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The Aerobase Visual Guide!

Speed - The Aerobase Visual Guide!

Submitted by RPGnutter

So, TSC's first visual guide. "Whats that?" I hear you ask.

Its a guide.....with pictures! :O

They say "A pictures worth 1000 words" and this couldnt be truer. This picture will show you everything you need to know to match my times at Aerobase for both divisions, without myself rambling on for many paragraphs over this lengthy stage.

Aside from one thing. You'll note that at 2 points, the path I take seems to spring backwards and high into the air. You'll also note that next to both of these points is a "Pay attention!" box. Unsuprisingly, the 2 are related :O

However this is, in fact, a suprisingly simple manouever. Simply charge a max (6) rev spindash and launch it at the base of the chicken shooter badnik things <_<

Jump as you come into contact with the base, this SHOULD send you sailing into the air as depicted in my picture (Although you will need to steer yourself in the air).

Got all that, then lets take a look at the guide, shalln't we?


Aerobase Map
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