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Boss Attack Guide - theenglishman presents... XX Zone Tails Guide

Submitted by theenglishman

Recently, RPGnutter accused me of cheating on my XX Zone time. I did not cheat, but he didn't seem to believe me, so I dropped the time and got my other WR time instead (2:28:90). This is how I got it (if you don't get a trick the first time, kill yourself and start again from the checkpoint):

Egg Hammer Tank

This one is pretty straightforward, but with one trick. After Eggman hits the hammer, jump up and hit the body. You'll get three or four hits before getting his hammer-reload hit. Nice and simple.

Egg Bomber Tank

My favourite. Use long jumps after smashing the gun.

Egg Golem

This one has a little trick to it and it requires you to have at least one ring beforehand. Keep holding forward after the checkpoint, and as soon as the golem comes into place, jump. You'll get one or two hits before getting damaged yourself. Again, use long jumps when going from the platforms to the body.

Aero Egg

Uggh! A taste of the tricks to come. This trick requires the utmost precision and care. You need to be in the EXACT position. Hit the end of the platform, and you should hitting the far right of the body. Keep hitting, and that's all to it.


This is the second-hardest boss to finish. Keep going forward, not a lot, but still enough to give you enough momentum to jump onto the back platform. Jump again onto the body and keep holding right until hitting, and she's all yours.

Egg Frog

The worst, worst boss to get a good time. It took me the longest time to figure out a trick, but here it is:
At the start, get right into the middle during Egg Frog's entrance (center of the anchor). As soon as he starts to extend his legs, jump. You should be able to hit him twice on this run. Then go slightly to the left. As he jumps to go to the flamethrower, switch the gravity to the ceiling and hit him again to finish him off.

The Final Boss

This guy is pathetically easy. You don't need the platforms now; you can finish him off in about 30 seconds. I discovered that Tails' flying is an attack, and there's a pattern: jump high, A A A, descend slightly so you don't hit the spikes, A A A, descend, A A A etc.

By this time you should have between 2:20 and 2:50 on the clock.

Have fun,


PS - I think I'm missing a boss. Tell me if I am, and I'll update the guide.
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