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I started time attacking when the Sonic Adventure site was up and had rankings. I only remember being something like 87th for Windy Valley (which is quite good if you consider the huge ammount of cheaters). Then someday my Dreamcast broke, and I started to move to Nintendo's consoles again. I competed for Sonic Advance times at the GameFAQs board, and then for SADX when it was finally released for the cube.

I apparently submitted my first SADX stats to TSC two days after its creation. I did not care much for championship at the time, but only for my Sonic and Tails times, though I did become champion of that game for a few months, then lost it to Cybrax. When races and bosses rankings were added, I got disinterested and would only appear once in a while, with no new stats.

Until the start of 2006. Since it was Christmas break, it was a perfect time to start competing again. So then came a real WTF moment: I started playing SADX again, and in only 5 days, went from 19th place to 1st, while trying to go for only platinum/red stats along the way.

More than a month later, being bored and not having enough competition for SA (blame Cybrax and Shadow Jacky), I had an even more WTF moment happened: I went on to SA2. I still have trouble to realise it, but it seems like I am good enough at the game, even though I don't like it. Maybe, someday... I will SA1&2 champion ftw? I wouldn't count on it too much right now though.

I also did submit stats for some other games... but that's all there is to it. I submitted some to SH at the same time I was doing my first playthrough, and didn't come back to it. My other rankings are just bad atm, but I might try to improve them soon enough, maybe above 50%? Oh and I did own S3DB at one point; for all stages but one, but this is far from being the case now.

I suppose that's all, happy TA to whoever you might be, you.
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