Sonic Heroes

Level Division Guide Order Asc Writer
Egg Fleet Sonic (Extra) 620 Rings OmegaDJ
Egg Emperor Total Best Time Strategies Pokemonmaster888
Hang Castle Chaotix Glitch Area Back-track OmegaDJ
Glitches Sxdark
overall Shadow Jacky
Final Fortress Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Egg Fleet Dark Rings knuckles_sonic8
Seaside Hill Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Frog Forest Sonic Rings knuckles_sonic8
Rail Canyon Dark Rings Pokemonmaster888
Mystic Mansion Sonic Rings Pokemonmaster888
Score Attack Guide mike89
Egg Fleet Dark score guide Shadow Jacky
Hang Castle Sonic Shortcuts SpinDashMaster
Lost Jungle Chaotix Speed James_Bertolli
Metal Madness Sonic Speed mike89
Power Plant Chaotix speed James_Bertolli
Rail Canyon Sonic Speed Run Thorn
Team One Total Strategies knuckles_sonic8
Egg Fleet Dark Sub 7 Mins (and lower) OmegaDJ
Hang Castle Chaotix Team Sonic/Dark Glitch Areas OmegaDJ
Seaside Hill Sonic Time Shadow Jacky
Robot Carnival Sonic Time mike89
Robot Carnival Rose Time mike89
Ocean Palace Chaotix Turtle area Groudon199
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