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Greetings! Welcome to my page. I am Antoshi, real name Anthony. I've been wading my feet in this fanfiction writing game since 2003. Back then I had the idea to create a series of stories starring an original character named Antoshi who lives in the Pokémon universe with a slew of other original characters. All these years later, the drive, passion and ideas I had for that universe of my own creation still lives on. I love all of my characters and the world they live in.

Additionally, since then I have become known on YouTube as PlayingWithMahWii. There, I've created almost 2,000 commentary gaming videos on various genres and platforms in a "Let's Play" style, which I call 'playthroughs.' I've done videos mostly on games for Nintendo consoles, but also a lot of PC games, as well as other platforms like PlayStation. I also stream on Twitch under the same username.

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit. I hope to see you around!

Current story:

Completed stories:
A Blond Ray of Sunshine
Summary: When his best friend and only Pokémon is kidnapped, a distraught young Trainer inadvertently unlocks hidden powers within himself in order to save his friend.

Sibling Rivalry
Summary: While on a new journey through Johto, Antoshi and Fireball meet a sable-haired boy — the sole survivor and only culprit of a mysterious, deadly explosion that wiped out an entire town.
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