Defeating Eggmans

Boss - Defeating Eggmans

Submitted by Groudon199

This boss is not too hard, but you need to remember what to do. My advice is know what attack pattern the Eggmans is. Oh, and keep your ring count up. You start with 50 rings, but every second, you lose a ring. If you lose all rings, you lose a life. Actually, when the count hits 0, you have 1 second to get another ring before you die. Sonic and Blaze share rings, but not lives. Let's start with Super Sonic.

You start off in a meteor field. Press A or B to dash into a meteor to break it. Dash into a red one and 5 rings pop out. Scoop them up quickly. At times, Eggman will shoot a laser beam at you. Listen for a weird sound, then dodge it. It stays in one spot as it fires. Eventually, you get to Eggman. First, he shoots out 2 things from his right arm (I think) that shoot lasers out of them. Dash into them to get rid of them. Then he does one of 2 things. He might, with his other arm, shoot out a strange green orb. He does this 3 times in 2 seconds, then repeats twice unless he gets attacked. Very easy to knock out of the way. Or he will swipe at you twice. The first one is hard to see coming, but the second one can be dodged easily. Just dash to the bottom of the screen. Then he will go into the background. While his other attacks will not cause you to lose rings, his missle attack, which he does when he goes to the background, will cost you 10 rings if you get hit with one.

So how the hell do you hit him? Let's go back to the first home "console" game named "Pong." In that game, you had to use your rectangle to knock the square past your opponent's rectangle while preventing the same done to you. In this boss, knock his projetiles back at the cockpit when it is flashing. On easy, it takes 2 hits. On normal, it takes 3 hits. To clear it the first time, do easy. If you're going to submit this level time to the site, normal.

With Super Blaze, do the same in the field, but just the B button will dash. Oh, and the laser fires quicker. When you catch up to Nega, know his attacks. He might swipe at you twice. It's kinda hard to avoid this attack, but after a while, it gets easy. The next 2 attacks will cost you rings if you are hit. Nega will move toward and past you, then a few seconds later appear in the background. Now you must put your 1337 button mashing skills to the test. He will slash a part of the screen and create a black hole. Dash to the top or bottom of the screen (whichever you're closest to) until the hole goes away. If you are caught in it, you will eventually lose 10 rings. He might also move his arm to match your movements (you move up, the arm moves up, and vice versa). He will then launch his arm at you. If you don't dash to avoid it and he catches you, you will lose 10 rings (or was it 5? I can't remember).

So how the hell do you hit him? The A button fires a fireball, but it takes about 1.5 second to release. Aim the fireball at the cockpit and make sure it hits. On easy, it takes 2 hits. On normal, it takes 3 hits.

The next section is Sonic's section again, only you don't go through the meteor field, and, regardless of the difficulty you have set, it takes 2 hits to clear this section.

Then Blaze's section. See above. The music changes. After that, Sonic's section again. This time, on easy, it takes 3 hits. On normal, it takes 4 hits. Congratulations. You cleared the game. Now get back to TAing levels for this site.
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