game Designer (3); Senior Programmer (K)]
my   Masanobu Yamamoto [Senior Game Designer (3); Senior Programmer (K)]
tty   Takashi Thomas Yuda [Character Designer, Animator, Scene Artist (3K)]
ka    Kunitake Aoki [CG Artist (3); Special Stage Artist (K); Scene Artist (3K)]
sy    Satoshi Yokokawa [Enemy Artist, Scene Artist (3K)]
cy    Chie Yoshida [Scene Artist (3K)]
so    Shigeru Okada [Scene Artist (3K)]
ta     Tsuneko Aoki [Scene Artist (3K)]
oo    Osamu Ohashi [Art Assistant (3K)]
bb    Bobby Brooks [Music Composer (3K)]
dg    Doug Grigsky ]|[ [Music Composer (3K)]
dr     Darryl Ross [Music Composer (3K)]
gg    Geoff Grace [Music Composer (3K)]
sc     Scirocco [Music Composer (3K)]
bo    Bo [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
js      Jun Senoue [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
mi     Milpo [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
mn    Masayuki Nagao [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
ms    Masaru Setsumaru [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
tm     Tatsuyuki Maeda [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
ts      Tomonori Sawada [Sega Sound Team (3K)]
hn     Hisaki Nimiya [Sound Project Coordinator (3K)]

Indicate others with their names. Add a "+" for each autograph, voice recording, picture taken _with both you and the artist in the picture_, or anything else that would stand up in court. Also, use a comma to separate initials and/or names, if you were lucky enough to know several Sonic Team members. "Syn+,tty"

Favorite Episode (E)
Indicated with an E and the episode number. For example, "E27". For someone who wants to mention their next favorites, may indicate their second favorite with "Ee", third with "Eee", et cetera. _Least_ favorite shows may obviously be indicated with a minus after the "E"s and before the show number. Ex. "E27 Ee12 E-16"
Episode Numbers:
(First Season)                                (Second Season)
01 Super Sonic                                14 Game Guy
02 Sonic Boom                                 15 Sonic Conversion
03 Sonic and Sally                          16 No Brainer
04 Hooked on Sonic                       17 Blast To the Past
05 Ultra Sonic                                  18 Fed Up With Antoine
06 Sonic's Nightmare                      19 Ghost Busted
07 Warp Sonic                                 20 Dulcy
08 Harmonic Sonic                          21 The Void
09 Sonic and the Secret Scrolls    22 The Odd Couple
10 Sub Sonic                                   23 Ro-Becca
11 Heads or Tails                            24 Cry of the Wolf
12 Sonic Past Cool                         25 Drood Henge
13 Sonic Racer                                26 Spy Hog
                                                           27 Doomsday

Age (A or Ay)
As it seems to be a hot topic of discussion, you may indicate your age (A) or your year of birth (Ay). For example: "A25" for someone who is 25 years old, or "Ay69" for someone who was born in 1969.
Gender (Male, Female, or Unidentified)
Optional gender-indicator. "GM" or "GF" or "GU"
Country / State you're posting from! (Co)
For the benefit of those who are fascinated by where you come  from, here's where you would indicate on your code on where you're from! The format is "CO" followed by the country / state you're from...
Ex. "CoTX"; "CoJP"; "CoDK".
US     United States
AK Alaska        IN Indiana                NC North Carolina    SD South Dakota
AL Alabama      IO Iowa                   ND North Dakota     TN Tennessee
AR Arkansas     KA Kansas              NE Nebraska            TX Texas
AZ Arizona        KN Kentucky          NH New Hampshire  UT Utah
CA California     LA Louisiana           NM New Mexico      VI Virginia
CN Connecticut  MA Massachusetts  NV Nevada              VT Vermont
CO Colorado      MD Maryland         NY New York         WA Washington
DE Delaware     ME Maine               OH Ohio                   WI Wisconsin
FL Florida          MI Michigan            Ok Oklahoma            WV West Virginia
GA Georgia       MN Minnesota         OR Oregon               WY Wyoming
HA Hawaii        MO Missouri            PR Puerto Rico
ID Idaho            MS Mississippi         RI Rhode Island
IL Illinois            MT Montana           SC South Carolina
ca Canada                       mx Mexico
ch China                          mr Morocco
dk Denmark                     ne The Netherlands
en England                       ni Northern Ireland
de Germany (Duetchland) st Scotland
fr France                         so South Africa
ho Holland                       sp Spain
ic Iceland                         th Thailand
ir Ireland                          to Togawa
kr Korea (North &South) tw Taiwan
jp Japan                           uk United Kingdom
za Zaire                            ve Venezuela 
Sample (No, This Isn't Me)
StH JJ1 WkS+++ AdS++ Son++ Sal+++! Tal+++t Bun+++!" Ant--- Rbk---/+++ Amy++ Lup++[!] P- DDmpf $++ Vcc+ E27 Ee25 E-11 Ay70 GM CoTX 
In Closing...
This is yet a work in progress. All comments are welcome, and contributors will be credited in future versions. Stay tooned...

Contributors & Pioneers
Jonathan Woodward ( - for giving me permission to create the Sonic Code.
Erich Schulman ( - for inspiring me to create the Sonic Code.
Captain William O'Hare ( - for providing the names of the Adventures of Sonic vocals.
Andy Watts ( - for inspiring me to put in countries and states of origin.

Use of trademarks is not intended as a challenge to their validity. The right to create derivative works is explicitly not granted. Mine! Any attempt to make a profit from this without my consent will incur the wrath of my lawyers. This work is a parody of "The Geek Code."
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