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OK, here's a respectable bio...

I mainly administer the site, with a dabbling of TAing on the side. My leet skillz are mostly limited to Pocket Adventure, which I [edit: no longer :(] OWN. woot. I've pretty much given up on getting Rush back from Skylights, but who knows, maybe I'll get the initiative again. For now, I hold a comfortable [edit: third :(].

MAD UPDATE: Owning skills demonstrated to extend beyond one silly ancient portable game nobody plays, to OTHER silly ancient portable games nobody plays! Triple Trouble has been wrested from sonicam's wrath, and Chaos is back and forth with eredani-san!

Also as for other stuff - I live in Provo, UT, where flyby is my hot girlfriend. I'm a physics/astronomy major at BYU. Give me a holler if you pass through.
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