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Last update on this bio is October 15, 2012. Because I'm the only TSC member who cares about keeping bios up to date. Or at least the only prominent member.

I'm mostly known as Zeph or Buizel around here. I've been playing games since I was 2 and have done extensive research on games since I was 17. The first game I did research on was SMRPG; you can find my battle mechanics guide for it on GameFAQs and NeoSeeker. I consider myself to be very good player, particularly in platformers. When I first visited this site early in 2005, I was completely engrossed in it. I thought to myself, "This is for me. This is what I want to do." And so naturally I signed up, and less than a year later, I became a prominent member at the site.

Back when I had the time to compete I worked hard enough to get the SA2(B) championship, but that has since been long lost to yoshifan, and later blazest and chainchumper. Perhaps one day I'll care enough to get the championship back, but that becomes increasingly unlikely as my motivation to play the game is virtually nonexistant anymore. Nowadays I keep many of my stats hidden; i.e., what you see on the charts is most likely not my best stat. Why do I do this, you ask? TO MESS WITH YOUR MIND, OF COURSE.

SA2(B) is the game I play best in, but I do play other Sonic games, and do fairly well on the charts. Overall I rank 41st on the sitewide rankings; I do plan on competing some in the future, but we'll have to wait and see if I can unbusy myself enough to make that happen; probably not, as I am planning on going back to college soon...

These days I'm active mostly in just the chatroom. I'll submit an occasional stat or two--mostly in SA2(B) when someone dares to take a record of mine--but mostly I am inactive as of now...

As far as my current projects, they are, in order from most important to least important:

1) 100% World Completion in Guild Wars 2. I thought I'd be done with this around now but wherever there be dragons, you can be sure to find me there instead of trying to complete my goal. >_> I estimate I'll be done with this by the end of October if I can focus hard enough.
2) AGDQ13 Practice. Because, you know, I have to actually be good at the games I'm playing for SDA's marathon coming up in January. Serious practice time will begin no later than early November. I'm starting that late because I have come to the conclusion that input lag is going to kill any attempt at any game I make on my new TV so I'm going to buy another one.
3) My site. is the address. TSC members can look up extra stuff at As you can see, they are still under construction, but should be done by...uh...I'm going to say February 2013 at the earliest... :/
4) TSCA2. You can find it either here in the forums or at I'm still looking for beta testers!

In addition to the above, every Monday I update a file which shows how much each game tracked by TSC is worth. You can find it at

Until next time, Pay attention, Quartz! >_>

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