Spindash Jump for those last 4

Rings - Spindash Jump for those last 4

Submitted by Aitamen

When Ring-Attacking AR2K, you'll find 4 rings, two on top of different pillars underwater, that Knux is unable to reach due to jump height. They're easy to get, though, if you're willing to try a little.

Ok, there's a slope up to a spring, a wall and ledge up to the next step, a fish hiding under the platform above the spring, and a "grounder" on the afforementioned ledge.

Kill the baddies, then go back before the hill. Let the bottom of the pillar there fall, and stand with your back to it. 6-tap spindash and jump once Knux is touching the part of the rise with the steepest slope. Once you get to the elevation of pillar with the rings, glide (or higher... higher is good) and one of two things will happen. Either A), you were higher than the pillar and you start gliding, or B), you clip the post and start running. If A, let go and drop onto the pillar, if B, jump quickly so you can get to the second set of rings.

There you go, those last 4 rings. Also, due to time constraints, I'd recomend doing this at the beginning of the run, taking bottom path first, then middle, then top to go back to beat botnik.

Good luck, Game on!

The Aitamen
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