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Getting 19 seconds (or 18, if you do everything correctly)

19 seconds - Getting 19 seconds (or 18, if you do everything correctly)

Submitted by Groudon199

It took me 3 attempts to get 19 seconds, and that was before I watched the video. You might have an idea as to how to do it, but I'm here to tell you exactly how.

Do a quick jump while holding right to get up to speed faster. Jump over the enemy up ahead. You'll soon come to a hill. Roll down it and when you level out after going up the small slope, jump. Run up the hill (do some small jumps if you want) and clear the invincibility monitor. Now you must break into a roll as soon as possible. When Sonic gets airborne, he will be going so fast, the screen can't keep up. Just keep running to the right. If Sonic lands on spikes, you didn't roll early enough. When you see the left side of the 2nd set of spikes go off-screen, run to the left for about a half second. If you are at the right spot, when the screen finally catches up, Sonic will be at the goal when he appears on screen. The reason for this is Sonic cannot finish the level unless the goal is on screen.

And violin! You've gotten 19 seconds. I haven't manage 18 seconds yet, since I don't see what I'm doing wrong compared to the video.
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