The easy way to get a good time

No Name - The easy way to get a good time

Submitted by blueblaze

As soon as you can see eggmans robot, jump up and press b. This will send cheese and he will attack eggman. Keep running forward until you reach the first platform. Jump on it. From there, jump onto the robot IMMEDIATLY! This should send you back to the platform.Jump up, and press right with the sontrol pad as fast and far as you can. After you hit eggman the first time, you will bounce into the air if you did it right. Make sure that when you get tossed into the air that you don't hit the platform above you. Now you should hit the robot again. Try to keep yourself centered, and you will hit him 4 times if done correctly. A small yellow orb should hit you now, and you will fall to the ground.Press b as soon as possible, and you should have a good time. It should take 8-10 seconds to do.
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